The Hour Glass

Want to know what was going on in Monroe in 1933? You would have picked up the magazine called “The Hour Glass”. I think of it as the grandmother of Delta Style and Bayou Life magazines!

I’ll let my boss’ description tell you what is in it:

Volume one, number six issue of Monroe magazine with articles on Ernest Neville, The Old Apple Man and Louise, Ouachita Junior College, Fort Miro Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, gardens and bridge playing and images of Mr. Neville, the apple man and Louise, Mrs. Clarence Slagle, Miss Kitty Morrison, Satchie and Charlotte Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Milling Bernstein, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Breazeale, Mr. Warren Taylor, Mr. Ronald Lee Davis, Francis Barringer, Miss Alma Summer Potts, Ouachita Junior College, Chapter House of Fort Miro Chapter, D.A.R. and Mrs. H.W. Engstrom’s garden on North Third, Monroe, Louisiana

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