A Man Horsewhipped in Monroe For Hitting on a Young Woman

This one made my eyebrows rise when I read it. See for yourself:

New Orleans Times-Picayune, November 18, 1902, Page 16

A Masher Severely Castigated By
Two Brothers.

Monroe, La., Nov. 17. – An intensely exciting episode happened this morning between 9 and 10 o’clock in Parker, Speed & Co.’s office, on Grand Street. It was the unmerciful castigation of Joe Petagna with horsewhips by J.H. and R.R. Milling for an insult he has offered their sister, Miss Hattie. The affair attracted an immense crowd in front of the office, none knowing what it was about. When the cause became known there were none who did not think Petagna got what he deserved. On last Tuesday evening, as Miss Milling, was on her way home, Petagna, who is a married man, accosted her and attempted to force his attentions upon her, insisting upon seeing her home regardless of her protests, and accompanied her a block or more, until she threatened to call for assistance. While Miss Milling told her mother what had happened, it was agreed that the boys should not be informed, as they knew there would be trouble. The young men, however, learned of the occurrence and the identity of the man who had insulted their sister. This morning, when he was asked to step in the office of Parker, Speed & Co., he was identified by Miss Milling, and the whipping followed. City Marshal Mangham took the Milling brothers to the City Hall, but no charges having been preferred against them, they were dismissed by City Judge Schulze. The father of the Millings was the late John H. Milling, a half brother of the late General W.T. Theobalds. R.R. Milling works for the Iron Mountain Railroad, and J.H. Milling is a telegraph operator in the Western Union office here.

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