OPPL Photo Index Part III

1001Monroe Colored High School Reunion
1002Monroe Beauticians Local No. 130
1003American Legion members – original members first out of WWII
1004Madison James Foster – educator, minister, writer (1877-1954)
1005Monroe Colored High School – Grades 6-9
1006Monroe Colored High School – 10th Grade, 1927
1007Cotton picking
1008Cotton hauling
1009Cotton hauling
1010W. R. Mitchell House  – West Monroe merchant
1011Zion Traveler’s Church c. 1940s
1012White, Carroll, & Hill
1013The Monroe Academy – 100 Texas  Ave., Monroe, LA
1014Dance group – names of group members on back of pictures
1015Ouachita Junior High School  -picture taken 1/16/1961
1016Ouachita Junior High School  -picture taken 1/17/1961
1017Barkdull Faulk School 
1018First Baptist Church, West Monroe, LA
*1019First Methodist Church, Monroe, LA – Jackson Street
1020First Baptist Church, Monroe, LA – St. John Street
1021Monroe Colored High School
1022Riverside Sanitarium
1023Ouachita Parish Grammar School – South Grand Street, Monroe, LA
1024Sherrouse School
1025First Methodist Church, West Monroe, LA
1027St. Matthew’s High School – Jackson St.
1028St. Matthew’s Catholic Church – Jackson St.
1029Vaugh-Wright-Bendel Clinic -St. John St.
1030Grace Episcopal Church – Nth 4th St., Monroe
10311031 – First Presbyterian deleted; photos moved to 533
1032West Monroe Grade School
1033Breard Spings School
1034Calhoun High School – built in 1910
1035Cheniere School with addition
1036Cheniere School before addition
1037Cypress School
1038Evelyn School
1039Lenwil School
1040Mellard School
1041Mt. Vernon School
1042Okaloosa School
1943Old Swartz School
1044Ransom School
1045Watson School
1046Lapine School
1047Island DeSiard School
1048Guyton School
1049Fondale School
1050Will Adkinson’s restaurant photo c. 1913(Market House Restaurant)
1051Myles High School c. 1913 later became Sterlington
1052Boley Jr. High School – Cypress St., West Monroe, LA
1053Ouachita Parish High School – Kansas Lane & Blanks Street
1054Boley Jr. High School in West Monroe, built in 1953
1055Swayze Elementary School
1056Central School (in Calhoun)
1057Booker T. Washington School  in Monroe
1058Terzia High School – Richwood to Terzia to Richwood
1060Ground breaking for West Monroe High School
1061Art Contest -1949
1062Art Contest -1949
1063Dixie funeral Home
1064A. L. Smith Elementary School
1065Calhoun High School
1066Boley High School
1067Burks Elementary School
1068Cypress Elementary School
1069Booker T. Washington School  in Monroe
1070Lenwil Elementary School in West Monroe
1071Central High School
1072Claiborne Elementary School built in 1950
1073Okaloosa School
1074Swartz Elementary School
1075Ransom Elementary School
1076Watson Elementary School
1077Crosley Elementary School
1078Drew Elementary School – c. 1958
1079Highland Elementary School
1080Kiroli Elementary School
1081Lakeshore Elementary School
1082Logtown School
1083Millsaps Elementary School
1084Mitchell Elementary Schol
1085Mount Nebo Elementary School
1086Myles High School
1087Ouachita Jr. High School – South Grand St.  Circa 1960
1088Ouachita Parish High School – Kansas Lane & Blanks Street
1089Richwood High School
1090Shady Grove Elementary School
1091Sterlington High School
1092Swayze Elementary School
1093Tim Tippit School
1094Union Baptist Elementary School
1095West Monroe High School
1096West Monroe Junior High School
1097Woodlawn Elementary School
1098 West Monroe High School – aerial view
1099Monroe Colored High School
1100Carver Branch OPPL  -Monroe’s 1st African-American Library
1101Carroll, Morris Henry
1102Carroll, Morris Henry
1103OPPL – Library Club meeting – Mrs. Musselwhite
1104Ouachita Parish High School foot ball players – early days
1105Selman Field
1106OPHS band drill – photo taken 1/17/1961
1107South Grand Street, Monroe, LA – school dismissal ?
1108Ouachita Parish Jr. High School – photo taken 1/10, 1961
1110School wagons – Henry Camp Collection
1111OPHS – woodworking classroom – Henry Camp Collection
1112OPHS 1st kitchen used for cooking in 1910- Henry Camp Collection
1113Brown Auditorium
1114Collegiate Institute, Calhoun, LA – 1888-1889
1115Ouachita Parish High School Graduating Class 1924 or 1925
1116Children  in unknown elementary school
1117OPHS unknown – girls in aprons & caps
1118OPHS – Graduating Class of 1923
1119Cypress School
1120Cypress School – 1941
1121Cypress School
1122Cypress School – 1940
1123Cypress School
1124Unknown school – student body
1125Passman,  Otto E. – 1955
1127Asphodel Plantation. Jackson, LA
1128Oaklawn Manor, Franklin, LA
1129Shadows on the Teche, New Iberia, LA
1130San Francisco, Reserve. LA
1131Caspiana, Shreveport, LA
1132Mt. Hope, Baton Rouge, LA
1133Destrehan Manor, Destrehan, LA
1134Greenwood Plantation – postcard
1135Oakland Plantation near Natchitoches, LA – postcard
1136Oakley Plantation, St. Francisville, LA – postcard
1137Afton Villa Plantation Home – card
1138Beauregard House, LA – built in 1840
1139Olna Plantation near New Roads, LA
1140Old Plum Hill  – new school built in 1938
1141Drew School student body (Teachers: Louise Riggs & W. Goodlect)
1142Paramount Theater  – photos of old organ & other equipment
1143Jimmie Davis (Gov.) – Louisiana Hayride & the Grand Ole Opry
1144Davis, Jimmie (LA Governor inagurated May 9, 1944)
1145Leprosarium at Carville – 70 miles north of N. O. on the Mississippi
1146Leche, Richard – LA Governor
1147Jones, Sam – LA Governor
1148Ouachita Parish Police Jurors – ???
1149Whte, Jr., Roger C. – military photos
1150“Pink House” at St. Joe
1151OPHS Girls’ Basletball Team – Coach Manhein
1152OPPL – tax election sign for library Aug. 14, 1950s
1153Griffin Studio – photo taken in studio in 1916
1154Bancroft Paper’s Alexandria warehouse shortly afeer WW II
1155Monroe, LA Firemen in front of old City Hall circa 1920s
1156Desiard St. in 1947 (200 block, looking east )
1157LSU Glee club in front of Wexlers Cigar Store on DeSiard St. – 1918
1158Federal Hardware Store on DeSiard St. in 1947
1159Natural Gas Pipeline Construction near Monroe in 1955
1160Bernhardt Building in Monroe, LA in 1930s
1161Natural Gas Pipeline Construction near Monroe in 1955 – welding
1162Monroe, LA skyline in 1939
1163Natural Gas Pipeline, Monroe in 1951 – enlarging gas line system
1164Flanders, Benjamin Franklin – Louisiana Governor 1867-1868
1165Roemer, Charles Elson “Buddy” – Louisiana Governor 1988-1992
1166Kennon, Robert Floyd – Louisiana Governor 1952-1956
1167Allen, Oscar K. – Louisiana Governor 
1168Simpson, Oramel Hinkley – Louisiana Governor 1926-1928
1169Foster, Murphy James – Louisiana Governor 1892-1900
1170Foster, Mike – Louisiana Governor 1996-2004
1171Hahn, Michael – Louisiana Governor 1864-1865
1172Parker, John Milliken – Louisiana Governor 1920-1924
1173McKeithen, John Julian – Louisiana Governor 
1174Fuqua, Henry Luse – Louisiana Governor 1924-1926
1175Allen, Henry Watkins – Louisiana Governor 1864-1865
1176Edwards, Edwin W. – Louisiana Governor 
1177Long, Earl Kemp – Louisiana Governor 
1178Davis, Jimmie – Louisiana Governor
1179Long, Huey P. Gov.-Funeral at State Capitol Building -Sept. 12, 1935
1180Caskets unearthed east of the State Capitol Building  in 1931
1181Share croppers’ children in Transylvania, LA – 1939
1182Share croppers and their children in Transylvania, LA – 1939
1183Negro child playing phonograph in cabin home – 1939
1184Hunter, Clementine – 1967
1185Vines, Dwight D. – Pres. of NLU  – 1978
1186Gov. Earl Long  & Gov. “Jimmie” Davis in inaugural parade – 1948
1187Taylor, F. Jay – Pres. of LaTech – 1978
1188McKeithen, Fox – Sec. of State (5 terms)
1189Thompson, Francis C. – State Representative
1190Peterman, Frank H., Senator
1191Banks, General Nathaniel (1816-1894)
1192Amacker, A. K., Senator
1193Guard of African American Civil War soldiers in Port Hudson, LA
1194Paine, Halbert E. – Union officer; persuaded Gen Butler to spare B.R.
1195Long, Huey P., Gov. with family at home in Shreveport
1196Noe, James Alber with oil rig; Louisiana Gov. 1936
1197Sanders, Jr., Jared Young
1198Wilson, Justin – Cajun cook & entertainer – 1970s
1199Wilson, Justin – Cajun cook & entertainer – 1960s
1200Swearingen, Jr., Lawson L., Louisiana Senator – ca. 1989
1201Old Governors’ Mansion in Baton Rouge
1202Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Toutant – Confederate General
1203Bossier, Pierre Evariste Jean Baptiste – 1797-1844
1204Long, Huey P. – capital grounds on the day of his funeral
1205Luther Hall, 515 Jackson St., Monroe, LA
1206Genealogy Room, OPPL Main Branch, 1968
1207Trail Blazer Library System
1208Trail Blazer Library System
1209Holly Ridge Post Office c. 1965
1210Old 5-Points in Monroe, LA; 600 Block of DeSiard St. , c. 1958
1211Telegraph Station – east of Monroe
1212Poverty Point – postcard
1213Jr. Charity League – April 1953 
1214Monroe Police Dept. 1930s -Names in vertical file “Police Dept..MO”
1215Monroe Police Dept. 1928-Names in vertical file “Police Dept..MO”
1216Paramount Theater – 1962 Premier of “Savage”
1217Group photo of Prof R. R. Bently and students – mid 1980s
1218First Presbyterian Church – Monroe, LA – constructed in 1901
1219Gunby, Standifer & Sholars in front of Judge Gunby’s house 
1220Carver Branch OPPL 1980 – employees China Bryant & Mary Smith
1221Ouachita River in 1922 
1222Filhiol family descendant
1223Ouachita Parish High School foot ball team – early days
1224Ouachita River – river traffic & view of Crosley home
1225Ouachita Parish Court House In Monroe, LA
1226Ouachita Parish Court House – Monroe Morning World 3-16-1969
1227School truck – 1st in LA, 1916 *Original in Mattie Riggs Souvenir Bk (SC)
1228Okaloosa School
1229Ouachita River houseboats (picture from “Dixie” publication 12/10/1967
1230Oversized Photo Box 2- Glenwood Regional Medical Center, West Monroe, LA
1231Oversized Photo Box 2 – Magenta Plantation after remodeling c. 1969 (Lakeshore & DeSiard)Kappa Delta Sorority at NLU 1969 photo with names of members
1232Oak Alley, Vacherie, LA – Calendar photo
1233Oak Alley, Vacherie, LA – cards
1234Oak Ridge Baptist Church  (See book b Glen Green – La 976.3)
1235Ouilt about Northeast LA – photo
1236Sepacivso Club at Progressive Baptist Church (Ollie Burns handbook 1996)
1237First school bus to operate in Monroe, LA
1238Ouachita National Bank, 130 DeSiard St., Monroe, LA
1239Oak Alley Plantation – postcard
1240Williams Lumber Company – 1927 flood
1241Monroe Mayor Jack Howard – c. 1967
1242Monroe Chief of Police James Kelly – c. 1967
1243Delta Airlines airfield – 1920
1244Traffic Bridge -late 1920s
1245Griffin Studio – J. E. Griffin used photography to catch thefts.
1246Fueling tanker truck for Delta Airlines
1247Trenton Street, West Monroe, LA – 1918
1248First local Boy Scout troop – Monroe’s Troop 1 in 1910
1249DeSiard St.,  Monroe, LA – metropoliton center for 13 parishes, 330,000 people
1250Trenton Street looking North, West Monroe, LA -c. 1913
1251DeSiard Street, looking east – 1924 picture postcard
1252Y’s Men Club meeting – late 1945 – in News Star on Sat., Oct. 15, 1988
1253Frisby’s Folly Plantation – Tensas Parish
1254Frisby’s Folly Plantation – Tensas Parish – House built in 1840s & never completed
1255Monroe businessmen – News Star 3/29/1987
1256Virginia Hotel Roof Lounge, Monroe, LA – J. L. Keenan, Pres. & Mgr.
1257Virginia Hotel Roof Garden, Monroe, LA 
1259Harrison, Sarah – President of DAR
1260King, Wayne – “The Waltz King”
1261Rose Lee Inn in Antique Alley, West Monroe, LA – Walking Tour Hosts
1262Bragg, Rick – Author of All Over But the Shoutin’ – 2005
1263Antique Alley 2005 – Formerly Varino’s Grocery
1264First Baptist Church West Monroe, aka First West – new church steeple 
1265Rodney, MS – Oak tree & walking bridge
1266Ouachita Candy Company (Coca Cola Bottlers, Swif Meat Packing)
1267Southern Pacific turn-of-the-century steam engine touring the South
1268Southern Pacific steam engine came through Monroe, Summer of 2005
1269Southern Pacific steam engine came through Monroe, Summer of 2005
1270Southern Pacific steam engine came through Monroe, Summer of 2005
1271Hurricane Katrina evacuees in Monroe – 2005
1272Posey, Parker – c. early 2000s
1273Old coins found in Swartz by Brent Boyd near VFW building in 2005 – photo
1274Jones, Sam – LA Governor
1275OPHS class of 1948 Reunion
1276OPHS class of 1948 Reunion in 1963
1277Louise Williams Branch Library – opening day
1278Rayville High School – 8th Grade c. 1950
1279Reddix, Dr. I. with 1942 Sepia Socialite newspaper
1280OPHS 1921-22 Track Team with Coach R. R. Brown
1281St. Joseph , LA – building
1282Claiborne Street Flood – 1874, Trenton, LA
1283Frances Hotel’s bistro entrance to the bar, c. 1930s
1284Fort Miro 1783 on the Ouachita
1285McMillan Water Company – Water of Life, Monroe, LA
1286Honest John’s Furniture & Loans c. 1930s
1287DAR – Mrs. J. K. Brothers, Jr., L. Peters, P.R. Pierce, H. Guerriero, M. BernsteinIn SC Only
12881797 land grant to the Baron de Bastrop commemorative stone (Fort Miro DAR)In SC Only
1289DAR – Mrs. Henry Hinkle & Mrs. Allen BarhamIn SC Only
1290Swartz Grammar School – c. 1937
1291Swartz Grammar School – Helen (Breese) Croom’s 2nd Grade class photo 1930-31
1292Swartz Grammar School – Winnie (Cochran) Sapp’s 3rd Grade class photo 1930-31
1293Swartz Grammar School – Sarah (Pankey) Thomas’ 4th Grade class photo 1930-31
1294Swartz Grammar School – Camille (Wall) Morgan’s 5th Grade class photo 1930-31
1295Swartz Grammar School – Mrs. Roy Nichols’ 6th Grade class photo 1930-31
1296Swartz Grammar School – Mr. J. E. Sapp’s 7th Grade class photo 1930-31
1297Swartz Grammar School – May Day  Queen & Court 1931
1298Swartz Grammar School – May Day Celebration 1931
1299Swartz Grammar School – Volley ball teams 1937
Third Drawer of Picture Files Begins Here
1300Swartz Grammar School – 7th Grade class photo 1937
1301Swartz Grammar School – 7th Grade boys photo 1937
1302Swartz Grammar School – 7th Grade Graduation Class of 1937
1303DAR – Mrs. Herbert Steed & Misses Russell, Reitzell, Willis, & Douciere – 1953-54In SC Only
1304DAR –  Mrs. Bessier Hutchinson, Trousdale, Stubbs, Brown, Oliver & ShacklefordIn SC Only
1305DAR – Mrs. Mitchell, Meek, Miller, Leigh Slagle, Slade & Faulk – 1953-54In SC Only
1306DAR – Mrs. Stubbs, Trousdale, Barringer, Brown, & McGuire – 1953-1954In SC Only
1307DAR – Mrs. Brown, Blower, Whitfield, Jr., & McDuffie – 1914-54 celebrationIn SC Only
1308DAR – Mrs.Shackleford & Misses Harris, Longbridge, & Cornish – 1953-1954In SC Only
1309DAR – Miss Frances Flanders, Mrs. Parker, Hicks, & MadisonIn SC Only
1310DAR – Mrs. Hayes, Snipes, Ozment, Rogers, Carlton, & MitchellIn SC Only
1311DAR – Miss Johnson, Mrs. Standley, Buckner & Thompson, & Miss FlandersIn SC Only
1312DAR – Mrs. Whitfield, Jr., Wooten, Cox & Oliver In SC Only
1313DAR – Mrs. Liner & Pharr, & Miss FlandersIn SC Only
1314DAR -Mrs. Martin; H. Bernstein, Jr., Miss Flanders, Mrs. Snellings, Jr.; M. BernsteinIn SC Only
1315DAR – Miss Debbie Hill & Mrs. J. B. FilhiolIn SC Only
1316DAR – Miss Mary Lou Trawick & Mrs. John CoonIn SC Only
1317DAR – History medal awards: Fred Norris, Ann Flynn, Geney Wilson; Mrs. OliverIn SC Only
1318DAR – Misses Barringer, Leigh & Davis representing Fort Miro at State Conf. 1952-53In SC Only
1319DAR – Mrs. Theus and Dickerson, Flower & Decoration Committee for State Conf.In SC Only
1320DAR – Parker, Bacle, Mrs. H. Steed, Williamson, Jordan – 1952-53In SC Only
1321DAR – Mrs. Leigh, Kellog, Slater, Steed, Hargrove, w/ Mrs. Faulk at tea service. 1952-53In SC Only
1322DAR – Mrs. McDonald & Hemphill, Miss Boyle, Mrs. Husted, Sr., Oliver & J.M. Brothers, Jr.In SC Only
1323DAR – Mrs. Henry Bernstein, Jr. & Mrs. Geo. Snelling, Jr.  1952-53In SC Only
1324Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Macland Plantation 1849 
1325Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Magnolia Ridge Plantation 1830 2 posters
1326Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Parlange Plantation 1750
1327Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Mound House Plantation 1840
1328Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Live Oaks Plantation 1838
1329Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Trinity Plantation 1839
1330Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Oaklawn Plantation 1840
1331Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Oakland Plantation 1821
1332Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Melrose Plantation 1833
1333Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Magnolia Plantation 1840
1334Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Wytchwood Plantation 1814
1335Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Loyd’s Hall Plantation 1810
1336Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Bubenzer Plantation Circa 1850
1337Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Oakwold Plantation 1835
1338Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Sunflower Plantation 1839
1339Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Labatut Plantation 1790
1340Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Lakeside Plantation 1835
1341Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Valverda Plantation 1818
1342Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Madewood Plantation 1848
1343Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Creole Plantation 1800
1344Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Chretien Point Plantation 18312 posters
1345Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Bayside Plantation 18502 posters
1346Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Arlington Plantation 1850
1347Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Belle Alliance Plantation 1846
1348Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Dairy at Oaklawn Plantation
1349Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Ducros Plantation 1835
1350Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Shadows-on-the-Teche Plantation 18312 posters
1351Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Arlington Plantation 1855may be same as Arlington #1346
1352Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Oaklawn Manor Plantation 18272 posters
1353Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Darby House Plantation 1813
1354Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Acadian House Museum Plantation Late 1700s
1355Pargoud Plantation House
1356Sandel, Judge Percy
1357Brown, Annie – Philanthropist
1358Conrad headstone -wife of Ch. M. Conrad & Grand-niece of George Washington – photo
1359O’Flaharety, Danny
1360Foster, Harriet Henrietta Gordon, RN – 1st Black Public Health Nurse in No. LA – early 1940s
1360 Box2Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Stanton Hall (Natchez, MS)2 pictures
1361Garrett, Isaiah
1361 Box2Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Rienzi Plantation (Thibodaux, LA)
1362OPPL Staff photo 2005
1362 Box2Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Parlange Plantation (New Roads, LA)
1363OPHS football team practicing – photos
1363 Box2Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Houmas House (Burnside, LA)
1364OPHS basketball team – photos
1364 Box2Oversized Photo – Box 2 – Madewood Plantation (Napoleonville, LA)
1365OPHS football team – photos
1366St. Francis Hospital
1367Curry home
1368Oversized Photo – Box 2 – 1924 7th grade class at WM School -The Ouachita Citizen 9/23/1976
1369Courtesy Cab Co. – operated by Roosevelt Wright & Ansley Reed
1370Carver Branch Library  – old photos
1371Oversized Photo – Box 2 – OPHS Class of 1923 
1372WW II soldiers (Free Press 2/17/1990)  F.D. Thompson (kia); Am. Legion Post named for him
1373R. P. Benson, Jr. Stable (Civil War Vet) c. 1900-1934 – Trenton St. WM
1374Filhiol, Marie (1908-1997)
1375Bernstein Park, 1952 – Groundbreaking ceremony for Little League Baseball field
1376Biedenharn home
1377Biedenharn, Emy Lou
1378Biedenharn home
1379Aviation in Monroe area (PowerPoint)
1380Brennans in N.O. 94/1000
1381DAR group – Mrs. Sperry, Faulk, Oliver, Blower, Hicks & McDonald – 1952-53In SC Only
1382Fort Miro memorial bench – photoIn SC Only
1383140th Anniversary stone commemorating transfer of Post to USA – 1804-1944 – DARIn SC Only
1384DAR group photo 1952-53 – Miss Flanders, et alIn SC Only
1385DAR group photo 1952-53 – Hider, Flanders, Stafford, Parker &WilliamsIn SC Only
1386McGuire, Elizabeth Cryer – donated to DAR in 1919, oldest building in MonroeIn SC Only
1387Sperry, Gladys – Regent of Fort Miro Chapter of DAR 1948-1950In SC Only
1388Blower, Mrs. Stanley – State Registrar DARIn SC Only
1389Flanders, FrancesIn SC Only
1390Liner, Mrs. J. C. – Honorary First Vice-Regent DAR – 1952-1953In SC Only
1391Mitchell, Mrs. Charles – Honorary First Vice-Regent – 1952-1953In SC Only
1392Godwyn, Laymon & employees of Sheriff’s Department
1393O. P. Sheriff’s equipment
1394Fewell, Richard & deputies
1395O. P. Sheriff’s Dept. belt buckle
1396O. P. Sheriff’s Department billboard – Having a drink for the road? ……
1397Monroe P. D. motorcycle squad 
1398“Deputy Do-Right” at Wossman High School – mid 1980s
1399Fewell, Richard – chief deputy – early 1990s
*1400Long, Huey & crowdmoved to SC; possibly associated with Reveille 7
1401Anna Meyer Branch OPPL
1402Anna Meyer Branch OPPL
1403Anna Meyer Branch OPPL 
1404Ouachita Valley Branch OPPL – WM
1405Grace Episcopal Church – Nth 4th St., Monroe – old building with ivy
*1406Monroe Municipal Airport – Delta Air Lines postcard
1407Slack, Mayor S. L. – Trenton mayor during Civil War
1408McKeithen, John J. 
1409McEnery, Samuel Douglas
1410McEnery, John
1411St. Francis Sanitarium c. 1919 – P. Croft, RN; Mother Marie de Bethanie, Margaret Beckmeyer
1412Sisters of Our Lady (nuns) c. 1913
1413Bernstein, Mayor & ciy officers, and Griffin studio portrait of Mayor Bernstein
1414 Box3Oversized Box 3 – First Baptist Church Monroe -“Father” J. A. McGuire; Dr. J. H. Traylor, Jr.
1415Overton, John Holmes
1416Stoney Creek Boys from West Monroe
1417Northeast Louisiana University “new” football stadium – 1970s
1418Sugar Hall – Northeast Louisiana University in 1970s
1419Strauss Hall – Northeast Louisiana University in 1970s
1421Railroad station in Monroe, LA – built in 1905; cost: $13,000
1422Tennille Cemetery on old Limerick (Sherrouse home) Monroe, Ouachita Parish- 1930s photo
1423Cotton Plantation near Monroe, LA; day laborers hoeing cotton-May 1947
1424African American woman fishing in Monroe, LA – 1930s
1425Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo, Monroe, LA – hippopotamus & tiger in 1970s
1426JM Supply Co., Monroe in 1920s – man with a pipe (conduit) testing rack
1427Monroe City Hall (old), fire dept., Virginia Hotel, First Baptist – c. 1960s, St. John & Grammont
1428McCain, Vivian as a child c. 1956-57
1429Monroe Public Library presentation – Old Anna Meyer Branch on Jackson St. – M. L. Snellings
1430Monroe Public Library – Old Anna Meyer Branch on Jackson St. – Frances Flanders
1431Marie Louise Snellings – 1952-53
1432Ouachita Parish School Board files – old personnel records
1433O’Flaharety, Danny – River Reads 2005
1434Old City Cemetery memorial – Sylvester Breard, Walter Trisler, Fay Bowe attending
1435Pan American Petroleumm Corp., 109 South 5th St., West Monroe, LA
1436Fewell, Richard (Sheriff)
1437Jena, LA – 2 gents with old vehicle
1438Pre-Civil War home of Isaiah & Narcissa Grayson Garrett – on Grammont behind St. Matthew’s
1439Narcissa Grayson (1816-1890), wife of Isaiah Garrett
1440Natatorium & Dance Hall, early Monroe
1441Henry, Martha Scott – Branch head when Mrs. Harris was director
1442Selman, George – namesake of Selman Field
1443Twin City Queen, WM City Hall, Louisiana Purchase Zoo
1444Natatorium – Griffin Studion photos, originals loaned by Mrs. George Giver
1445Layton Castle Residence, Monroe, LA
1446Sugar Brothers Theater location
1447St. Matthews’ Catholic Church/area
1448DeSiard St., Monroe, LA – Traffic record high – Monroe Morning Post  7/21/29, p. 10
1449Monroe Municipal Airport – early terminal; Delta Airlines Terminal
1450OPSB 50th Reunion, Class of 1939 – 1989
1451Chalmette Monument – larger poster of photo in Oversize-Box 2
1452DAR meeting – Mrs. Martin, Hargrove, Leigh, McDonald, & Slater – 1952-53
1453DAR – Mrs. H. Austin Miller & Mrs. Shelby Meek, past regents – 1952-53
1454DAR – Mrs. Drew, Lemert, Trousdale, Jr., Cox, Martin, Hill, & Grisham – 1952-53
1455DAR – Miss Flanders, Mrs. Kugler, Blower, Stausser, & Curty, Jr. – 1952-53
1456DAR members – Mrs. Brown, Thompson, & Sperry – 1952-53
1457DAR – Mrs. Mitchell, Brown, Thompson, Sperry & McClean – 1952-53
1458DAR – Mrs. W. E, Leigh & Mrs. Shelby Meek, past regents – 1952-53
1459DAR Regents – Mrs. Madison, Lawn, Kelly, & Hurt – 1952-53
1460Oversized Box 3 – OPPL Carver Branch
1461Oversized Box 3 –  The Shadows Plantation (New Iberia, LA)
1462Oversized Box 3 –  Oak Allee Plantation (Vacherie, LA)
1463Oversized Box 3 – OPPL (Addition to the main branch -1968)
1464Oversized Box 3 – OPPL Main Branch
1465Oversized Box 3 – OPPL Main Branch (Reading Room)
1466Oversized Box 3 – OPPL Anna Meyer Branch
1467Oversized Box 3 – OPPL West Monroe Branch (Interior)
1468Oversized Box 3 – OPPL West Monroe Branch
1469Oversized Box 3 –  Jonesboro, Louisiana Police Department (1988)
1470Ouachita Parish High School – 1894 on South Grand St., Monroe, LA
1471Northeast Louisiana University aerial view – 1970s
1472Olin Hall at Northeast Louisiana University – 1970s with view of Colosseum
1472 Box3Oversized Box 3 – Olin Hall at Northeast Louisiana University – Missing?
1473Olin Hall at Northeast Louisiana University – 1970s with view of Bayou DeSiard
1474Crosley Elementary School Bus in 1921 – 1st bus to Crosley
1475Jackson Street, Monroe, LA – late 1930s
1476Natatorium – Salt water swimming pool; salt well was struck in 1909 while drilling for gas.
1477Twin City Queen
1478Monroe Civic Center 
1479Anders, Willie Harris – State Representative
*1480The Rendezvous Restaurant on Hwy. 80 – postcard
1481St. Matthew’s Catholic Church – Jackson St., Monroe, LA
1483Virginia Hotel, Monroe, LA
1484Elk’s Club (interior view) – Monroe, LA
1485Greetings from Monroe – inaugural flight of city’s first Air Mail, July 1, 1931
1486Palms Motel
1487Louisiana Power & Light, Sterlington, LA
1488Riverside Theatre, Forsythe Park, Monroe, LA
1490Virginia Hotel restaurant
1491Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo, Monroe, LA 
1492Jackson Street, Monroe, LA – 1907
1493Monroe Civic Center at night – Gov. James A. Noe & Anna Gray Noe
1494Ouachita River bridges – 1921
1495Degree, Kitty
1496Duke, David
1497Powell, Bob (Mayor)
1498Chennault Golf Course – 2/1993 -photo
1499Red Sims property in Cadeville, LA
1500Sims, A. R. “Red”

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