The 1848 Murder (?) of Thomas Reynolds

This intrigues me to no end. It talks about a murder by poisoning of a father by his son. The son had run to Texas and hid there for many years before he was caught. No names are given, other than Reynolds. The probate index I have access too states a Thomas Reynolds’ estate was settled in 1848, so I am assuming that is the man who was killed. I have no idea how this was settled. As a side note, Judge J.N.T. Richardson owned Ingleside plantation. He is buried out in Cosper Cemetery near the entrance to the Shenandoah subdivision in Lakeshore. His ghost is said to still haunt Ingleside.

The 1848 murder of Thomas Reynolds.

The 1848 murder of Thomas Reynolds. Fri, Nov 27, 1857 – 6 · The Daily Delta (New Orleans, Louisiana) ·

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