An Unidentified Woman…Marguerite Adelaide Bourgeat Muse?

I really, really believe I am right about this one. This lady looks like an identified photo of Marguerite Muse in Dr. Williams’s Founding Families books, Part 1, Page 290. If it isn’t, she is definitely a relative! Marguerite was the granddaughter of Jean Baptiste Filhiol. Her mother was Filhiol’s only daughter Marie. There is a wonderful tale told about her arrival in Monroe she passed down through the family.

Marie married a Narcisse Bourgeat in 1803 down in Pointe Coupee. The two settled there and had a daughter, Marguerite. Unfortunately, Marie encountered bullying by the local residents. It seemed they considered Marie uncultured and uneducated, since she grew up in the wilderness of Fort Miro. They called her “the little savage”, even though the Filhiol’s came from a very noble family. She had enough. Marie left behind her husband and daughter and moved back north to the Fort and her parents. In 1809, Narcisse died. I have stumbled across a slight hint that Marie was wanting to divorce him, but death got him first. Little Marguerite (about six) was being raised by her grandparents in Pointe Coupee. Commandant Filhiol couldn’t stand the thought of her being so far away and wanted her with her Filhiol family. She remembered vividly, for the rest of her life, her grandfather coming to get her with two of his men. The trip back north was long and she would sleep in her grandfather’s arms at night. The joy of the Fort was immense when they made their arrival! You can read Margerite’s account in the book, “The Muse Family of Pointe Coupee” here in the Ouachita Parish Public Library.

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