Monroe Federal Raids During the Civil War.

To go along with yesterday’s post, I though I would compile some of the info I found in that book and talk about the three raids in Monroe.

The first raid happened in the last week of August, 1863, led by Generals Leggett and Stevenson. The Confederate Commissary Store was raided and Horses and Mules were taken. Confederate pickets across the river fired at the troops but to no effect. Cotton was also taken.

The second raid began on April 12, 1864. This one came via the Ouachita River. Captain Foster was in command of the Federal fleet. They stayed several days. The jail, courthouse, railroad depot, railroad office and railroad bridge was burned. Slaves were also taken with them. In the book, a former slave described masses of freed slaves on board the ships. Cotton was also taken, mainly from the Pargoud and Breard plantations.

The third and final raid, led by Col. Osband, happened in February of 1865. Dr. Terry Jones wrote a great article about the raid for the Ouachita Citizen and it can be read here: The testimony states General Pargoud’s horses and mules were taken as well.

If you will notice, not once was Monroe shelled. It absolutely did not happen. That is another Monroe rumor that just refuses to die.

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