Ouachita Parish Related Facebook Groups

Yesterday, I told you about the Genealogy and Historical societies that cover Ouachita Parish. The newest issue of “Forgotten Louisiana” listed the Facebook groups that cover Northeast Louisiana parishes. I thought I would share the Ouachita Parish groups here.

Probably the biggest Ouachita Parish Facebook group is “If You Grew Up on the Southside of Monroe”. Historic photos and articles are shared daily.

Another group is “Ouachita Parish History”, which is a history related group. They share links sometimes to this blog and post history and photos.

“You Know You are from Monroe, LA If You Remember…” If you grew up in the Monroe area, you will love this group. People post about the businesses and places they remember going to in Monroe, most are now gone.

If you are more inclined to the Genealogy side, you might want to join the “Louisiana Genealogy network” group. The purpose of the group is to share free genealogical and historical information and to help others in researching family history.

“Living Histories of North Louisiana” – You are invited to post any historical info you have or questions about history of North Louisiana families on this page. You may also upload pictures or video’s of general interest regarding family histories.

“Louisiana Genealogy, Just Ask!” Is another genealogy group with over a thousand members.

Many parishes and counties have genealogy groups. Some groups are for surnames you are researching. Just do a search and see what is out there!

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