Baseball in Monroe

Did you know that Monroe was home to many minor league baseball teams in the early 20th century? I have heard a lot of the names, such as the White Socks, Monroe Drillers, the Monroe Sports and of course the famous Monroe Monarchs. It was brought to my attention on Facebook about one I had never heard before, the Monroe Outlaws. Someone had posted a photo of the team in 1906 for sale and I bought it.

The 1906 Monroe Outlaws, from Spaulding Guide

A list of the known Monroe teams with links to info for each was found online:

Monroe Hill CitysCotton States League (1903-1904)

Monroe MunicipalsGulf Coast League (1907)

Monroe Municipals, Cotton States League (1908)

Monroe Pearl DiggersArkansas State League (1909)

Monroe Drillers, Cotton States League (1924-1930)

Monroe Twins, Cotton States League (1931-1932, 1937)

Monroe MonarchsNegro Southern League (1932)

Monroe White Sox, Cotton States League (1938-1941)

Monroe Sports, Cotton States League (1950-1955)

Monroe Sports, Evangeline League (1956)

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