Genealogy/Biography Files of the Ouachita Parish Public Library Part III: P-Z Names

Pa- Pe–Biography David E. Pace  “Pace and picante sauce” Ouachita Citizen, January 6, 1994
Hypolite Pargoud  “French Aristocratic Emigre Region’s Colorful Pioneer”  Monroe Morning World, October 20, 1929
John Peyton Parker  “King Drummer of South Dies” The Shreveport Times, No Date
“Former Pastor in City Pays Tribute to John P. ParkerThe Shreveport Times, No Date
Hilyer S. Parker: Fourth Judicial District” La. District Judges Assoc. Biographies of Louisiana Judges, 1965 ed.
“Design in mind: Jennifer Parsons returns to Monroe after working in Hollywood creating costumes for movies” News-Star, July 18, 2004, Page 1D
Bertrand “Packinghouse” Patterson  “Black Baseball Players Recognized” The Monroe Dispatch, July 15-21, 1999
Iline Payne “Payne served Red Cross for 50 years” News-Star, March 15, 1987
Robert Charles Payne  “Sacred Conversations: The Power of Your Spoken Words” Ouachita Citizen Tempo, August 1, 1996, Page 1B
Billy G. Pearson  “Monroe’s Pearson died Sunday” News-Star, March 28, 2005, Page 1B
Mr. Billy Gene Pearson” obituary, Unsourced
Cleventine L. Simmons Peevy (obituary/bio) – “A Handbook on the Se Pa Civ So Club and its Members 1963 – 1994” Copyright 1996 by Ollie Burns
Princess Pegues  “Thin book depicts much on black lives in Morehouse Parish” News-Star-World, April 19, 1981, Page 1B
Velda Long Pendleton (obituary/bio) – “A Handbook on the Se Pa Civ So Club and its Members 1963 – 1994” Copyright 1996 by Ollie Burns
Morgan Dewey Peoples” obituary, News-Star, May 26, 1998
#924 John Perkins Papers Inventory in Southern Historical Collection, Manuscripts Dept. Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Todd Perry garners Louisiana small business award” News-Star, March 25, 2001
John E. Peters III  “Get connected with Chef John” News-Star, April 29, 1998, Page 1B
“a louisiana life: Bob PettitLouisiana Life, Spring 1999, p.96
Pace Family Isiah Howell Pace and Descendents
Pardue, J. C. “Death March began trip to hell for 67,000 troops” News-Star, April 12, 1992, Page 1A
“Monroe survivor remembers little except for the bodies” News-Star, April 12, 1992, Page 1A
“Bible survives devastating war battles: Pardue gained peace, faith from experiences” News-Star No Date
“World War II vet, POW awarded Purple Heart” News-Star, October 7, 2003, Page 1A
“An American Hero: One of the ‘greatest’ now gone” News-Star, June 30, 2012, Page 1A
Parsons, William Seavey (1904 -1975)
The Poetry of Rear Admiral William Seavy Parsons, compiled by Joanne Seavey Parsons Williams and William Brock Parsons, January 2006 work
Rough draft of above work
Passman, Otto E.  – 1 “Passman, Otto E(rnest)” Current Biography 1960, pp. 310-312
“Fifth District: Otto Ernest Passman” Congressional Directory, 1976, Louisiana, p. 74
“Passman victim of heart attack: Veteran ex-House member, 88, dies at home in Monroe” News-Star, Sunday, August 14, 1988, Page 1A
“Otto Passman” News-Star, Sunday, August 14, 1988, Page 14A
“Ex-Rep. Otto Passman, 88, Dies; Foe of Foreign Aid” The New York Times, August 14, 1988 (Obituaries)
“Mourners pay final tribute: Passman remembered as ‘great congressman, brilliant statesman'” News Star, August 16, 1988, Page 1A
In SC Address of Congressman Otto E. Passman before L. B. Faulk Post No. 13, The American Legion, November 8, 1969
“Passman gives view of district’s ails” (Passman with President Nixon) Ouachita Citizen, March 5, 1970
“Mrs. Davis Joins Staff of Passman” Unsourced
“Passman, Others Reported Cleared” Monroe Morning World, November 13, 1976
“Judge denies motion to halt Passman case” Monroe Morning World, June 4, 1978
“Passman trial scheduled” Unsourced
“Gravel, Scott provide study in contrasts” Monroe Morning World, ca 1978 (attorneys in Passman trial)
“Report says Passman gave military aid data” Monroe Morning World, No Date
“The ‘wrong man’ is on trial: McKeithen praises Passman” Monroe Morning World, ca 1978
“Passman judge to hear motion” Monroe Morning World, December 13, 1978
“Passman hearings under way” News-Star, December 19, 1978
“Passman too ill to travel” Unsourced
“Hearing date for Passman will be set ” Unsourced
“Passman attorneys to seek dismissal” Monroe Morning World  Unsourced
“Judge refuses to void counts against Passman” Unsourced
“Passman trial to be in Monroe” Monroe Morning World, December 20, 1978
“Passman, Otto Ernest” Who’s Who In America, 1974-75, Volume 2
“Passman says letter contained no sensitive material” Monroe Morning World, January 19, 1979
“Photo fof Passman could be evidence” News-Star, February 2, 1979, Page 6B
“Protests prelude to trial”  Unsourced
“Trial exhibits listed”  Unsourced
“Tongsun Park may testify in Passman trial: State Department official says rice dealer expected to be in Monroe” Monroe Morning World, February 3, 1979, Page 1A
“Lawyers file witness list for Passman” Monroe Morning World, February 10, 1979
“Prosecutors object to Passman exhibits” Monroe Morning World, February 21, 1979
“Passman to face peers” Monroe Morning World, March 4, 1979, Page 1A
“Passman stands proud” Monroe Morning World, March 4, 1979, Page 2B
“Trial brings to climax lengthy investigation” Monroe Morning World, March 4, 1979, Page 2B
“Passman followers like his personal touch” Monroe Morning World, March 4, 1979, Page 3B
“Park struggled for riches: Rice dealer found opposition in Passman” Monroe Morning World, March 4, 1979, Page 3B
“Some people here see Park as ‘nice guy'” Monroe Morning World, March 13, 1979
“Park says he gave $98,000 to Passman in 1973 contibutions” News-Star?, March 15, 1979, Page 1A
“Park’s memory, testimony vary” Monroe Morning World, March 17, 1979, Page 1A
“Hanna tells of rice talk with Passman in House” Unsourced
“Former paralegal testifies Park paid for jewelry” News-Star, March 27, 1979
“Passman and Park: a trial to remember” News-Star, March 27, 1979
Passman, Otto E.  – 2 Additional articles about Passman’s trial and acquittal – mostly unsourced
Pederson, Doug “Pederson makes strong case for job” August 21, 2001, Unsourced
“Pederson’s job still in limbo” News-Star, June 9, 2004, Page 4C
“Pederson considers retiring” News-Star, October 8, 2004, Page 4C
“Pederson adds Honky Tonk concert to annual golf event” News-Star, March 10, 2005, Page 1B
“Pederson returns” News-Star, March 17, 2005, Page 1C
Perkins Family Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Louisiana, Vol. 1, p. 150   (Louisiana congressman, Hon. John Perkins, Jr. played important role in development of State Library.)
“# 924 John Perkins Papers Inventory” in Southern Historical Collection, Manuscripts Dept. at Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“The John Perkins Family of Northeast Louisiana” Calhoun, R.D., The Louisiana Historical Quarterly, January 1936, Vol. 19, No. 1
“The Memorial of John Perkins” Rainwater, P.L., ed., The Louisiana Historical Quarterly, October 1937, Vol. 20, No. 4, pp. 3-27
Persac, Marie Adrien (1823-1873)  “Marie Adrien Persac: Louisiana Artist” Louisiana Endowment For The Humanities, Fall 2000
Peters Family “Johann Ernst (John Ernest) and Caroline Schau Peters Family” by Ron Downing
“German immigrant finds fortune in Monroe” Monroe Morning World, October 14, 1979, Page 2D
“Peters Furniture Company Is Now In Fifty-Sixth Year; Was Founded By J. E. Peters In 1871: Firm Was Considered An Old One in 1893 – Three Generations of Embalmers in the Peters Family” Unsourced, ca 1927
“Funeral Home Here 67 Years: Peters’ Establishment One of Most Up-To-Date in Southland” Unsourced, ca 1938
Conversation wih Mrs Louis Peters, March 1991 about closing the Peters’ business in 1966
Ph-Pr–Biography Joy Eleanor Phelps  “Profiles in Mature Living: She Is a Ray of Sunshine” Unsourced
R.L. Phillips, obituary  “Nostalgia” Sterlington Town Talk, January 1989
Rene Pickens  “Pickens’ envisioned inn” News-Star, March 23, 1997, Page 1D
Eliza Davis Pierce” (obituary/bio) – “A Handbook on the Se Pa Civ So Club and its Members 1963 – 1994” Copyright 1996 by Ollie Burns
“Charles E. Nash and P.B.S. PinchbackBlack Americans in Congress, Christopher, Maurine, 1976, pp. 104-112
Glen Post  “Welfare of employees motivates CenturyTel CEO” News-Star, February 29, 2004, Page 10
Judge W. N. Potts Answers Last Call” Monroe News-Star, April 28, 1913, Page 1
Bill PrattOuachita Citizen, Friday, November 13, 1992, Page 1B
Keith Prince  “Hall of Fame enshrines a Prince today” News-Star, No Date 2004, Page 1A
Mrs. Courtney Proffitt  “Mrs. Proffitts’ First Records Received Here: Soprano to Give Concert at Monroe Furniture Saturday” News-Star, November 15, 1929, Page 16
Joe Profit  “Northeast alumnus Profit successful on, off field” News-Star, March 10, 1989, Page 1C
Joe Profit  “Ex-NLU star: Drug-gree life led to success” News-Star, March 10, 1989, Page 1B
Joe Profit  “Former NFL star, Monroe native focuses on youth” News-Star, April 11, 1997
Phillips Family “Corrections and Additions for Some o the Descendants of Asaph Phillips and Esther Whipple of Foster, Rhode Island” Originally published in 1993 by Kenneth W. Faig, Jr.
Family Tree of Phillipses: From Michael to Jeremiah
Copy of article written February 23, 1911 about the Prenuptial party for Charles W. Phillips and Madeline Blackshear
Philon Family Transciption of legal papers naming Robert J. London the administrator of the succession of James Philon in April 1869
Transciption of Robert J. London’s  Administrator’s Oath in September 1870
Transcription of letters of administration issued to Robert J. London on September 26, 1870
Copies of the original legal papers that were transcribed
Pickens Family Handwritten information on the Pickens family
Pleasant, Ruffin (Governor)  “Thousands Participate in Gov. Pleasant’s Inaugural”  Monroe News-Star, May 15, 1916, Page 1
Pierce, Abe E., III (Mayor)   Short biography of his life/accomplishments
“Abe E. Pierce III To Run For Ouachita Police Jury” Monroe Morning World, October 4, 1971, Page 9A
“Pierce beats Bryant” News-Star, April 21, 1996, Page 1A
“Narrowing the community gap” News-Star, June 18, 1996, Page 1A
“Monroe’s new First lady: Life-long teacher wants children put first” News-Star, June 30, 1996, Accent
Program for Mayor’s Inauguration, July 1, 1996
“Pierce: ‘Do it together'” News-Star, July 2, 1996, Page 1A
“New Way Center Honors retirees”  The Monroe Dispatch, January 3-9, 1997
“Mayor To Give State of City Address”  News-Star, July 27, 1997, Page 1A
“In the Nation’s Capitol” The Monroe Dispatch, March 13-19, 1997
“Women in History Month” The Monroe Dispatch, March 27- April 2, 1997
“Low-key Pierce shuns limelight” News-Star, July 3, 1997, Page 1A
“Mayor Sticks to Campaign Promises During First Year”  The Monroe Dispatch, July 10-16, 1997
“Mayor Pierce Takes Undeserved Beating”  The Monroe Dispatch, August 6-12, 1998
“Dr. Ava Pierce Hangs Out Her Shingle in Emergency Medicine”  The Monroe Dispatch, August 20-26, 1998
“Opening of New Family Medical Clinic”  The Monroe Dispatch, December 17-23, 1998
“Pierce contributions celebrated” News-Star, No Date Page 1A
“Pierce maintained class, dignity throughout tenure” News-Star, No Date
Polk, Leonidas “Sons of the South: Leonidas Polk” by Clayton Rand in The Times-Picayune, April 11, 1965
“Polk Was a Crusader With Cross and Sword” Unsourced
Poole, Caroline B. “A Yankee School Teacher in Louisiana, 1835-1837: The Diary of Caroline B. Poole”  The Louisiana Historical Quarterly,  pp. 651-679
Powell, Bob (Mayor) Office of the Mayor, Monroe, LA, Biography 12/6/1983
“Powell accepts position” Ouachita Citizen, March 20, 1975
“Best qualities offered: Powell endorsed”  Monroe Morning World, April 1, 1979
“Bob Powell enters mayor’s race”  Monroe Morning World
“Thank You: Bob Powell mayor” Ouachita Citizen, April 12, 1979, Page 3A
“Bob Powell will be Monroe’s mayor” Ouachita Citizen, April 26, 1979, Page 1A
“Powell sees job with businessman’s eye” Monroe Morning World, June 29, 1979. Page 5
“Re-elect Bob Powell Mayor” (2 brochures)
“Powell re-elected” Ouachita Citizen, April 10-16, 1980, Page 1
Photo of  Mayor Bob Powell with city council members  July 7 initiating Home Rule Charter, new form of city government – Ouachita Citizen, July 10-16, 1980, Page 1
“Crowd draws to fete Monroe on 200th” News-Star-World, January 10, 1983, Page 1B
“Robert E. Powell” Louisiana Twin Cities, January 30, 1985, Page 5
“Monroe government headed by Powell” News-Star-World, July 26, 1987
“Powell coasts to re-election” News-Star-World, March 9, 1988, Page 1A
“Powell: City’s leader needs bigger salary” News-Star, July 13, 1990, Page 1B
“Appreciating Mayor Powell” News-Star, June 19, 1996, Page 1A?
“Residents, elected officials say goodbye to Bob Powell” News-Star, June 19, 1996, Page 1A?
“Powell proud of 17-year run, looks to future” News-Star, June 23, 1996, Page 1A
“Former Mayor Powell battles serious illness” News-Star, November  9, 1996
“Bob Powell, 1923-1997”  News-Star, July 29, 1997, Editorial
“Ex-mayor Bob Powell dies : Heart trouble claims leader” News-Star, July 27, 1997, Page 1A
“Robert Ellis Powell” obituary, News-Star, July 28, 1997
“Memorial services held for former Monroe mayor” Ouachita Citizen, July 3, 1997
“Memorial praises legacy of Powell” News-Star, July 31, 1997, Page 1A
“Hundreds Bid Farewell to Robert E. ‘Bob’ Powell” News-Star, July 31-Aigust 6, 1997, Page 5
Powell, Chad (Corporal)    January 30, 1983 – June 23, 2005 – KIA in Fallujah, Iraq
“Mourning a fallen Marine” News-Star, June 25, 2005, Page 1A
“Slain W.M. Marine’s memorial set for today” News-Star, June 26, 2005
“Church has tentative plans to honor hero” News-Star, June 27, 2005, Page 1A
“Pastor: Support for Marine’s family ‘overwhelming'” News-Star, June 28, 2005, Page 1A
“Powell services set for Sunday” News-Star, July 2, 2005, Page 1A
“Ouachita escorts its fallen hero home” News-Star, July 3, 2005, Page 1A
“Final Salute: Cpl. Chad Powell” News-Star, July 4, 2005, Page 1A
“Military View: A Message of Thanks” News-Star, July 24, 2005, Page 3F
Poydras, Julien “Mr. Poydras’ Strange Will”  PIE DuFour’s A la Mode
“Poydras’ dowry continues to pay parish newlyweds” News-Star-World, February 2, 1986, Page 8B
Copy of his will in French
Presley, Elvis Article about Elvis’ visits to Monroe in 1952 and 1953 – Unsourced
“Hank Snow, above , and his show will appear in West Monroe…”  Monroe Morning World, February 13, 1955, Page 16B,  Column 5
“Hillbilly Stars Appear Friday in West Monroe”  Monroe Morning World, February 16, 1955, Page 7, Column 5
“Friday Nite  West Monroe Hi Auditorium …Hank Snow…Elvis Presley” Ouachita Citizen, February 18, 1955, Page 12, Column 6
“KTRY To Bring Duke of Paducah Here Thursday” Bastrop Daily Enterprise, Monday, February 21, 1955, Page 1
“Duke of Paducah And Entertainers Here Tonight” Bastrop Daily Enterprise, Monday, February 24, 1955
Photo of Monroe Mayor Troy meeting Elvis at the plane
Fields Ad “Welcome Elvis To Monroe” Monroe Morning World, March 3, 1974, Page 7A
“Elvis Presley Due in City Later Today” Monroe News-Star, March 4, 1974, Page 1A
“Elvis Hits Right On The Money Here” Monroe Morning World, March 5, 1974, Page 2A
“Concert Mixup Explained Here” Monroe News-Star, March 8, 1974, Page 1A
“Elvis Thrills Capacity Crowd” Monroe Morning World, March 9, 1974, Page 9A, Column 1
Photo of Elvis Presley with notice of his second concert appearance in Monroe Civic Center, Monroe News-Star, May 2, 1975, Page 3A
“Presley Scores In First Concert Here” Monroe News-Star, May 5, 1975, Page 8A
“Failure of Heart Reported Fatal For Elvis Presley”  Monroe Morning World, August 17, 1977
“Elvis Had Magic Touch With Fans To The Last”  Monroe Morning World, August 17, 1977
“Elvis Appearance Subject Of Debate”  Monroe Morning World, August 17, 1977
“Elvis’ Blue Moon Put Him On His Way”  Monroe Morning World, August 17, 1977, Page 2D
“Presley Liked In Home Town”  Monroe Morning World, August 17, 1977
“Presley Had Beginning In Shreveport”  Monroe Morning World, August 17, 1977
“North Louisiana Watched Elvis Grow”  Monroe Morning World, August 17, 1977
“Elvis Attracted Young, Old Alike”  Monroe Morning World, August 17, 1977
“Elvis Sets Record”  News-Star, August 17, 1977
“Life, Times Of Presley”  Monroe Morning World, August 17, 1977
“Elvis Mourned By Housewives, Beautiful People”  Monroe Morning World, August 17, 1977, Page 3C
“Presley Style Changed Music”  Monroe Morning World, August 17, 1977
“Fans Flock To Elvis Presley Mansion”  Monroe Morning World, August 18, 1977, Page 8A
“Presley Fans Glimpse Idol”  Monroe Morning World, August 18, 1977
“Presley’s Daughter Tells Mother About His Death”   Monroe Morning World, August 18, 1977
“World Mourns Presley’s Death”  Monroe Morning World, August 18, 1977, Page 9A
“Army Bunkmate: Elvis Wondered What Future Held”  Monroe Morning World, August 18, 1977
A few other related articles:  Monroe Morning World, August 18, 1977
“Elvis Presley Gave Monroe Girl Necklace” Monroe News-Star, August 18, 1977  (See News-Star, June 26, 1989.)
“Witnesses Tell How Monroe Girls Killed At Presley Funeral”  Monroe Morning World, August 19, 1977, Page 1A
“Elvis–Country Boy”  Monroe Morning World, August 19, 1977, Page 1A ?
“Fans Rush To Buy Elvis Records”  Monroe Morning World, August 19, 1977, Page 1A
“Elvis Presley Is Put To Rest”  Monroe Morning World, August 19, 1977, Page 7B
“Cemetery Scene Is Restless”  Monroe Morning World, August 20, 1977, Page 7B
“A Tribute to the King of Rock”  Monroe Morning World, August 21, 1977, Page 7B
“A gift from Elvis” News-Star, June 26, 1989
“Necklace given at 1974 concert revives legend” News-Star, June 26, 1989
“Elvis Anniversary: Rock Lost Its Royalty 25 Years Ago, But Elvis Lives On” News-Star, August 11, 2002, Page 3D
“In Search of the King: Researchers need info on Elvis’ 1955 shows in West Monroe, Bastrop” Ouachita Citizen, March 25, 2004, Page 1B
“Elvis Angels aim to finance stature” News-Star, July 24, 2004, Page 1B
Story of Elvis’ 1955 appearance at West Monroe High School in 1955 by Chuck Halley©2/18/15, The Polyester Ball online, retrieved on December 24, 2018
Preston, Zenos Diary of Zenos Preston: 15 May, 1844–16 July, 1847 (Typed copy)  See also: Indexed copy by Diane Keen Jones in GC
Prewitt, Randy “Those who’ve tasted his cooking say of Randy Prewitt: He knows how to cook and he knows how to season” News-Star, September 30, 1998, 1B ?
“Prewitt’s scampi quick to cook, long on taste” News-Star, September 30, 1998, 1B
“Flavors of the Ark-La-Miss: randy prewitt’s taste treats”  DeltaStlye, October 1998
Photo of Randy Prewitt signing a copy of his cookbook, Ouachita Citizen, October 8, 1998
“Top off holiday meals with Louisiana favorites” December 3, 1998  Unsourced
Prudhomme, Paul “Paul & Enola Prudhomme: Two of the world’s most famous Louisiana chefs” Acadiana Profile, Vol. 17, No. 2, pp. 6-20
“a louisiana life: Paul Prudhomme” Louisiana Life, Autumn 1995, p. 72
“a louisiana life: Paul Prudhomme” The Good Life, 2005/06, p. 62 (a supplement to Louisiana Life)
Ra-Ri–Biography Willie Ragan “Ragan’s heart still in coaching” News-Star, July 23, 1998, Page 1C
Ragan new boss at CCS” Ouachita Citizen, July 30, 1998
Wilson Rambo  “Rambo aims to broaden juvenile programs” News-Star, September 14, 2000
Dale Ramsey  “Union Parish carver sees life in wood” Louisiana Country, November 1989, Vol. 6, p. 5
Sons of the South by Clayton Rand:  John RandolphThe Times-Picayune, No Date,Section 2, Page 10
Roosevelt Rankins “African-American Achievement Awards: Rankins earns humanitarian honors” News-Star, March 1, 2003
“Biographical Sketch of Senator Joseph E. Ransdell” by Minnie S. Murphy, May 24, 1937
(Mae) May Read: History Buff”  Monroe Morning World, November 13, 1977, Page 21A
Miss Mary Elizabth (May) Read” obituary, News-Star, May 1989
Paul Leslie Read” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 833
Matthew C. Redmond” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 847
Ansley “Captain” Reed  “First black police officer of Monroe dies” News-Star, June 3, 1989, Page 1B
Luther Reed, Sr.” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 946
“The Hornets bring Willis Reed home after decades on the East Coast: The Good Life” News-Star, July 25, 2004, Page 1C
Willis Reed: A Man of Many Trophies” Louisiana Life, September/October 2010, P. 80
Charles Regan  “Owner, founder of office supply store dies at 82” News-Star, October 20, 2003, Page 3A
Sybil Renaud  “Nursing career spanned 60 years” News-Star-World, May 10, 1981
Miss Sybil C. Renaud” obituary, News-Star-World, July 16, 1989
Jim Rice  “La. Author inspires kids at area school” News-Star, November 7, 2000
Susan Rich  “Volunteer’s work with books, youth appreciated” News-Star, March 4, 1991
Ted Richard”  News-Star, May 4, 1995  (Profile of local black history maker submitted by daughter, Joyce Richard Lattimore)
“Death of Judge J.N.T. RichardsonThe Ouachita Telegraph, July 15, 1868, Page 2, Column 2 (See back of article for more.)
Funeral notice for Col. Robert Richardson, October 12, 1895
Hulon Riche  “Another Green world” News-Star, June 12, 2005, Page 1D
Thomas Ritter  “Internal Trials: Emotional turmoil inspires photographs” News-Star, May 30, 1990, Page 1D
“Travelin’ man: Exhibit displays the journeys of artist RitterNews-Star, November 2, 1995, Accent
Ragland, Alwine Mulhearn Smith (Judge)      (See also Peters Family and Mulhearn Family for genealogical information.)
“State’s Only Elected Woman Judge Is Native of Monroe” Monroe Morning World, January 18, 1976, Page 1B
“Resting her case: Oldest state judge leaves bench after 16 years” News-Star, October 14, 1990, Page 1D
“Judge Alwine Mulhearn Smith Ragland–The Good Samaritan” Louisiana Road Trips, June 2006, Page 28
“Ragland, former judge, dies at 92” News-Star, May 2, 2006, Page 1B
“Judge Alwine Mulhearn Smith Ragland” obituary, News-Star, May 2, 2006, Page 3B
Program for Memorial Service on May 3, 2006
Rambin, Melvin (Mayor)  “Rambin named to Board of Regents” News-Star, January 14, 1999
“Rambin’s caring attitude earns him Fant Award” News-Star, February 22, 1999
“NLU honors Rambin with Fant Award” News-Star, February 27, 1999
“Rambin wins Monroe mayoral race” Ouachita Citizen, March 22, 2000
“Rambin tackles crumbling city” News-Star, June 14, 2000, Page 1B
“Melvin Rambin: Debt may be one solution” News-Star, June 14, 2000, Page 1B
“Infrastructure quality slowly on rise” News-Star, June 14, 2000, Page 1B
“Mayor-elect gets ready for transition” Unsourced
“Rambin: ‘Together we can do it'” News-Star, July 2, 2000, Page 1A
“Pierce Hands Over City Baton” The Monroe Dispatch, July 6-12, 2000, Vol. 26, No. 26
“Rambin tells union layoffs necessary” News-Star, August 1, 2000
“Rambin hires personnel consultant for Monroe” News-Star, August 3, 2000
“Rambin settling into mayoral groove” News-Star, August 5, 2000
“Council blasts mayor over Froggy” News-Star, September 12, 2000
“Rambin apologizes to council” News-Star, September 16, 2000, Page 1A
“City Council juggles with property tax” News-Star, September 27, 2000
“Rambin implements city street program changes” News-Star, October 4, 2000
“Rambin vows to ‘take heat’ attached to job” News-Star, October 6, 2000
“State: Union’s petition against Rambin invalid” News-Star, October 23, 2000
“Rambin counts on resignations to trim” News-Star, No Date
Office of the Mayor: City of Monroe, News Release, 11/17/2000, Medical Information
“Rambin may discover test results Wednesday” News-Star, November 28, 2000
“Rambin lights up yule season: Mayor back after cancer treatments” News-Star, December 5, 2000
“Rambin appoints short-term managers” News-Star, December 7, 2000
“Community Prayer Partners rally behind Rambin” News-Star, January 29, 2001
“‘This was so tough’: Rally honors Rambin” News-Star, January 29, 2001
“Results in spite of adversity: Mayor checks up on goals” News-Star, February 4, 2001, Page 1A
“Rambin’s battle has united city” News-Star, February 4, 2001
“Treatment fails to help Rambin” News-Star, March 3, 2001, Page 1A
“Despite drop in energy, Rambin charges on” News-Star, March 23, 2001, Page 1A
“Rambin first up for new treatment” News-Star, May 5, 2001, Page 1A
“Chamber honors late Monroe Mayor” News-Star, August 1, 2001
“2001: June 20  We must celebrate Melvin Rambin’s life” News-Star, December 30, 2001, Page 2B
In SC Additional information on Melvin Rambin in oversized newspaper file
“First, a musical … Concert to honor late mayor’s ardent love of singing” News-Star This Week, May 3-9, 2002, Page 6
“Choir sings deceased mayor’s favorites as tribute” News-Star, May 4, 2002, Page 3A
Ransom Family “Algernon Clark Ransom” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 932
“Paul Ransom, civic leader, farmer dies” News-Star, January 9, 2005
“Mr. Paul Standley Ransom” obituary
“Adele Ransom: Police Jury” January 3, 1998
Ray Family Genealogical research by Mercedes Ray Pertuit aka Mrs. Samuel Pertuit (Items VF1-VF39)
(VF-1) Pages from Caldwell Parish in Slices concerning Mr. John Ray
(VF-2) Pages from Louisiana History Quarterly
(VF-3) Census records
(VF-4) Ancestry information on John Ray
(VF-5) Ancestry information on John Swearingin Ray
(VF-6) Ancestry information on Marie Sagers
(VF-7) Ancestry information on James Swearingin Ray b. ABT 1794 & wife Mary Adams
 (VF-8) Ancestry Plus information on James Swearingin Ray
(VF-9) Information from Appleton’s Cyclopedia of American Biography on John Ray, lawyer; “John Ray: Forgotten Scalawag” by E. Russ Williams in Louisiana Studies, Fall 1974
VF-10  Missing?
(VF-11) Copy of the title page of the Digest of the Statutes of the State of Louisiana, in Two Volumes, Vol. II,  John Ray , Compiler, N.O. 1870 (Law Library Tulane University)
(VF-12) “Death of Hon. John Ray” Times-Picayune, March 5, 1888
(VF-13) Dear Cousins and Pen Pals, Letter from  Mercedes Ray Pertuit
(VF-14) Ancestry information on Jean-Baptiste Bres (VF-14)
(VF-15) “Hon. John Ray” Ouachita Telegraph, June 3, 1868, Page 2, Column 2
(VF-16) Ancestry information on Julia Felicity Dewitt (VF-16)
(VF-17) Marriage license for Mr. John Ray & Miss Catherine Bres
(VF-18) “The McCormick’s and the Ray’s of Missouri and Louisiana”
(VF-19) “Recollections of the Early Settlers of Ouachita Parish: Sketch of the Life of Hon. John Ray” Ouachita Telegraph, August 25, 1888
(VF-20) Information from Sara Bres
(VF-21) Tidbits Related to Judge Robert Ray
(VF-22) obituary of Catherine Bres Ray
(VF-23) Photo and information about tomb of John Ray
(VF-24) Letter to Mrs. Odom from Pat McKenna
(VF-25) Historical notes on John Ray
(VF-26) Transcribed copy of 1930 article “Leading Citizens Started Masonry” in Monroe, La., newspaper
(VF27-VF30)  Mercedes’ letters to Rose Odom
(VF-31) Letter to Mercedes from Louis Ray & additional notes by her
(VF-32) Letter from Mercedes to Rose Odom
(VF-33) Handwritten story about John Ray
(VF-34) Handwritten information about John McCormick
(VF-35) Handwritten notes and genealogical information
(VF-36) Genealogical information and charts on the Ray family
(VF-37) Letter from Pat McKenna to Mrs. Odom
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“Roemer’s human side may just survive trappings of office” News-Star-World, March 13, 1988, Page 5B
“Settling in to life in Baton Rouge: Patti Roemer limits media, public access to mansion” News-Star-World, March 14, 1988, Page 1D
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Additional information on Buddy Roemer in oversized newspaper file (SC)
Ronquillo Family Descendants of Juan Augustin Ronquillo – Generated by Ancestral Quest
Note on Marie Gratianne Ronquill, native of Pacquemines Parish, b. Aug. 14, 1823…
Copies of pages from 1860 Census
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Ryves/Rives Family The Pedigree of RYVES of Damory Court, and Ranston, co. Dorset.
Roy Family VF-1 Family Group Sheet for Auguste Roy and wife Marianne Moron
VF-2 Roy Ancestor Chart
VF-3 Williams Ancestor Chart
VF-4 Family Group Sheet for Julia Roy and husband John Williams
VF-5 Maria M. Williams
VF-6 Louis Michel Lamy
VF-7 Marie Magdeline Morin (Moron)
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Salisbury, Nan Drew Genealogical research on the Colye, Drew and allied families
Genealogical research on the Drew, Coyle and allied families (also letters and recipes)
Drew Genealogy/Family History – folder contains copies of Bible and genealogical records, pages from books, etc.
An Index of Old Cemetery and Church Records in Louisiana compiled by the Historical Activities Committee of The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the State of Louisiana.
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Saunders, Augustus Jr. Family
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Copies of documents, research, and newspaper articles
“Captain Thompson Wood Lee Monument: Old Monroe City Cemetery” compilation of articles/information
Compilation of articles/information on the “Monument of Mystery”
Sandidge Family “Pocket Knife Has Long and Mysterious History” The Bastrop (La.) Daily Enterprise
“Pocket Knife Termed Most Interesting Piece in Snyder Museum Collection” The Bastrop (La.) Daily Enterprise, Thursday, June 23, 1983, Page 3
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Research and correspondence regarding Col. Sandidge
Copies from pages of Bossier Parish Headstones by Clifton D. Cardin
Copies from pages of Bossier Parish History: The first 150 years. 1843-1993 by Clifton D. Cardin
Ancestral Chart: Fannie Allen Sandidge Taylor (Mrs. Wm. Monnette Taylor)
“Land Transfers Reflect Changes” January, 1980
Sanford Family VF-1 Genealogical information on the Sanford family submitted by Mr. Mildren Miller Simon Swatloski and Mrs. Agnes Miller Larson of New Iberia, La.
VF-2 Additional information on the Sanford family
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Genealogical information of Selman family
Genealogical research and articles on Augustus James Selman
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Darline Smith wins 2003 Woman of the Year” News-Star, March 14, 2003
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Smith, Martin Hancock Family
VF-1 “Short History of Martin Hancock Smith as recalled by Robert E. Smith, only surviving son, at Sacramento, July 10, 1942
VF-2    Bible Records
VF-3  “Pioneers of Marengo County: Martin Smith was one of many early Smiths” The Demopolis Times, January 15, 1976
Smith, Thomas Keeling Family
Bible Records
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Picture of Col. Thomas C. Standifer, C.S.U. (1827-1897)
Descendants of Rachel Feazel m. 1) Alexander Dutton  2) Lynds Sterling
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Gordon Surguine, short biography
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“Hall of fame…” Ouachita Citizen, May 8, 1997, Page 3A
Spyker Family VF-1  Spyker Estate
VF-2  Spyker Family Tree
VF-3  “Spyker planation site of first Monroe field gas well” News-Star-World
VF-4   Map
VF-5  Article by Travis Mayo “Monroe was once natural gas capital of the world” News-Star-World, July 2, 1976
VF-6  Spyker genealogical information
VF-7  Introduction to the Diary of Leonidas Pendleton Spyker  by Lillian Herron Williamson
“Diary chronicles weather 124 years ago”  Unsourced
Stevenson Family Copy of certification of photo copies from Stevenson Family Bible submitted by Mrs. Mattie Mae Stevenson Miller
Stovall Family 1 VF- 1  “Bartholomew Stovall Tricentennial: 1684-1984” Richmond, VA. & Powhatan Co., VA.
VF-2  Stovall Journal, January 1980, Vol. 2, No. 3
VF-3  Information about Bartholomew Stovall and the upcoming Tricentennial
VF-4  Pages copied from Family Reunion Handbook: A Guide to Family Reunion Planning
“Lasserre, Stovall families plan reunions”  News-Star-World, February 6, 1983, Page 2D
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Stovall Family 2 VF-7 Copies of pages from Descendants of George S. Stovall
VF-8 The World Book of Stovalls
Stovall Family 3 VF-9 Stovall Journal, Volume 5, 1983
VF-10 Stovall Journal, Volume 5-2, 1983
VF-11 Stovall Journal, Volume 5-3, 1983
VF-12 Stovall Journal, Volume 6-1, 1983
VF-13 Stovall Journal, Volume 6-2, 1983
VF-14 Stovall Journal, Volume 6-3, 1983
VF-15 Stovall Journal, Volume 6-4, 1983
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“West Monroe honors Stovall” News-Star-World, January 21, 1983, Page 1C
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Strother Family Strother Families by Harold Heard of Amarillo, Texas
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Article written by Carl Stroud about his maternal grandfather, Walter Scott White (1846-1919)
Carl White Stroud, M. D. Personal History 2006
Stubbs Family Copies from Bible  of Stubb Family Records
Copy of the Memoriam for F. P. Stubbs, Sr. read in the Supreme Court of Louisiana on October 5, 1908
“To the Memory of Francis Peter Stubbs (1830-1908)” Action of the Session of the First Presbyterian Church, Monroe
“Statement of Business Matters made by F. P. Stubbs, Sr. on June 17th, 1900”
News article from Monroe Bulletin, November 21, 1883, regarding a hunting accident in which F.P. Stubbs, Jr. (12) killed his hunting partner (Johnson) 15 years old
Biography of Stubbs, Col. Frank P. (Jr.)
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Transciption of interview with Elizabeth Gordon Stubbs Crawford, Sept. 3, 1978, Los Angeles, CA
Records from Rebel Archives War Department
Stump Family VF-1  Typed copy of Bible Records on file at Tennessee Historical Socieety, Nashville, TN (Mrs. Melvin Short)
VF-2  Typed copy of Last Will of Christopher Stump from Pennsylvania German, January 1903, p. 23
VF-3  Typed copies from DRAPER Collection at the State Historical Society of Wisconson
VF-4  Additional typed information taken from the Draper manuscript papers
VF-5 “Tennessee Bookman: No Doubt Fred Stump Was an Anti-Indian” by Hugh Walker
Sugar Family “Monroe opera house drew some of the best” News-Star-World, March 14, 1982, Page 2D
“Sugar leaves mark on Twin Cities, NLU” News-Star-World, March 26, 1983, Page 1D
“Sugar Brothers Were Pioneers in Theatrical World Here” Louisiana Road Trips, April 2006, page 9 (by Ron Downing)
Surghnor Family Typed notes on a few events in the life of Dr. Graham Surghnor (Also notes on inscription on S.W. Saunders & Willie’s tombstones; Dr. John T. Simmons and his death
Copy of handwritten notes with heading: “Hospital in N. Orleans March 3rd 1815” (Involves payment of $10.00 for “Rose a free Girl of Colour” & has signature of Andrew Jackson
“Dr. Graham Surghnor: Rapid Rise of Louisiana’s Brightest Masons”  Unsourced (Sketch of his life)
“Masons Form a New Lodge”  and “Will Institute Masonic Lodge”  Unsourced (1919 newspaper articles)
Swartz, Edward G. “Edward G. Swartz 1866-1944 by Kathy Cagle Baker”  Recounts the influence that Edward G. Swartz had on the economy and development and  of the Swartz community and schools. Includes many pictures.
“Edward G. Swartz 1866-1944” featured in the 2nd volume of “They Were Here” series, November 1973, published by the Taylor County Historical Society.
Copy of Sale of Land from E. G. Swartz Co. to John W. Cagle, October 6, 1906
Copy of Succession of George Swartz to Ms. Aurelia J. Swartz  et als, Filed January 26, 1916
Swayze, Marcus “Marc Swayze – Wikipedia” Biography (July 17, 1913 – October 14, 2012) American comic book artist
The 1932 Monroyan – Neville High School  – M. D. Swayze, Art Editor
“Artist’s style? Marvelous” News-Star-World, May 3, 1985, Page 1D
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“Louisiana novelist: Work of comic-book artist Marvel-ous” News-Star ?, February 18, 2002, Page 6A
“The life and legacy of Marc Swayze, Marvel Comics illustrator & corporation artist” presented by OPPL’s Larry Foreman (Captain Marvel [DC Comics] – Wikipedia)
Swayze/Bacon Families Genealogical Family Worksheet and research
Biography–T (Ta-Th) David Dewayne “Jingles” Taylor  ”Jingles’ fixture at annual rodeo” News-Star, March 4, 2003, Page 1A
Dr. Henry Oscar Taylor  “Calhoun Doctor Killed On Deer Hunt” Monroe Morning World, December 5, 1953, Page 1
“Body Found in Dense Swamp After 24 Hours: Stray Bullet Is Blamed; Death Believed Instant” Ferriday, Dec. 4
“Hunting Accident Claims Life of Dr. H. O. Taylor” Unsourced
Doctor Taylor‘s Funeral Slated This Morning” News-Star, December 6, 1953, Page 1
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Richard Taylor “Carver’s woodducks really are” News-Star-World, February 18, 1985, Page 1D
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“friends celebrate a lady: Nodie Thatcher honored at Tower Club” Ouachita Citizen, April 14, 1994, Page 5B
Mrs. Leslye Mae Allen ThomasNews-Star, May 8, 1995
“A new song: Robin Thomas deepens her religious understanding of Christmas music as she publishes a book and CD of newly arranged carols” News-Star, November 28, 2004, Page 1D
Chris and Laura Thompson “Local lecture allows couple to go for baroque” News-Star Magazine Supplement, February 22-28, 2002, Page 9
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M. Carey Thompson” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 868
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Taylor, John Family TAYLOR FAMILY TREE: Male Descendants from John Taylor b. circa 1699 in Lincolnshire, England
Taylor, Tommy Joe “Monroe senior patrolman Tommy J. Taylor…named outstanding officer” at the department’s annual awards banquet.  Unsourced
Jaycees’ “Outstanding Young Law Enforcement Agent” in 1982  Unsourced
Copy of letter of congratulations from Rep. Jerry Huckaby dated February 2, 1983
“Alert officer prevents major fire” August 1983 Unsourced
“K-9 takes a bite out of crime: Cochese helps Monroe police” Unsourced
“Optimists honor area law enforcers” News-Star-World, May 3, 1984, Page 3B
Copy of Certificate of Attendance for 10 Hour Police K-9 Seminar and Trials – June 30-July 1, 1984
Taylor, W. W. Family Copies of Family Records – W. W. Taylor b. August 15, 1819
Tennille Family 1 VF-1 “The Tennille Family Cemetery with allied families, Monroe, LA” Compiled by Kevin A. Miller, June 1978
VF-2  Tennille Family Records copied from the family Bible
VF-3 Copy of the last will and Testament of Francis Tennell of the County of Prince William and Parish of Dettingin
VF-4  Copy of the declaration of Rachel Tennelle widow in court proceedings
VF-5  Research on the Tennilles and related lines submitted by T.R. Williams, Jr. on August 12, 1976
VF-6  T.R. Williams, Jr.’s line of descent from the Tennille family
VF-7 Correspondence with Mac Ward and Frances Flanders – June 1978
VF-8 Information on E. K. Willson, first District Judge of North Louisiana under the American regime
VF-9 Information on the Estate of Jas. McLawchlin – Appraisment – State of LA, Parish of Ouachita, 1826
Tennille Family 2 VF-10 Information on Direct Line with explanations on formatting to be accepted by the archives in Salt Lake City
VF-11  Statement for work completed in the Tennille Cemetery for DAR; article “Dedication of Markers Scheduled
VF-12 Copies of October 1976 newspaper articles on Tennille family and dedication of markers
VF-13 Family Record and biography of  Benjamin and Rachel (Wicker) Deeson Tennille
VF-14 “Notes about Benjamin Tennille and his descendants” prepared by Mrs. Annie Hanna Wagner, Shreveport, August 9, 1976
VF-15 Handwritten information about Benjamin Tennille and his daughter Mira in Cape Girardeau District in 1806
VF-16 Tennille Cemetery Records, June 30, 1811 to August 6, 1938 presented by Miss Frances Flanders through DAR
VF-17  “Repairs begin in graveyard” Monroe Morning World, August 2, 1978, Page 1B
VF-18 Information from Paula Mortensen (RootsWeb) on Benjamin Tennille
“Quiet Little Graveyard on DeSiard Road is Burial Place for Pioneers” Monroe Morning World, March 23, 1930, Page 10
Tennison, Clifton Raymond (Rev.)
“Dr. Tennison: After 30 years WM pastor to retire” Ouachita Citizen, July 4, 1990, Page 1A
“Stepping down from the pulpit” News-Star, July 15, 1990, Page 1D
“Pastor master of quiet persuasion” News-Star, July 15, 1990, Editorial Page
“Former W.M. pastor, ‘gentle giant,’ dies” News-Star, January 18, 2005, Page 1B
Theobalds Family Copy of expense records for July, Aug., Sept. 1948;  Jan., Feb. 1949
Thomas, Sam “Local boy makes good; Thomas featured in Time” News-Star-World, September 24, 1987, Page 1B
“Sam Thomas turns vision to mortar: Restaurant row latest milestone” News-Star, December 19, 1996, Page 16A
“Monroe loses a true character” News-Star, November 1, 1998, Editorial
“Mr. Samuel M. Thomas” obituary, News-Star ?
“Thomas leaves business legacy” News-Star, October 29, 1998
“Entrepreneur remembered” News-Star, October 31, 1998
Thompson Family A Circle Outline Progenitor Chart
Thompson, David Newton (Justice)
Speech “before your honors, the members of the family, and the members of the Bench and Bar of the State…to pay public tribute,…to the memory of David Newton Thompson.”
Thompson, Eliza and John T.
“Tutorship of the heirs of Eliza and J.T. Thompson”  court records November 2, 1897 – February 9, 1898
Thompson, Frank David (F.D.)
1930 & 1940 United States Federal Census record from
Find A Grave record for Pvt Frank D Thompson KIA October 25, 1944
F.D. Thompson Post 521 – first meeting held November 13, 1946
U.S. Headstone Application
“F.D. Thompson” The Monroe Free Press, “The Quest for Freedom” supplement, February 17, 1990
Thurmond/Thurmon Family
Genealogical Notes on Thurman-Thurmond and Allied Families for Mrs. Mary Edith T. Freudendorf by Leon S. Hollingsworth, Genealogist
Genealogical Chart beginning with William Thurmond d. 1809 m. Susannah Brown
Thurmond – Thurmon From Georgia to Louisiana 1787-1982 compiled by Mary Edith Thurmon Freudendorf
Biography–T (Ti-To) Etta Tillman  “‘Mrs. Eta’ concludes newspaper career: Retires from The Citizen after 22 years” Unsourced
Colonel Charles R. Tidwell” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 854
Toliver, Pearlee H. “Local radio ‘Jewel’ Pearlee Toliver dies” News-Star, September 10, 2002, Page 1A
Funeral program and obituary, September 14, 2002
“Pearlee dies! Free Press, September 20, 2002
Toston Family “Educator Toston inspired many” News-Star, February 24, 1999
“Clem T. Toston, Jr.” News-Star, February 25, 1999
Funeral program and obituary, February 25, 1999
“Mrs. Toston Passed On” The Monroe Dispatch, January 28-February 4, 2004
“Lucille Cotton Toston 1910-2004” Deaths & Funerals, Unsourced
                Obituary, January 28, 2004
Touro, Judah Copy of painting of Touro by Solomon Nunes Carvalho, 1861
“The Heart That Never Healed” Deep in Dixie, Times-Picayune States Roto Magazine, July 16, 1954
“Touro Prepares for  Celebration: Historical Material to Be Utilized in Exhibit” The Times-Picayune, August 16, 1954
“Touro Infirmary Celebrates ‘A 2nd Century of Progress'” Dixie, Times-Picayune States Roto Magazine, October 10, 1954
“100 Candles on a Hospital’s Cake: Touro ‘” Dixie, Times-Picayune States Roto Magazine, October 10, 1954
“Judah Touro–A Life Like a Novel” Dixie, Times-Picayune States Roto Magazine, March 7, 1965, pp. 6-7
“Touro’s Trial By Fire” Deep in Dixie, Times-Picayune States Roto Magazine, January 8, 1967
“Judah Touro Is Prominent in Areas’s Religious History” The Times-Picayune, July 22, 1973, Sec. 2 Pages 7-8
Biography–T (Tr-Ty) “Sons of the South: William Barrett Travis” 24th in a Series by Clayton Rand, 1951, Times-Picayune, No Date
Chet Traylor…A friend remembers” Ouachita Citizen, May 29, 1997
Rev. John H. “Bud” Traylor “Minister touches wider world” News-Star, October 27, 2002, Page 1A
Rev. John H. “Bud” Traylor “Words to live by” News-Star, September 9, 2006, Page 1D
Gov. David Treen “‘Dull Dave’ carried out vital reform” News-Star, January 5, 1998, Page 3A
Leon Turner “Former local singer makes the big leap” News-Star, January 1, 1993
Maggie Bess Turner “Christmas marks woman’s 112th birthday” News-Star, December 25, 2002, Page 1A
Maggie Bess Turner obituary
Sister Anne Marie Twohig “Heeding God’s Call to Care” News-Star, July 28, 2002, Page 1A
“Sons of the South: John Tyler” 20th in a Series by Clayton Rand, 1961, Times-Picayune, No Date
Trichell, Julia “The Lady: Versatility, talent make Julia tick” Louisiana Twin Cities, September 18, 1985, Page 8
“Trichell to head tourism bureau for Twin Cities, News-Star-World, October 24, 1987, Page 1B
“Board grants Trichell a 3-year deal” News-Star, April 22, 2003, Page 1A
“Julia Trichell’s hard work left legacy in area tourism” News-Star, March 7, 2005, Page 1A
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“Julia Trichell: Echoes of a gentlewoman” News-Star, ? March 10, 2005, Page 9A
Trousdale, Fannie Mae “Women Edited Papers In Monroe Long Ago: Fannie Mae Trousdale Was First To Contribute Articles to Press Here” October 18, 1942
“Local Woman Is Victim of Illness: Mrs. Fannie Mae Trousdale Dies Last Night” December 1932
“Mrs. F. Trousdale Rites Conducted This Afternoon: Was Well Known and Talented Writer of Fiction and History” December 26, 1932
“Trousdale Rites Held Yesterday: Esteemed Monroe Woman Is Laid to Rest in Old City Cemetery” Decembe 27, 1932
Copies of correspondence with War Camp Community Service representatives in 1918 about traveling to camps in the South and furnishing feature stories for publicity work
Copies of stories and poems by F. Trousdale
Trousdale, Family “James Harvey Trousdale, Sr.” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) pp.1051-1052
“100 Years in Business: 1880-1980: The Trousdale Company” Profile of Ouachita, November/December 1980, Vol. 3, No.4, pp. 18-21
Troy, Ralph (Mayor) “Ralph Troy Sets Mayoral Campaign” News-Star, March 15, 1972
“Howard Refuses Debate Request” News-Star, April 18, 1972, Page 5A
“Troy Lashes Back at Howard Refusal” News-Star, April 19, 1972
“Anxiety Shown By Employees (Sic) of City” News-Star, May 5, 1972, Page 7A
“Troy Will Rely On Task Force of Businessmen” News-Star, May 18, 1972
“When Troy Saw His Brand of Politics In Fashion He ‘Grabbed the Moment'” News-Star, June 30, 1972, Page 2A
“Mayor Troy Returns With KAB Award” News-Star, November 18, 1972
“Mayor Notes Flower Week” Monroe Morning World, October 23, 1973, Page 7A
“Howard Questions Contract” News-Star, June 3, 1976, Page 1A
“Work Bill Decision Due Today” News-Star, June 3, 1976, Page 1A
“Troy Says Inferences ‘Unfair, Unfortunate'” News-Star, June 3, 1976, Page 1A
“Howard Challenged By Troy” News-Star, June 8, 1976, Page 1A
“Federal Court Action May Decide Bond Issure” News-Star, June 8, 1976, Page 1A
“Mayor Wants ‘Clear Air’ On Issues” News-Star, June 8, 1976, Page 1A
“Mayor Reviews Term of Office, Talks of Future” News-Star, June 8, 1976, Page 2A
Tubbs Family VF-1 Temporary records and queries regarding family trees related to Mrs. Barbara Sharik Tubbs and her spouse
VF-2 List of names mentioned in report prepared by Barbara Sharik Tubbs
VF-3 Family Tree of Hiram and Mary Walton
VF-4 List of names mentioned in report gathered by Barbara Sharik Tubbs
Turner, Ervin (Pete) “When You Believe, You Can Achieve!” Louisiana Parent “The Right Stuff” November, 1990, p. 27
“Turner: A Great Humanitarian” The Monroe Dispatch, January 7-13, 1999
“Peter Comes Home: Turner Reaffirms Commitment To Boys’ Club”  The Monroe Dispatch, December 14-20, 2000, Page 1
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“Ervin ‘Pete’ Turner Comes Home”  The Monroe Dispatch, December 14-20, 2000, Page 5
Biography–U Martha Jane Upshaw  “Upshaw wins local award: Woman is Mother of Distinction” News-Star, October 9, 1998
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Biography–V Frank Varino” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1347
“Dr. George A. Varino” obituary, News-Star, November 23, 1997
“James Byron Vaughan, M. D.” biography, Unsourced
Mrs. (W.W.) Kate B. Vaughn “Sugar’s Opera House Transformed Into Culinary Auditorium: Cooking School Soon” News-Star, May 13, 1931
Mrs. Toni Veazey “Volunteer helps in United Way agencies” News-Star-World, September 20, 1984, Page 1D
Mrs. Toni Veazey “Woman’s contributions set example for us all” News-Star, March 3, 1990, Page 2D
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Vanderpool, Robert Lee, Jr.
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“Gone with a smile: Vining leaves them laughing” News-Star, March 22, 2005, Page 1C
Biography–W (Wa–Wh) Dr. J. L. Wade “Veteran Arcadia Physician, 81, Still Sets Lively Pace” Unsourced
Lurline Wade, RSVP Worker” Monroe Morning World, May 6, 1978, Page 1D
George T. Walker “Ex-NLU president values his free time” News-Star-World, February 15, 1982, Page 1B
William A. Walker” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1825
Reggie Anne Walker-Wyatt “About the Author” wrote novel about Jesse James living in Oak Grove, LA
Charles Gray Wall, Jr. Story of Louisiana , 1963 ?  Unsourced
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C.W. Wallace” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1400
“Homegoing Tribute to Good Neighbor Donell Wallace The Monroe Dispatch, August 24, 1999, Page 7
Sgt. Terry O’Patrick Wallace “Patriots guard Wallace funeral” News-Star, July 9, 2006, Page 1B
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J. Lloyd Warren” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1022-1023
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John Haden Watkins” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1361
George G. Weaks” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1004
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Carole J. Perkins Wells” obituary, News-Star, October 27, 1993
Talmadge Wells “Musician taps rhythm” Monroe Morning World,  October 3, 1979, Page 1D
Brian West working his way through the minors” News-Star, February 25, 2002, Page 1C
Edward C. Whatley  “ULM professor emeritus dies” News-Star, February 25, 2004, Page 6A
“The Marriage of Katie Greggs and Nathaniel White 1928-1998″  The Monroe Dispatch, March 5, 1998, Page 3
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel White “Sweet 72 Years”  The Monroe Dispatch, March 2-8, 2000
Old Family Records of James Madison Whittington – Taken fro the Bible of Mrs. Henry F. Butts of St. Joseph, LA
Waddel, Moses Family A Register of Marriages Celebrated and Solemnized by Moses Waddel, D.D. in South Carolina and Georgia 1795 to 1836 and Biographical Sketch of Moses Waddel and His Family, 1967
Wadley, Sarah Lois #1258 Sarah Lois Wadley Papers Inventory from Southern Historical Collection at Library of UNC at Chapel Hill
Diary of Sarah Lois Wadley August 8, 1859-May 15, 1865 (GC 973.782 Wad) Printed, bound, located in GC
Wall, Shady and Mrs. Lallage Feazel Wall
“Colorful Wall interviewed”  Ouachita Citizen, September 18, 1980, Page 1A
“Colorful Shady Wall dies”  News-Star-World, September 5, 1985, Page 1A
“Colleagues: Shady could get things done”  News-Star-World, September 5, 1985, Page 1B
“Wall’s roses to be placed near casket”  News-Star-World, September 6, 1985, Page 1A
“Friends eulogize Wall as man who cared for state, others”  News-Star-World, September 7, 1985, Page 1A
“‘Lallage’ dies in her Glenwood hospital room at 85” News-Star, February 27, 1999, Page 3A
“Mrs. Lallage Feazel Wall” obituary, News-Star, February 27, 1999
Walpole/Calis Families Copies of pages 272-275 From Tyler’s Quarterly Magazine, Unsourced
Ward, Robert Family Copy of information from Westmoreland Family Bible
Notes on Robert W. Ward genealogy by Faye Bowe of Mer Rouge, LA
Copies of pages 72-73 from Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939)
Copy of list of Ward men who served in the military Unsourced pp.992-993
Copies of Family Group Records, Ancestry Charts, photos, etc.
Copies of miscellaneous genealogical research
Washburn Family Copy of pages from the Washburn Bible first owned by William Micou Washburn, Sr.
Copy of pages of Bible first owned by Fleming Lewis McCoy and his wife
Copy of information from Bible owned by Abner Washburn and his wife Olive Standish (Bible burned.)
Washington, Booker T. “Booker T. Washington’s Tour of Louisiana, April, 1915” Louisiana History, Spring 1981
Washington, George Family   “George Washington’s Virginia Ancestors” Family Chart
Webb Family Biographical and genealogical information on Jessie Mizelle Webb
Copies of photos of Jessie and the W. J. Webb home in West Monroe
Copy of poem “To Our Darling Sister Jessie” from her “Sister Bob.”
“‘He’s been working on the railroad'” Unsourced article about Willie W. Webb, 82
Welch Family “Early days in Chase remembered by couple” The Franklin Sun, October 15, 1975, Page 1C
Includes photos of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Welch; sons Robert and Raymond; cousins
Welty, Eudora “Cherished Southern author, Welty dies at 92” News-Star, July 23, 2001, Page 1A
“Eudora Welty a Southern treasure” Editorial, Unsourced
“passionate observer: Eudora Welty’s Rich Photographic Images at the Mississippi Museum of Art” DeltaStyle, April 2002, p. 7
Whitaker Family Genealogical information on Elijah Whitaker (1799-1819) and spouse Nancy
Genealogical information on William Barton Pillow (1806-1852) and spouse Sarah Whitaker
White, Edward Douglas
“Sons of the South: Edward D. White” 45th in a Series by Clayton Rand, 1951, Times-Picayune, No Date
“White Centennial to Be Marked” Unsourced
“Life of Edward Douglas White Recalled in Lafourche Parish” Unsourced
“Columbus Day Connotes Edward Douglas White” Unsourced
“White’s Statue to Be Unveiled” Unsourced
“Believes ‘Douglas White’ Is Correct” Editor: The Times-Picayune, No Date
“He Brought South to U.S. Capital” The Times-Picayune, December 17, 1961
“Frankfurter Tells Anecdotes About Chief Justice White” The Times-Picayune, December 17, 1961
“Edward Douglas White Plantation Home” Unsourced
“Plantation of the Month: E.D. White” Louisiana Tourist Development Commission, September 1966
White, Jack “Jack White: Longtime director of NLU’s Sound of Today is turning in his baton, afer 33 years of leading bands in northeastern Louisiana” News-Star, March 17, 1991, Page 1D
“White says goodbye to NLU, but not to education, students, friends” Ouachita Citizen No Date
“Jack White thrilled by director emeritus band honor” News-Star, November 27, 2000
“The music MAN Jack White” News-Star, No Date
“OPSB leader will not seek re-election” News-Star, June 25, 2010, Page 1B
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SC? 2 handwritten poems by May Smith White: “Things I Love” and “Summer Faithfulness”
“A Biography and Bibliography of May Smith White” by Margaret O. Brodnax, December 29, 1965
“A Louisiana Author I Admire” by Jerry Ramsey, OPHS
White, Roger C., Jr. “State Representative Roger C. White, Jr. Is Reported Missing in Action in Korea” Unsourced
“Prayer Services Slated Daily for Capt. R. C. White: Ouachita Representative Missing in Action in Korea Since May 18, 1951” Unsourced
“R. C. White, Jr. Writes Home: First Letter From POW Received by His Family, Unsourced January 29, 1952
“Captain White in Prison Camp” Monroe Morning World, May 11, 1952 (photo)
“Captain R. C.  White, Jr.” Daily News Digest, Monroe, La.,  May 12, 1952  (photo)
“White Gets Star In Armed Forces Event” Monroe Morning World, May 1952
“Before and After The War” Monroe Morning World, September 14, 1953
“Free and Home Again” Monroe Morning World, September 26, 1953
“Heroes Will Be Honored” Monroe Morning World, September 1953
“Those To Be Honored Today” Editorials Unsourced
“White Rites To Be Held On Monday” February 2, 1968 Unsourced
Whitifield, Henry Alonzo   “Whitfield-Jefferson”  Monroe News-Star, December 8, 1914, Page 2
Biography–W (Wi–Wz)  Rosa Lee Wilbert (obituary/bio) – “A Handbook on the Se Pa Civ So Club and its Members 1963 – 1994″©1996 by Ollie Burns
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Velma N. Willey “Music puts woman in Hall of Fame” News-Star-World, January 14, 1988, Page 1D
Mrs. Chissie Williams “Retired Teacher Recalls Past: Teaching Called More Personal in Old Days” Monroe Morning World, October 13, 1974, Page 6A
Dr. E. Russ Williams, Jr. “Williams knows much about Ouachita Valley” Ouachita Citizen, March 9, 1983
Eula Thomas Williams (obituary/bio) – “A Handbook on the Se Pa Civ So Club and its Members 1963 – 1994″©1996 by Ollie Burns
Murray Williams “To grow on: Willliams has spent life caring for the McHenry gardens, children” News-Star, July 9, 2006, Page 1D
Mrs. Thelma Williams “Business Woman of the Year”The Monroe Dispatch, August 6-12, 1998, Page 5
Turquoise Williams “Top of her world! Local girl hits it big in NYC, snags recording contract” News-Star, November 22, 1993
Eric Williamson  “West Monroe Soldier Is On The Cover Of Newsweek” retrieved from on 4/10/2003
                                  “W.M. Marine makes magazine cover” Ouachita Citizen, April 10, 2003, Page 1A
Mrs. Lillian Herron Williamson “Miss Faulk’s Scrapbook” Ouachita Citizen, April 19, 1979, Page 3A
Mary Pearl Willis “Monroe victim of Guyana deaths seemed happy” Monroe Morning World, January 5, ? 1979
                                     “Despite Guyana horror, to friends she’s Pearl” Monroe Morning World, January 7, 1979
                                     “Monroe loses track of People’s Temple victim” News-Star, December 3, 2006, Page 11A
                                     “Search continues for victim’s grave” News-Star, December 8, 2006, Page 1B
Cora and Betty Wills “knickknacks & Bric-a-Brac” News-Star-World Sunday, August 9, 1987, pp. 6-7
Christel Jones Wilson (obituary/bio) – “A Handbook on the Se Pa Civ So Club and its Members 1963 – 1994″©1996 by Ollie Burns
Mr. Herman C. “Rookie” Wilson  “50 Years Later” Photo of 1950 graduate, retired principal, Monroe Dispatch, May 2000
Justin Wilson “Farewell to a Legend” The Advocate, September 7, 2001
                              “Cajun comic, cook dies at 87” The News-Star, September 7, 2001
Rose E. Jackson-Wilson Recognized for Accomplishments in Special Education” The Monroe Dispatch No Date
Rev. Bob Witt “Pastor uses dog team to reach Alaskans” News-Star, January 28, 1984
Harold Lesslie Woods” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1381
Everett Leslie Wright” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1204
Dr. George W. Wright” Sketch of his life Unsourced
Jack Wright, Jr. “a defense of Christian Faith ‘Freud’s War With God: Psychoanalysis Versus Religion'” Ouachita Citizen, October 2, 1997
Ray Oliver Wright “Educator’s legacy lives on in students”News-Star, December 28, 1996, Page 9A
                                    “Hundreds Pay Final Respects to Ray O. Wright”Monroe Dispatch, January 9-16, 1997, Page 1
                            “Mr. Ray Oliver Wright Won His Race – Passes The Torch”Monroe Dispatch, January 9-16, 1997, Page 1
Dr. Oscar L. Wright” obituary, News-Star, December 14, 1996
Z. C. Wright “In West Monroe: Picture of First Mayor Is Found” Monroe News-Star, December 29, 1958, Page 1
Wilhite, Sidney “Wilhite heads chamber” The Citizen Weekend Edition, July 24, 1981, Page 1
“Plastic company wraps up 13 years” News-Star-World, December 8, 1985, Page 1E
“Sidney Wilhite Living his dream at home and on the road” Louisiana Twin Cities Magazine, July 31, 1985, Vol.1, No.20, Page 11
“Wilhite named A.O. Evans Award Winner” News-Star, January 29, 1997
“Evans winner extols local life” News-Star, January 30, 1997, Page 3A
Wilhite, Gwen “In search of the big game” News-Star, May 10, 1998, Page 8D
Wilkerson, Pinkie “St. Rep. Pinkie Wilkerson Killed in Auto Accident” The Monroe Dispatch, August 3-9, 2000, Page 1
“Louisiana has lost a dear friend in Pinkie Wilkerson” Unsourced, August 3, 2000
“Police examine cell phone records in Wilkerson death” Unsourced
“Wilkerson leaves legacy of service” News-Star, August 6, 2000, Page 1A
“Everyone lost a friend in Pinkie Wilkerson”  News-Star, August 6, 2000
“Representative Pinkie Carolyn Wilkerson” Unsourced
“Primary election to pick Wilkerson successor will be Oct. 7” Unsourced
“A tribute to Pinkie Wilkerson” The Ruston Daily Leader, September 28, 2000
“Ladies of distinction: Local women honored today for their sweeping contributions”  News-Star, April 1, 2001, Page 1D
Calvin Wilkerson dies at 87 years old” News-Star, September 27, 2000
Wilkinson/Irvine Families     Wilkinson and Irvine by Gladys Wilkinson Lawrence
Williams, Clarke (Jr. & Sr.)   “Business: Move over, Ma Bell” Louisiana Life, September/October 1985, pp. 80, 82-85
“Williams honored by Alumni Association” NLU Indian Drumbeat, Winter, 1991, pp.1-2
“Century chairman to receive honorary degreee from NLU” News-Star, August 12, 1993
“Ceremonies to close NLU: C. Williams to get honorary law doctorate” Ouachita Citizen, August 12, 1993, Page 1A
“Williams awarded honorary doctorate” NLU Indian Drumbeat, Fall 1993
“Clarke Williams recommended for DAR award” Ouachita Citizen, March 10, 1994, Page 2B
“Century’s Williams dead at 44” News-Star, May 13, 1994, Page 1A
“Clarke McRae Williams, Jr.” obituary, News-Star, May 13, 1994
“Hometown tribute” News-Star, May 14, 1994, Page 1A
“Reflections: Let the record show”  Ouachita Citizen, May 19, 1994
“Every day was a great day”  Ouachita Citizen, May 19, 1994
“CenturyTel’s ‘man of vision’ dies: Death of chairman, founder Williams called ‘a great loss'” News-Star, June 6, 2002, Page 1A
“CenturyTel founder dies at 80”  Ouachita Citizen, June 6, 2002, Page 1A
“Career of Williams recalled'” News-Star, June 8, 2002, Page 1A
“Williams wins regional entrepreneurial competition”  Ouachita Citizen, June 27, 2002, Page 3A
“Clark Willliams, Jr.: A Fire in His Heart” Très Bella, August/September 2013
“Ding Dong and Ting-a-Ling”  Stories about the telephone service in Oak Ridge in the late 1920’s and 1930s
Williams, Daniel Family Biographical record of Daniel and Mary (Jackson) Williams, Early Kentucky Pioneers. 1752-1898
Williams, Harry Meek (Captain)
“Prominent Man Succumbs After Lengthy Illness: Captain H. M. Williams Claimed By Death at Age of 72” Monroe News-Star, October 10, 1935, Page 1
“Harry M. Williams” obituary, Monroe Morning World, October 10, 1935
Sketch of life of Captain Harry Meek Williams Unsourced
“The Belle of D’Arbonne” Monroe Evening News, 1893, World’s Fair Edition
“Williams-Steele: A Brilliant Wedding up at Ouachita City” Evening News, Monroe, La., July 30, 1896
“H.M. Williams, Jr.” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1075
Copy of photo of Williams Lumber Co. underwater during Flood of 1927
“Steamboat’s A-Coming Around the Bend Was Welcome News Back in the Days When Trenton Thrived” May 13, 1966 (News-Star?)
Drawing by O.W. Phillips, 1931 of Capt. Harry M. Williams and highlights of his life
City of West Monroe, LA “Williams Family Reunion Day” June 10, 1995
Photo of Capt. Henry Williams’ residence w/ family c. 1930- 410 Wood St., Monroe (See Oversized Picture Box 1)
Motto on Seawell Coat of Arms Non Nobis Nascimus (Not for Ourselves Are We Born) on Lamp Post on corner of Trenton & Natchitoches Streets, given in Memory of Capt. & Mrs. Harry Meek Williams, Sr. by 4 generations of their descendants 
S. John Williams Dies Suddenly; Funeral at 4 P.M.” Unsourced
“Editorials: S. John Williams” Unsourced
Speech by Liz Williams Schafer on the dedication of the church library at Memorial Presbyterian Churc to her sister Marie Williams Woodward
Williams, T. Harry  ( Dr.) “Author Tells of Problems in Writing of Huey Long” Monroe Morning World, March 29, 1969, Page 2A
“Books of the Times: The Kingfish” The New York Times, October 27, 1969
Photo of Dr. T. Harry Williams with Sen. Russell B. Long, Monroe Morning World, November 13, 1969
Willis Family Letter from Mrs. H.J. Kittrell to her cousin, Mrs. F.T. Day, regarding records that prove the relationship of John Willis, d. 1715; William Willis, d. 1717; John Willis, d. 1762
Willis, Morris 1905 article about the death, burial, and character of Morris Willis, father of Kate Willis Carroll, and grandfather of Morris Henry Carroll
“Former Slave Descendants Leave Indelible Mark on West Monroe” Louisiana Road Trips, November 2014, Page 5
Wolverton Family 1 VF-1 The Wolverton Family National Registry, 1990 Edition
VF-2 James (Jim) Wolverton and Descendents
VF-3 Family Group Sheet for Otho Clyde Landrum b. 1909; spouse Doxie Lee Wolverton b. 1908
VF-4 James Anderson Wolverton – born in Louisiana in 1815
VF-5 Letter from Royal A. Wolverton to B. C. Wolverton regarding information on Charles I, etc.
VF-6 List of people buried at Evans Chapel and what appears to be information from tombstones
VF-7 Handwritten research & notes
VF-8 Genealogical information from Paul Wolverton
VF-9 Handwritten notes on James Wolverton, Grandfather of Glover Wolverton, a druggist at Sebastopol
VF-10 Information about a book on microfilm   in the Shreveport library by Charles Evans Woolverton, History, origin and heritage of the Wolverton and Woolverton family
3 pictures
3 handwritten notes
Wolverton Family 2 VF-11 Information collection sheet to be sent to family members
VF-12 Family Group Sheets on James Anderston Wolverton; spouse Martha Ann Oglesby
VF-13 Family Group Sheets on Irvin Miller Wolverton; spouse Lucindy Barber
VF-14 Family Group Sheets on Buford William Wolverton; spouse Elva Rada Vance
VF-15 Ancestors of Shelia Joy Moore
VF-16 “Six Generations of Wolvertons Reared in Scott”
VF-17   “Tan Yard School”
VF-18  Notes from microfilm on  Charles Wolverton
VF-19 Notes on Wolvertons and spouses
VF-20 Information on Olive Lucille Wolverton Moore
VF-21 Information Charts on Woolverton family members
VF-22 Census Charts on Wolverton families
VF-23 Application of Martha Wolverton as Indigent Blind or Invalid Widow of Confederate Soldier/Sailor
VF-24 Handwitten genealogical notes
VF-25 Letter and some genealogical information to Shelia
Wood, William (Colonel)
City of Monroe Proclamation of April 30, 1987 to honor William Wood and the Anniversary of Louisiana Statehood
“Wood, troops were ready to aid Old Hickory” News-Star-World, April 26, 1987, Page 3D
“Day set aside to remember William Wood” (April 30, 1987)
“Ceremonies honor Col. Wood’s Spirit of 1812”  News-Star-World, April 30, 1987, Page 1A
“At ease”  News-Star-World, April 30, 1987
Research on William Wood by Kontrovitz & Wheeler
Program for “William Wood Day”
Worthington, Richard “Doc”
“Grand finale: Orchestra conductor Richard Worthington to retire after 20 years” News-Star, May 11, 1991
“‘A dynamic individual'” News-Star, June 1, 2003, Page 1A
Wossman, Julia “Miss Julia Wossman” speech by Geo. W. Pomeroy, D.D. on February 25, 1963
“Wossman lauded for commitment to students” by Chuck Struensee
Speech given by Eleona Brinsmade, October 10, 1967
Speech given by Lydia Lewis Varino, October 10, 1967
“Visiting Teacher Service in the City of Monroe” Unsourced
Picture of Miss Julia Wossman
Wright, Roosevelt “The Quest for Freedom: The Ouachita Black Community’s Journey from Slavery to Freedom” Black History Month Special! Monroe Free Press, February 17, 1990
“A Talk with…Roosevelt Wright: Working to change racial realities” News-Star, September 27, 1994, Page 1C
“Who’s responsible for school situations” News-Star, September 27, 1994, Page 3C
“Awash in the spirit: River baptism brings back old-time religion” News-Star, September 16, 1995, Accent/Religion
“Dramatic heritage: Monroe native continues black history series” News-Star, Unsourced
“Robert Bilton to play Alfred Blakes in ‘Shoe Shine'” Unsourced January 24, 2004
“Learning came early for Wright family” News-Star, June 18, 2006, Page 3D
Biography–Y “William Lowndes YanceySons of the South by Clayton Rand©1965 (39th in a series)  Times-Picayune
Mary Nell Young–The Art/The Artist” Profile of Ouachita, May/June 1980, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 12-14
Samuel Gardiner Young “Business leader dies at 85: Young cofounded, guided growth of Bancroft Paper Co.” News-Star, January 8, 1989, Page 1B
Paul “Tank” Younger “Grambling great Younger dies” News-Star, September 16, 2001, Page 1C
Zeigen, George “Zeigen mixed flying, business with vigor” News-Star-World, July 31, 1983, Page 1B
Cartoon by Bill Golliher: “Did you know?” Unsourced
“Drove Monroe’s First Auto, Built Planes Here: George Zeigen: Man of Distinction”  News-Star ?, July 1976
Photo of one of Zeigen’s airplanes
“George Zeigen: Built 1st plane, drove 1st car” News-Star, July 17, 2016, Page 1B
Zimmer, Maude Files “Writer proves you can go home again” News-Star-World, June 16, 1983, Page 1D
“Young Rebel Soldier Left Saga in Diary” Given by Mrs. Zimmer, March, 28, 1984
“Ixtapa: Mexico’s ocean paradise” News-Star-World, March 3, 1985
“Traveling the Trace” The Bastrop (La.) Daily Enterprise, Wednesday, April 27, 1988, Page 9A
“ZIMMER, Maude Files  1905-  ” Contemporary Authors, Vol. 25-28, First Rev., Page 796
Lands of Romance, Vol. 2, September 1937, No. 6, Assistant Editor, Maude Files Baird
“To Sea By Freighter” Lands of Romance, December 1937, Vol. 2, No. 6, Page 15 (By Nan Fileman pen name for Maude)
“Old Civilizations in the New World” Lands of Romance, January 1938, Page 11 (By Louis L’Amour)
“Mohegan Indians of Connecticut” Talk given at meeting of Colonial Dames, Bastrop, La., April 19, 1986 by Maude
“Mayor’s Commission on the Needs of Women – March 17, 1987” Speech given by Maude

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