An Illustration of the 1830 Murder of General Ferdinand Morgan

Google Books is a treasure trove for historical and genealogical researchers. I was thinking about the Morgan/Morhouse feud, which was the first blog post I ever did. I decided to search for the key players names when Google Books showed two hits. The first was one I already knew about, which details the trial of Sterling. It was published in 1836, by P.R. Hamblin and was called, “United States Criminal History; Being a True Account of The Most Horrid Murders, Piracies [sic], High-Way Robberies, & c. Together With the Lives, Trials, Confessions and Executions of The Criminals”. Whew! What got me excited, was another hit for a digitized book from 1840 with another long title: “The United States Criminal Calendar: Or An Awful Warning to The Youth of America; Being an Account of The Most Horrid Murders, Piraces, Highway Robberies, &c. &c.” compiled by Henry St. Clair.

This book has another description of the murder, but right before the title page was the below illustration that depicts Robert H. Sterling firing at Ferdinand Morgan (who is holding his sword cane) who is confronting Sterling’s brother-in-law Charles Morhouse. The Morgan family would have their revenge, even though Sterling had been acquitted. Charles Morhouse was shot in the streets of Monroe by Morgan’s brother Jonathan just a few years later.

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