A List of Past Principals of Ouachita Parish High School

I got curious last week and decided to compile a list of all the Principals who have served OPHS. I started all the way back in 1894 when the Original High School was being built and worked my way to the current day. I am unsure of the modern principals’ tenure years, but I am sure of the order!

Henry Edward Chambers (1894 – 1896)

Hale Houston Byrd (1896 – 1899) This gentleman was the brother of the locally famous Shreveport educator, C.E. Byrd. A high school there is named after C.E. Also, C.E. taught in Monroe during the early 1890’s and was principal of the city and parish consolidated school until it split.

Timothy Oscar Brown (1899 – 1908)

Henry Elmo “Jack” Hayes (1908 – 1949)

Isaac Clarence Strickland (1949 – 1961)

Carl Philip Brupbacher (1961 – 1963)

S.T. Howell (1963 – 1977)

Nathan F. Zametto

Tom Middleton

Gary Armstrong

Richard Hartley

Randy Hammett

Todd Guice

Larry Long (Current principal)

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