Garrett and Munholland Law Office, Circa 1895

Take a look at this Monroe photo, part of the Franklin Garrett Papers at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: .

The photo is misidentified as the 1870’s. At first, when I saw it, I thought it was the old Isaiah Garrett Law office. The more I compared the two buildings, the more I saw that things were off. The chimneys were in the wrong spot. Isaiah’s building is brick while this one is wood. After some digging, I found out that this building was located at the corner of Wood and St. John Streets, right about where First Baptist is now. Garrett and Munholland were law partners from 1892 to 1896 when Garrett died. I believe the large man standing in the doorway is Franklin Garrett and the man in the dark vest and light shirt next to him is Ward Munholland, his law partner. this is a rare and beautiful photo of Monroe’s past! I just wish the other men were identified!

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