The Biography and Genealogy Files of the Genealogy Department Part I: A-K Names

Another untapped resource we have in the Ouachita Parish Public Library’s Genealogy department are our family history and biography files. Over the next several days (since the list is HUGE!) I’ll be posting sections of the index we have made. Most of the files are newspaper clippings. Some clippings are unsourced, but most are. We do have some family trees, copies of bible records and other things you just may find useful!

A – BiographyAbakwue, Sarah McCoy – The News-Star, Sunday, Feb. 26, 1995, Page 1D, Column 3
Anderson, Bob – Bob Anderson Retirement – The Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, Aug. 11, 1994, Page 5B, Column 1
Adams, Micheal J. – Monroyan’s late husband honored for pioneering work in space program – The Ouachita Citizen, 1992 continuation on page 3A is missing. Needs exact date of Pub
Allen, Oscar Kelly (Gov) – Persons and Personalities – Literary Digest, Sept. 21, 1935, Page 38
Allen, Ben “Uncle Ben” – Uncle Ben, a Centenarian and More, Recalls Events of Days Fast Fading – Monroe Morning World, Nov. 4, 1930, Page 9, Col 2
Allbritton, Florence – Florence Allbritton Day honors music instructor – News-Star World, Monday, January 30, 1984, Accent page
Aillet, Joe – Not the usual coach:  Tech’s Joe Aillet ‘intellectual giant’ – News-Star, August 14, 2005, Page 1C
Austin, J.T. (Clayton Crosley cross reference) Austin – Crosley Wedding – The News-Star, July 28, 1909, Page 2 (handwritten transcript of article)
Augurson, George – Elder Augurson Dies Unexpectedly – The Monroe Dispatch, May 13 – 19, 1999, Page 8, Column 1
Aulds, James Victor – Wartime odyssey remembered (News-Star?) Sunday, November 7, 2004 
Archie, Beatrice Graves [obituary/bio] – “A Handbook on the Se Pa Civ So Club and its Members 1963 – 1994” Copyright 1996 by Ollie Burns
Auger, John Alton “J.A.” – Northeastern Louisiana Pioneers:  Hard work bears fruit – The News-Star, Feb. 20, 2005, Page 1 A
Abell, NelsonMonroe Chamber honors Abell for community work – News-Star, Tuesday, January 16, 1990, Page 1B
Nelson Abell receives honorary doctorate from Northeast – The Ouachita Citizen, January 2, 1997
Abells honored by LSU Alumni (2 copies) The Ouachita Citizen, October 8, 1998
Grads hear call to social service – The News-Star, Sunday, December 22, 1996, 
In Memory of Bennie Hughes Abell obituary; Celebrating the Life of Bennie Hughes Abell program; August 18, 2014
Ackel, JeannetteEnvelope addressed to Carter Ackel full of used postage stamps
Oldest building in Ouachita Parish failing test of time
Civic, political activities keep parish women involved (Agnes Harris cross reference)News-Star World, Thursday, July 1, 1982
Photo of Fort Miro Chapter, LSDAR giving a set of the “Early History of Ouachita Valley to the library.  (Cross reference 
Mrs. Louis P. Milner, Jr., Adine Wheeler and Frances Flanders)
Old City code book presented to library – The News-Star World – December 24, 1986
Type written biography of Jeannette Peck Ackel (Mrs. Carter B.)
Mrs. Joe Coleman Named Honoree At Coffee Fete The Monroe News-Star June 5, 1974, Page 1C (Mrs. Joe Coleman cross reference)
DAR seeks help in saving oldest building in parish The Ouachita Citizen, March 6, 1992 (DAR Chapter House cross reference)
Jeanette Ackel obituary (printed from online obituary)
ART  – Undated/unsourced newspaper photo of Jeannette Ackel, Nancy Johnson and Gilda McSwain with children’s art
Airman’s identification card of Carter Barton Ackel (husband of Jeannette) with photo, fingerprints and signature “not valid after April 28, 1942”.
Adams, Charles P. (Cross reference Grambling State University)
Charles P. Adams and Grambling State University:  The Formative Years (1901 – 1928) Louisiana History: The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association, Fall, 1976, Pages 401 – 412
Color photos on paper of the Charles P. Adams historical marker and the Charles P. Adams building (Grambling State University?)
Two presidents Span Grambling’s History The Ruston Daily Leader, Wednesday, September 26, 1973, Page 5D (Cross reference R.W.E. Jones)
Color photos on paper of Charles P. Adams bust and a group of people around the bust.  (Gramblinite?)
Early morning start at Charles P. Adam’s bust – the Gramblinite, online edition, September 26, 2013
Longtime registrar remembers Adams, early Grambling – The Gramblinite, online edition, September 26, 2013
African American Registry – online biography
Charles P. Adams memorial
Mission leads GSU through 100 years – The News-Star January 21, 2001 
Grambling State University presidents – The News-Star, January 21, 2001, Page 4A
GSU begins as school for black farmers Unsourced
Grambling University:  From Farming to Football – Central (Southern Bell Magazine) 1981 #1
A big man with big dreams:  Charles Adams built Grambling from scratch – The News-Star Sunday, February 7, 1988, Page 1D
Biographical sketch – The Monroe Free Press, “The Quest for Freedom” supplement, February 17, 1990, Page 2
Adcock, JamarHome Sweet History:  Grambling State founder’s home on state registry of historic places Unsourced
Jamar W. Adcock standout in race – The Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, October 28, 1971, Page 2A
Jamar Adcock; man on the go – The Ouachita Citizen, January 10, 1992? “Maybe Dec. 1991”
Jamar William Adcock obituary – The News-Star, Tuesday, December 24, 1991
Addison, Harry WayneAddison spins yarns about Depression-era Louisiana, Magazine, Baton Rouge, August 2, 1992
Harry Addison:  Word painter puts tales of life, humor into third book, Ouachita Citizen, May 3, 1991
Ouachita’s Older Worker of Year has many talents, The News-Star, Thursday, March 11, 1993
Northeastern Louisiana Pioneers – ‘Country boy philosopher’: Harry Addison – Monroe News-Star April 27, 2003, Page 1A
Harry Wayne Addison obituary – Monroe News-Star, August 25, 2003, Page 8A
Child-raising experiences topic for West Monyoran’s book – Ouachita Citizen, Wednesday, April 3, 1974
“Seniors of Seventy-five” poem by Harry Wayne Addison, 1975, handwritten, “Compliments of Tom Gates, Inc.”
Adler, SaulAdler’s memory treasured (letter to the editor by Paul Manasseh) News-Star World April 17, 1983
Fond memories of Moses, Adler show how great Monroe’s loss is (letter to the editor from Paul Manasseh) News-Star Thursday, April 22, 1993
City recreation center makes just tribute, News-Star-World Tuesday, April 5, 1983, Accent Section
Adler Selected for Sertoma Civic Award Unsourced
Saul Adler Dies; Funeral Set Thursday Unsourced
Albritton, SarahAlbritton shares snippets of life story – The News-Star, February 10, 2005, Page 1B
Painting her life:  Childhood, faith muses for Ruston’s Albritton  & Painter brings dark side, to light – The News-Star, Sunday, Nov. 10, 1996, page 1D
Heart surgery closes Sarah’s Kitchen – The News-Star, March 9, 1999
Masur opens Albritton show – The News-Star, “This Week” August 14 – 20, 1998
Alexander, RodneyNortheastern Louisiana Pioneers:  ‘Anything she puts her mind to’ – The News-Star, December 29, 2002, Page 1A
Curtain Call:  Alexander leaves Washington for Baton Rouge – BayouLife Magazine, September, 2013, Page 60
Allen, Henry WatkinsAlexander wins full term as Republican – The News-Star, November 3, 2004, Page 1A
Allen Hero Of The Southern Cause – Monroe Morning World, Page 1B, Column 1
Pie’s A La Mode:  Portrait of Allen – – Long-Forgotten Man  (Unsourced)
Pie’s A La Mode:  Henry Allen’s Role in La. History Told – The Times-Picayune, Sunday, June 3, 1962
State Unveiling Of Confederate Statue Slated – Monroe Morning World, Saturday, May 26, 1962, Page 7A
Hand written biography of Henry Watkins Allen with sources, uncredited
Allen, Jr.,  Lewis Denison, Mayor of Monroe
Genealogical History of the Allen Family and Some of their Connections by Mrs. Frances M. Stoddard, 1891, Boston
Allen Genealogy: A Brief History of Lewis Allen and his Decendants From 1699 to 1954  by His Great-Granddaughter Mary Allen Phinney, Tuttle Publishing Co., Inc., Rutland, Vermont
Amman FamilyTyped history and genealogy of the Amman Family
Ammons, GertrudeGertrude Ammons, Leader of Race, Dies Of Heart Attack – Unsourced
Biographical Sketch – Monroe Free Press, “The Quest for Freedom” supplement, February 17, 1990, Page 2
The First Black Supervisor For Parish Schools – Monroe Free Press, February 25, 1995, Section 2
Gertrude Allen Ammons – The News-Star, Sunday, February 24, 1991, Page 4D
Anders, AndyAnders gets towering tribute – The News-Star, Sunday, January 16, 1994, Page 6C
Hand drawn sketch of a “Double Fish Fry” by Andy Anders of Coonrod Anders of Amite County, Ms. And Jackson parish, Louisiana, and other relations through marriage. By Nolan O. Anders (typwritten)
Anders, Nolan O.A COMMEMORATION OF OLD BROOKLYN METHODIST CHURCH JACKSON PARISH, LOUISIANA:  Relating to some of the living direct descendants 
Letters from John W. Wilson and Eva Jones about Brooklyn Church Cemetery being placed on the National Register
Letter from Eva Jones to Nolan Anders stating a steering committee had organized to restor and prserve Brooklyn Church, Jackson Parish (May 4, 1983)
Letter from Eva Jones to “Committee” concerning a meeting to discuss certifying Brooklyn Church for the National Register (February 20, 1984)
Letter from John W. Wilson to Nolan O. Anders informing him of a meeting for interested parties concerning Brooklyn Church (March 13, 1984)
Letter from Eva Jones to “friends” reporting on the progress of cleaning and preservation of Brooklyn Church Cemetery, Jackson Parish (March 20, 1984)
Invitation to a Flea Market and Swap meet at the Bazaar Western Antique Shop near Ingram, Texas; blank stationary from Bazaar Western Photos, Bazaar Western: Antiques, Arts, Crafts
Vendor’s diagram of the Bazaar Western Flea Market in Ingram, Tex., Flea market information (sheet), flyer of the “Socio-Historical Indian Center” compiled by Nolan
Pencil sketch of a forrest scene, loggers with downed trees, a small settlement and a wagon pulled by four oxen, sketched by Nolan Anders.
Memorial pencil sketch (artist – Nolan Anders?) dated 1976; includes two cherubs, a large star, a man, woman and a group of children being pulled by a team of oxen.   
Sketch described above dedicated: dedicated “To all of the Men, women and children that were the early settlers in what is now the city of Kerrville (TX) and Kerr County.” 
Pencil sketch of a crowd facing an American flag ribbon with the date “1976” written on it (bicentennial
A pencil sketch of Spanish colonial Texas showing forts, settlements, and rivers (undated)
Copy of Passport application of Nolan Oliver Anders with photo
Selective service (draft) postcard informing Nolan Oliver Anders to appear before the Medical Board at the WOW Hall on Jackson Street December 30, 1941 and hand written notes in red ink about KMLB radio station complied by Nolan Anders
Copies of a Stack of letters of commendation and awards from various colleges and jobs Nolan Anders held.
Item regarding research conducted on Collinsworth Family and connections  to the Anders family    Unsourced
Anding, CharlesObituary of Charles Ray Anding (Unsourced – News-Star?  Died May 21, 2004)
Charles Anding dies at age 75 – News-Star, Saturday May 22, 2004, Page 3A
Charles Anding:  From laborer to representative – Ouachita Citizen, Wednesday, November 25, 1987
Andrews, Darrel I.Band Building Reception program bulletin (dedication at Carroll High School) Friday, February 19, 2010
Program guide for the Dedication of the Darrel I. Andrews Band Hall at Carroll High School, Friday, February 19, 2010
Armstrong, LouisKeeping ‘Louis’ in Louisiana – Gambit Weekly, July 31, 2001, Page 7
Louis Armstrong:  A Cultural Legacy – Arts Quarterly, New Orleans Museum of Art, October/November/December 1995, Page 1
Lost Louis – The Times-Picayune, Sunday, August 5, 2001, Page E-1
College holds Satchmo’s ‘Wonderful World’ – (Unsourced)
100 Years of Louis Armstrong:  What a wonderful life – The News-Star, Sunday, July 2, 2000, Page 5D
Photo and partial article from Dixie, Times-Picayune States Roto Magazine, February 14, 1954
Happy 100th Satchmo! The Times-Picayune, August 4, 2001 (missing last section, Satchmo, page A-12)
Horn of plenty:  Pops’ 1st cornet to be auctioned – The Times-Picayune, Saturday, August 4, 2001, Page A-13
Symphonic Satchmo – The Times-Picayune, Wednesday, May 2, 2001,
Duke & Satchmo – photo of Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong – The Times-Picayune, December 12, 1976, Page 26
Satchmo Comes Home – Dixie, October 31,1965, Page 7 – 9
Music City and all that Jazz:  Ambassador – Dixie?  September 9, 1973
Louis Armstrong to come Here Monday – The Monroe News-Star, Friday, December 11, 1942, Page 3
Ad announcing the appearance of Louis Armstrong and his Spotlight Band appearing in Monroe (includes photo) Monroe Morning World, Sun. Aug. 20, 1944, Page 16
Audubon, John JamesAudubon Memorial State Park – Louisiana: this month – published monthly by the Louisiana Tourist Development Commission, June, 1968
Audubon Pilgrimage brochure, March 18, 19 and 20, 1988
James J. Audubon:  Best Loved Bird Prints In Full Color (Unsourced)
Audubon’s Collection of Animals (Unsourced)
Deep in Dixie:  Audubon’s Dilemma – Dixie, July 17, 1966
Newspaper clipping photo of a wax figure of Audubon from the Musee Conti Wax Museum (Unsourced)
An Audubon Portrait – Gambit Weekly, August 7, 2001, Page 17
Audubon’s ‘Happyland’ – Dixie Roto Magazine, Week of April 25, 1954
Type written speech on the life of John James Audubon.  “Given at Book Club in May (1998) by Dr. Anders”
A genteel weekend:  Bask in St. Francisville’s Southern hospitality, The News-Star, Sunday, January 10, 1993, Page 1D
Deep in Dixie:  Audubon’s Hunt – Dixie, May 18, 1969
Polk, LeonidasSons of the South:  John James Audubon – The Times-Picayune, January 31, 1965
America the Beautiful as Described by Audubon (Unsourced)
Kentucky Museum Honors Audubon – The Times-Picayune, January 5, 1975
Literature Makes Artist’s Life ‘More Believable’ (Unsourced, but says Section Three-Page Four.  Possibly Times-Picayune)
Audubon Chases a Slippery Debtor – Dixie, May 31, 1961
A Biographical sketch:  John James Audubon – Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, December 7, 1978, Page 7A
Original ‘Birds of America’ Edition Slated for Library (Unsourced)
Not All Audubons Audubons:  Expert Eyes Life, Work of Artist – The Times-Picayune, April 29, 1962, Page 4, Section 3
Type written biographical sketch of the life of Audubon, unknown author (mentions his connections with the Layton family)
A Thousand Birds (Unsourced, page 12)
Autrey, Absalom Family     (Lincoln Parish)
Descendants recall history – News-Star-World, April 30, 1981
Log house dig provides clues to pioneer life – News-Star-World, April 30, 1981
It’s a Shack Attack – The News-Star, Sunday August 15, 1993
Absalom Autrey home on Historical Register – Ruston Daily Leader, Monday, December 22, 1980, Page 6
The Story of Absalom Autrey & Family. Lincoln Parish, LA.  Unsourced typed manuscript
Avant, Julia KingUntitled newspaper clipping about a party held in her honor in Lincoln parish – Ouachita Citizen, Tursday, March 10, 1994, Page 2B
Ouachita Parish:  Present Population and Population Projections – typed report prepared by Julia K. Avant, 1975
Newspaper photo clipping announcing National Library Week – J. Gordon Mitchell, W.B. Hatten, Jane Smith and Dr. Julia Avant – Ouachita Citizen, April 18, 1974, Pg. 3
Death announcement of July King Avant – Louisiana Library Association Bulletin, Winter, 1995, Vol. 57, No. 3
Obituary of Dr. Julia King Avant – The News Star, Wednesday, February 8, 1995, Page 10 A
Obituary of Dr. Julia King Avant – The Ouachita Citizen, February 23, 1995
Essae M. Culver Distinguished Servic Award (Dr. Avant received) – Louisiana Library Association Bulletin, Spring, 1992, Page 245
Clipping announcing Dr. Julia K. Avant as the new director of Lincoln Parish Library – Louisiana Library Association Bulletin, Spring, 1982, Page 191
Rare Documents Given To Library (Unsourced)
Reaching out to remember – Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, October 17, 1996, Page 1 A
B – – Biography (Ba – Bon)A Man of Many Words:  Auctioneer a champ at fast talkin’ charm (Keith Babb) News-Star, June 18, 1989, Page 7D
(In envelope labeled Badins, Louis) Wilderness Apollo:  Louis Badins’s Immortalization of the Ouachita Militia’s Confrontation with the Philip Nolan Expedition of 1800 (Unsourced Journal Article)
What legends are made of:  Homer Bailes talks about singing with one [of] country music’s greatest acts – News-Star February 20, 2005, Page 1D
Producer, author lay groundwork for Monroe film (Alice Ball-Breuer) The News-Star, March 19, 2004, Page 1B
(In envelope labeled Barmore, Leon) News saddens players, friends, foes – The News-Star, Friday, August 23, 2002, Page 1A,  Tech’s Barmore steps down (Unsourced) & Coach’s influence reaches far (Unsourced)
Bateman living the dream: Q&A with PGA golfer Brian Bateman -The News-Star, Wednesday, March 27, 2002, Page 1C
Suicide bombing kills W.M. man: Matthew Barnes, 20, played football at West Monroe, graduated in 2003 – The News-Star, February 15, 2006, Page 1A
Marine’s funeral is Friday (Lance Cpl. Matthew Ryan Barnes) The News-Star, February 22, 2006, Page 1A
Lance Corporal Matthew Ryan Barnes Obituary – The Ouachita Citizen, February 22, 2006, Page 6B
Lance Cpl. Matthew Ryan Barnes 1885-2006: He epitomized ‘esprit de corps’ -The News-Star, February 25, 2006, Page 1A
Tilitha Toombs Barnes – Obituary from A Handbook on the Se Pa Civ So Club and its members 1963-1994 copyright 1996 by Ollie Burns
A Woman’s Place… (Pam) Barr not silent partner – The News-Star, March 23, 1997
La.’s oldest 4-H’er saluted in capital: Mamie Barron, now 99, first joined the 4-H club before the outbreak of World War I. -The News-Star, June 26, 2002, Page 1A
Organization names La. Mom of the year (Gloria Bingham) The News Star, April 26, 2005, Page 1B
Monroe native shines through in movie debut: John Birdsong III, a U.S. Army captain was cast last year as a Nazin officer in t
Haynesville Born, Fashion Bred: Samuel Bozeman Jr., the future Geoffrey Beene, age 12. Louisiana Life January/February 1989, Pages 36-41, 77
Benjamin (Benoit) signs 5 year deal for $20 million – News-Star, March 6, 1991
Bentley academy affected many young lives: Professor (Robert Ryland Bentley) had own brand of education – News-Star-World, Sunday, November 23, 1980
Diehlmann Bernhardt: ‘Every client is your only client–give him your best.’ The News-Star, Sunday, July 8, 1990
Berry (Isam), former Rayville mayor, dead: Funeral arrangements pending for longtime Richland educator – News-Star, June 3, 2006
(In envelope labeled Bertman, Skip) Lost Weekend: Auburn ruins Bertman’s final series; LSU, fans honor coach after game -The Advocate, Baton Rouge, La., Monday, May 14, 2001
Wave bye to Skip Bertman for good: LSU coach Skip Bertnman ends his 18-year career with an 870-330-3 record and five national titles- News Star, June 4, 2001, Page 1A
Birdsong (John H.) directs Fair for 40 consecutive years: 39 years as president – Ouachita Citizen, September 17, 1971, Page 1A
A Woman’s Place… Evelyn Blackmon credits her success in real estate to her constant drive to further her education. The News-Star, March 23, 1997
Col. Frederick Wilhelm Victor Blees: Explorer of America: Explorer of America – La. History Index; History of Education in LA
Arthritis Foundation to honor Blumenthal (Morris), News-Star, Thursday, March 9, 1989, Page 1D
Susan Gosby Boley 1858-1909
In Special CollectionsBomar, Joseph – Letter from D.G. Gilbert, Chief, Historical Services Div., regarding Bomar’s service in U.S. Army 1798-1806
Mrs. Angela Bonner-McNulty : Monroe Native Recipient of Doctorate Degree – The Monroe Dispatch, May 18-24, 2000, Page AB
Officials: Bonner (Henry, Jr.) is ‘heart and soul’ of city housing board: Northeast Louisiana Pioneers-News-Star, November 26, 2006, Page 1A
B – – Biography (Boo- Bz)Booles, William W. – Lafourche Parish Louiisiana Genealogy Trails Biographies
Navy names terminal for Bordelon: “Navy’s only Korean War ace pilot” (Guy P. Bordelon Jr.) News-Star, June 27, 2004, Page 1A
Rebecca Etta Phillips Bose – Obituary from A handbook on the SE Pa Civ So Club and its members 1963-1994 copyright 1996 by Ollie Burns
the journey begins: Local Teen Enjoys Opportunity of a Lifetime in NYC (Kelsey Bourg) Delta Style October, 2003, Page 48
Muriel Belton Boyd: A Legend in Librarianship among Black Librarians in Louisiana – Louisiana Libraries, Winter 2005, Page 3
Trenchermen could dig in at Bradley’s (Myrtle C. Bradley) News-Star, Thursday, November 4, 1993, Page 9A
Happy 104th Birthday (Mrs. Leola Brandon) Born June 9, 1899, in Tallullah, La. Parents Mr. & Mrs. Gene Hill – Unsourced
Brass Preaches First Sermon (Brother Elijah Brass, II) The Monroe Dispatch, October 2-8, 1997
Broadway Bubby: Steelers’ brash QB backs up predictions with performance (Bubby Brister) News-Star, December 27, 1989, Page 1C
Bubby (Brister) – Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, August 8, 1996, Page 7A
Oneida Williams Britton- Obituary from A handbook on the SE Pa Civ So Club and its members 1963-1994 copyright 1996 by Ollie Burns
Maryland Brooks, Pioneer Business Man, Expires Here, 1936 – obituary; newspaper Unsourced
Dick’ Brothers Day Proclaimed – “Ouachita Parish Courthouse custodian for 48 years and five months” Unsourced
Dick’ Brothers retires from parish – Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, July 7, 1977 Section-B
Joseph de Brouillan (1651-1705) Historical Biographies, Nova Scotia 
Mrs. Abbie Louise Marston Brown Obituary, News-Star, April 13,  1994
Marston House, built in 1838, in Gilbert Marx family (Virginia Brown) Times Picayune, Sunday, April 3, 1960
Brown (Beverly) receives older worker award – News-Star, February 21, 1998
Book reflects poet’s moods: Brief Lightening by Charline Hayes Brown – Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, December 13, 1979 Page 15
Rites For Brown, Retired Teacher (Creola Calhoun Brown) Unsourced
Angels of Mercy founder ‘Dot’ Brown dies at age 63 – News-Star, December 31, 2005, Page 1B
Dr. Ed Brown: These days, Brown’s primary quest is to see that the Quest Program is implemented to help wayward children – Ouachita Citizen, July 5, 1991
Gatemouth’ Brown remembered for line-crossing music – News-Star, September 13, 2005, Page 1B
Forgotten: Lost memo delays hero’s day with queen (Kenneth Brown) News-Star-World, Sunday, June 12, 1983, Page 1D
“O. Wharton Brown” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1083
Dr. P. Rayfield Brown III obituary, News-Star, May 28, 1995
Brown (Noble Tillman) Selected Outstanding Deputy of the Year of AEONMS, Inc. , Monroe Dispatch, August 27-September 2, 1998, Page 5
Rocket Science: Glenda Bumley’s work was part of historic space race – News-Star, Sunday, January 31, 2016, Page 1D
Nathan Bunckley’s Diary March 4, 1854-December 1870 – original diary copied by John H. Parker; copy donated by Mrs. Hazel S. Short (Mrs. Melvin B.)
Sideline Hero: Dr. Billy Bundrick–sports medicine specialist of Shreveport – Louisiana Life, November/December 1985; Page 92
Ex-Monroyan To Try ‘Quake Prevention’ (Dr. Brice Burroughs) Monroe Morning World, Thursday, September 15, 1977, Page 5A
Victor Bee Will Debut T. V. Program: The Victor Butler Show – Monroe Dispatch, March 6-12, 1997
A model of ancient history: Man teaches gospel through mini-tabernacle (Dorsey Byers) News-Star, Saturday, February 1, 2003, Page 1B
Bynum birth records
Bahr, CoryChef Cory Bahr & Restaurant Cotton,” 101 North Grand Street in Monroe” Ouachita Parish Community and Relocation Guide, Page 12 
Seafood Greats: 3 of the State’s Top Seafood Chefs Share Recipes Louisisana Life, July/August 2014, Page 40
Innovative and traditional cuisine keeps coming back for more (Chef Cory Bahr) Ouachita Life, June 2015, Page 25
Southern Cuisine and Chef Coy Bahr – Downtown Monroe Magazine, Summer 2015, Page 31
Eat Locally, Give Practically, Holiday Tips – DeltaStyle Magazine, December 2015, Page 56
La. Cookin’ adds Bahr to Chefs to Watch – News-Star, Sunday, May 22, 2016, Special to the News-Star
Bahr Back to Host Event: Great American Seafood Cook-off – News-Star, Thursday, August 4, 2016, Section A Special to the New-Star
Local chef to comete on ‘Food Network Star’ – News-Star, Saturday, April 15, 2017, Page 1A
Bahr having a blast on ‘Food Network Star’ – News-Star, Friday, June 9, 2017, Page 5A
Fierce Food Competitor – News-Star, Tuesday, July 18, 2017, Page 1A
Bahr seeking salvation in Food Network web series – News-Star, Tuesday, July 25, 2017, Page 3A
Louisiana Cuisine on the Big Stage: 10 Chefs From State to Tempt Big Apple Taste Buds in Bid to Promote Tourism – News-Star, Saturday, November 4, 2017, Page 1A
“In Good hands: Bahr build restaurant management team to build, expand, promote local dining” News-Star, Friday, March 8, 2019, Page 1A
Bancroft, TobyProfile: The Spirit of Ouachita – Profile of Ouachita May/June 1979 Vol. 2, No. 1
U.S., World War I & World War II Draft Registraion Cards –
Census Records 1900, 1920,1940 –
Find A Grave record  –
Obituary of Mrs. Vada Lee Speed Bancroft – News-Star, Friday, March 16, 1990, Page 4B
Bancroft Bag 1924-1999: Advertising Feature of the News Star Thursday, September 16th, 1999
Bancroft Bag Battled Flood Waters, Made Name in Roaring Twenties – News-Star Supplement, September 16, 1999, Page 2
Flexibility and Common Sense Take Bancroft through the Great Depression, Supplement, Page 3
Bancrof Bag, Inc. Weathers World War II – Supplement, Page 3
Ingenuity and Invention Mark Bancroft Bag, Inc.’s 50’s & 60’s – Supplement, Page 4 (Prevos Craighead, plant superintendent 
Bancroft Bag, Inc. Weathes Turbulent 70’s to Set Production Records in 80’s – Supplement Page 4
The Nineties Is a Decade of Firsts for Bancroft Bag, Inc. – Supplement Page 5
Bancroft Bag, Inc. Celebrates 75 Years of Success This Week – Supplement Page 6
Bancroft Bag Gains Subsidiaries
Barrington, Richard“Notable Instance of Gratitude by a Former Slave” Ouachita Telegraph, Saturday, November 4, 1871, Page 3, Column 2
“Richard Barrington: The Story of a Faithful Old Colored Servant”The Daily Picayune, (New Orleans, LA) November 4, 1894 Issue 284; Page 23, col D 
“Free to learn: Black was leader in education” (Richard Barrington helped establish the first school for blacks in Monroe)News-Star, February 13, 1990, Page 1D
“Man was more than a servant, he was a hero” – News-Star, September 16, 2000, Page 13A, Col. 4
“Richard Barrington” retrieved from on 12/20/00
Email from Lora Peppers to Assistant Senate Historian, Betty K. Koed, on November 28, 2000 (Cross reference Solomon Weathersby Downs)
Bassett, DotBassett to head Council – News-Star-World, Sunday, November 2, 1986, Television Section, Page 1
Bassett concludes 11 years with Arts Council – Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, May 29, 1997, Page 1B
Bassett winds up 11 years at Arts Council helm – News-Star, Friday, August 1, 1997, Page 3A
Bassett honored at retirement – Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, August 7, 1997
Council honors local artists, supporters: Dot Bassett received the MaryLee Milam Award… – News-Star, February 13, 2005, Page 1B
Leaving her mark: As Dot Bassett prepares to move, she leaves a legacy with the arts community – News-Star, Sunday, May 15, 2005, Page D1
de Bastrop, BaronAKA Philip Hendrik Neiing Bogel
Copy of Baron de Bastrop Grant from Spain (in Spanish) – 1790-96  & 1797 at Poste Ouachita registered and confirmed by U. S. Government on 30 December 1822
AGREEMENTS: Bastrop, Morhouse and Lynch in conveyanance Book A. & A.B. p. 76, 77. 78.  May 14, 1805/29th year of American Independence – Land Settlements
DEED: Bastrop to Japeth Bowen in Conveyance Book A. & AB.  p. 8, 9. July 27, 1805 by Charles L. P. Danemones, Judge of the Ouachita County
CLAIM OF THE BARON DE MAISON ROUGE TO LANDS IN LOUISIANA (No. 431) – communicated to the House of Representatives , January 7, 1825
CLAIM OF THE BARON DE BASTROP TO LANDS IN LOUISIANA (No. 432) – communicated to the House of Representatives , January 11, 1825
Report by Mr. Gilman, from the Committee on Private Land Claims, 35th Congress, House of Representatives, March 3, 1859: CITIES OF PHILADELPHIA AND NEW ORLEANS [To accompany Bill H. R. 927} Re: the Baron de Bastrop
Report by Ouachita Abstract and Title Guarantee Company, Limited on September 2, 1915 Re: property sold by Baron de Bastrop to John Chol and Francois Girod in 1787, then to Annie Chol in 1812, then to John Girod in 1816, and to Hypolite Pargoud in 1830.
“The Role of the Baron de Bastrop in the Anglo-American Settlemen of the Spanish Southwest” The Louisiana Historical Quarterly, January/October 1948 Vol. 31, Page 606-607
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Beale FamilyThomas Beale, d. 1777 Charles Co., MD – compiled by Roberta Hull August 2003; revised December 2003
William Beale/Bealle, d. 1812 Columbia Co., GA – compiled by Roberta Hull September 2002; revised December 2003
Beauregard, Pierre G. T. (P. G. T.)
Louisiana Camps Named for Famous Men – Times Picayune, April 6, 1941
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Military ball draws cadets past, present – News-Star, April 7, 1996
Bell, Chancey Clyde (C.C)  Chancey Clyde Bell, Sr., Mayor of West Monroe 1922-1924; 1926-1938 – Photo
A Man– An Institution– A Complete Service: The C. C. Bell Mfg. Co., News-Star, Novembe 25, 1929
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Research, Collection, and Works of Terry Perritt on the life & home of Mayor C.C. Bell, Sr.
Bell FamilyPhoto 1941 – W. O. Bell, Jr., George Mac Baskin, Sr., Dixie Baskin
Photo – Wilton O. Bell, Jr. on pony
Copy of Enlistment Record for W. O. Bell, May 14, 1918
Copy of U.S. Navy Discharge of Wilton O. Bell, June 27, 1919
Copy of photo – Bride & females in wedding party
Copy of Marriage License of W.O. Bell to Miss Ella B. Baskin on October 29, 1921
Copy of Marriage Certificate of W.O. Bell and Miss Ella B. Baskin on November 3, 1921 – Recorded Book 3 Page 59 Union County, Arkansas
Copy of Certification of marriage and records of W.O. Bell and Ella B. Baskin
Copy of 1850 Census, Lynchburg, Campbell County, VA – Wilton Bell was 18 years old.
Copy of 1850 Census, Caroline County, VA – Bettie H Broaddus was 10 years old.
Copy of Certificate of Marriage of Wilton A. Bell and Bettie Broaddus on February 14, 1856
Copy of Tombstones of W. A. Bell and Bettie H. Bell buried on Home Place, Franklin Parish, LA
Film # M378 roll 2Military Record of Wilson A. Bell (AKA W.A. Bell)  – Confederate 13 Batt’n. LA (Partison Rangers) Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System Search
Copy of Bell family record with sources and explanations
Bennett, Fred (Doctor)Fred Bennett Sr. – 1st National Glenwood charter board member dies – Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, June 17, 1993, Page 1A
(See letter to Alice in Alvin Olin Evans file.)
Benton, Lida St. ClairBeloved Monroe Teacher Expires: Miss Lida St. Clair Benton Dies; Funeral To Be Held Today At Grace Church – News-Star, August 5, 1938
  in Special CollectionsHandwritten notes from Frank Breese Collection for the article above
Funeral of Mrs. T. O. Benton – News-Star, December 18, 1916
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Photo of tombstone (March 17, 1857 – August 6, 1938) Tennille cemetery near the Sherrouse home on DeSiard Street.
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Civil War group plans ceremony at grave site – News-Star, Sunday, November 22, 1992
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Request for The Southern Cross of Honor  – See GC 976.3 Sou
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Home was like a ‘castle’ – News-Star-World, February 22, 1987 Sunday Magazine NOSTALGIA
Castle built in spare time – News-Star-World, Sunday, March 1, 1987, Page 10
Bernstein, ArnoldBernstein’s foresight shaped Monroe –  News-Star-World, Thursday, March 31, 1983, Page 2
Something written by Fannie Mae Trousdale about Mr. Arnold Bernstein
Bertrand, MaryPortrait of a Designer: Mary  Vincent Bertrand, Leisure Arts  [For the Love of Cross Stitch, January, 1989 Vol. 1, No.. 1] (Premier Issue)
Internationally known artist finds home in West Monroe, Ouachita Citizen, Wednesday, October 10, 1990, Page 1B
Bertands’ home basks in Victorian beauty, serentity, News-Star, Thursday September 8, 1994, Page 1C
A Day in the Life of Mary Bertand: Artist Extraordinaire, Louisiana Road Trips, April 2005, Page 20
Bethard FamilyThe Bethard Family Tree by Bobby Wayne Maxey, May 30, 2000
Biedenharn FamilyJoe 
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Joe & Coca-Cola
The Story of Joseph Augustus Biedenharn and the Bottling of Coca-Cola
Four Generations of Beidenharns stand behind evey bottle of Coca-Cola
“Museum (Vicksburg)  shows beginnings of Biedenharn empire” News-Star-World, Friday, February 5, 1982, Page 1D
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Rotary Club membership attendance card; correspondence; application
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Outline of life events of Miss Emma-Louise Biedenharn 
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“Louisiana’s Springtime Loveliness Lures Songstress Home from Europe,”  News-Star Unsourced
Picture of Emy-Lou Biedenharn
“If Only the Walls Could Talk” Unsourced
“Biedenharn board saluted in new book” News-Star-World, Sunday, January 2, 1983, Page 2A
“Emma Biedenharn dies at 81” News-Star-World, April 23, 1984 
Emy-Lou Biedenharn Foundation
Brochures on ELsong Garden & Conservatory; Bible Museum; Biedenharn Home 
“Biedenharn boasting bible leaves, silver show” News-Star Monday, May 14, 2001, Page 3A
“Happy 100th Emy-Lou”  News-Star Sunday, October 13, 2002, Page D1
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Henry III
“Henry Biedenharn III name director” News-Star-World, Page 1A 1987
“‘She’s a saint’: Kathy Biedenharn takes risks to help those who can’t help themselves” News-Star, Sunday, December 22, 1991, Page D1
Chosen Quota Club Woman of the Year, September 22, 1994
Bienville Family“Jean Baptiste le Moyne de Bienville” Sons of the South by Clayton Rand©1961 (8th in a series)  Unsourced newspaper
“They Built Louisiana” by Clayton Rand[Electronic Resource] Digital Collection OPPL
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Blair, Buddy“Buddy” Blair baseball card with signature – He played infield for the Philadelphia Athleticsin 1942 before going off to WW II.
Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame: Buddy Blair was versatile. News-Star-World, June 24, 1981 
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Buddy Blair: on February 3, 2005
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“Blanco picks experienced hands” News-Star, Saturday, January 10, 2004, Page 1A
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“Blanco takes oath on historic day ‘Louisiana is ready to do business'” News-Star, Tuesday, January 13, 2004, Page 1A
“‘Today is a catalyst to make this region whole again.’ Blanco salves hurt” News-Star, Saturday, February 7, 2004, Page 1A
“Kathleen Blanco was facing huge challenges in this picture.” News-Star, Sunday, January 9, 2005, Page 1A
“Business community: Blanco is official sales rep of Louisiana” News-Star, April 4, 2005, Page 1B
“Blanco opens session” News-Star, April 26, 2005, Page 1A
Bloch, Jacob“Those Pre-Pro Whiskey Men!: Jacob Bloch and Louisiana Mail Order Liquor” Saturday, August 22, 2015
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Bonds FamilyDudly Bonds, Revolutionary Soldier, Newberry County, S.C. – Genealogical Summary
Bowie Family“Abraham Bowie” Contributors of Ouachita Parish : A History of Blacks to commemorate the Bicentiennial of the USA, 1976, page 39.
“Abraham Bowie, Sr.: He Established the Twin City Welfare”  Unsourced
“Officer broke through state police barrier: In late ’60s, thought was no blacks for trooper jobs” News-Star” February 7, 2005, Page 1B
“Abraham H. Bowie Jr., 77” obituary, News-Star, June 23, 2015
Abraham H. Bowie – U.S. Marine Corps Muster Rolls, 1798-1958 retrieved 7/29/2017
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“The Bowie Brothers” descriptive advertisement for Bowie Knife
“The story of the Alamo” Brochure
Bowman FamilyBowman Family Genealogy file prepared by D. N. Pardue, retrieved from Http:// on 10/24/2001
Letter from W. S. Bowman to his wife during Civil War, January 31, 1863
Request for The Southern Cross of Honor  – See Louisiana Society, DAR, Genealogical Records Committee Report, Series II
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“Gifts from the gabber” News-Star, August 23, 2006, p. 1C
Brady, Ben“Library board names Ouachita director” News-Star, Thursday, December 20, 1990, Page 16A 
Photo of Ben Brady, 1991
“Ouachita libraries name new director” Ouachita Citizen, Wednesday, December 26, 1990, Page 5A
“Brady Wins Culver Award” Enterprise-News-American, Wednesday, May 8, 1991, Page 11A
Agenda for “Night of a Thousand Stars” on April 7, 1992, MC: Mr. Ben Brady
“Best deal in parish” (OPPL) News-Star, Tuesday, April 20, 1993, Page 7A
“Library cleanup needed…” (editorial) Ouachita Citizen, February, 27, 1997
Certificate for OPPL Employee of the Month, September 1998
“History of the Ouachita Parish Public Library” Updated by Ben Brady, January 22, 1999, submitted to the LLA Bulletin
“Brady retires after decade as library’s head, News-Star, December 5, 2000
“Parish library staff sees off director” News-Star, January 5, 2001
Invitation to Board of Controls and Staff of OPPL to honor Ben Brady on his retirement, January, 7, 2001
“Retired library director looks back on achievements” News-Star, April 4, 2001, Page 13A (Ben Brady, Guest Column)
“President’s Page” LLA Bulletin, Spring 1982, Page 189
Breard FamilyLineage of ELOISE FILHIOL BREARD traced to DON JUAN FILHIOL
Maggie E Breard in 1900 United States Federal Census, retrieved 5/23/2007
Paper presented to DAR on Jean Alexandre de Breard 
Description and narrative of article (OLD BREARD HOME STANDS SYMBOLIC OF PROUD PAST) that appeared in the Monroe News Star, October 18, 1957 (Article is on microfilm)
Sketch taken on D.A. Breard’s plantation:  “Shooting wild pigeons in north Louisiana” Source: LOUISiana Digital Library
“Breards Play Role In Area History” Monroe Morning World, Sunday, July 4, 1976
“Missess Mona Millsaps, Margaret Breard, Anna Lee, Charlotte Breard” Unsourced
“Uncle Dan Breard Recalls Hearing Lincoln’s Address Over 70 Years Ago” Unsourced
“House on North Second is Old Landmark Here: Home Built About 1852 to be Replaced by Buildings” Monroe News-Star, Tuesday, September 3, 1929
“Emergence of Important Man Is Recalled” Unsourced
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“Dan A. Breard Dies; Funeral Slated Friday” Monroe Morning World, July 22, 1976
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“Business pioneer Breard dies” News-Star, July 28, 1998
“Armand Vaughan Breard” Obituary, News-Star, July 28, 1998
“Armand Breard” Obituary, Ouachita Citizen, July 30, 1998
“Mrs. Elizabeth Breard Griffith” Obituary, News-Star, August 15, 1999
“Alexander Breard” Skit played by Sylvester Breard – July, 1998 (for Louis Redden KNOE TV)
Paper by Charlotte Breard Hamilton and her daughter, Ashley Hamilton on Jean Louis Alexandre de Breard and his part in making Northeast Louisiana habitable
Transcript of the DAR ceremony, on September 5, 1981 at 10 a.m., marking the 200th anniversary of the Engagement of the Virginia Capes 
Letter (Nov. 20, 1988) from Satchie S. Naiden, granddaughter of Daniel Alexander Breard, to Kay Causey, to provide information for the tour of homes. Letter provides history of the house on Riverside. Someone included genealogical notes.
Packet containing genealogical information on William Edward Hawks & Hawks family.  (Elizabeth Margaret Breard McAdoo Hawks) 
Packet containing genealogical information on McAdoo family.  (Elizabeth Margaret Breard McAdoo Hawks) 
Copy of Cash Sale Deed of lot by Garrisons to McKinleys in Ouachita Parish on July 4, 1957
Breaux, John“Breaux tackles education, health” News-Star, October 23, 2000, Page 6A
“Breaux: La. Needs to raise itself up: Senator still undecided about run for governor” News-Star, August 15, 2001, Page 1A
“Breaux hopes breaks will bring filmmakers” The Daily Advertiser, August 18, 2001 (Lafayette,
“John Breaux, governor 2004?” The Shreveport Times, August 28, 2001 (Editorials)
“Breaux run for governor looked certain last week” The Daily Advertiser, August 28, 2001 (Lafayette,
“Is Breaux ready to bid Washington adieu?” Livingston Parish News, August 30, 2001 (Jeff Davis, publisher)
“Breaux: Election decision by 2002” News-Star, ND, Page 1A
“Breaux bill would close loophole on imported sugar” Unsourced
“Louisiana’s Great Compromiser: Breaux remains undecided about seeking re-election” News-Star,Sunday, November 9, 2003, Page 2B
“Breaux won’t run: State’s senior senator to finish term, retire” News-Star, Tuesday, December 16, 2003, Page 1A
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“Breaux: A Look Ahead” News-Star, Tuesday, December 16, 2003, Page 7A (full page)
“Breaux thanks community for years of support” News-Star, October 15, 2004, Page 1B
“State’s savvy senator looks ahead” News-Star, November 17, 2004, Page 1A
“Colleagues: Breaux departure a blow” News-Star, December 27, 2004, Page 1A
Brian, George“Speech master honored by ‘Dr. George Brian Day'” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, September 18, 1980, Page 5A
“Brian: 32 years of loyalty” News-Star-World, Friday, June 27, 1986, Page 1D
“George Brian is retired at age 71, but not inactive” The Mature Citizen, December 26, 1990, Page 1A
“A talk with Director, performer George Brian” News-Star, Sunday, January 21, 1996, Page 1D
“Brian receives award from Ouachita Rangers” (DAR) Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, December 12, 1996, Page 5B
“Prof. Brian Now Preparing History On City Of Monroe” Unsourced (circa 2001?)
“After intermission: A friendhip’s new stage” News-Star, September 13, 1998
“For future generations” News-Star, Sunday, July 3, 2005
“Long run closes for Brian, face of area theater: ‘Giant in this community’, teacher and actor dies at 87” News-Star, March 18, 2007, Page 1A
Dr. George C. Brian obituary
Brinson, NitaFlyer: “In Loving Memory of Nita Brinson” February 14, 1915 – September 30, 2000; Grand Opening of Aviation Historical Museum of Louisiana, Inc., November 11, 2000
“Brinson found dead at home” News-Star, Sunday, October 1, 2000
“Police seek leads in homicide case” News-Star, Monday, October 2, 2000
“Suspect arrested in Brinson slaying” News-Star, Tuesday, October 3, 2000, Page 1A
“D.A. seeks to indict Brinson suspect” News-Star, Wednesday, October 4, 2000
Announcement of services to be held for Nita Brinson – News-Star, Wednesday, October 4, 2000
“Suspect indicted in Brinson death” News-Star, Thursday, October 12, 2000
“Sanity panel ordered in Brinson case”  News-Star, Thursday, January 11, 2001
“Brinson’s life to be cherished” News-Star, June 18, 2001
Brown, Charles (Charlie)“This season is Neville coach’s last” News-Star, Saturday, August 15, 1992, Page 1A
“The Legend Is Retiring” PREP FOOTBALL’92 – Coming Sunday, August 30th  Unsourced
“You’re a good coach, Charlie Brown” News-Star Special Section, Sunday, August 30, 1992
“Charlie Brown’s last hurrah: End of an Era” News-Star, Sunday, December 20, 1992, Page 4C
“Town toasts Brown: Neville legend retires in style” News-Star, Friday, May 14, 1993
“Takin’ it easy: Neville’s Charlie Brown and life after retirement” News-Star, Sunday, July 27, 1998, C1
Find a Grave Memorial: Obituary retrieved 6/11/2016 – Charles Brown  May 22, 1928 – April 11, 2011
“Wife of Neville football legend C. Brown dies” News-Star, Friday, September 23, 2001
“Elve Lu Brown” Obituary, News-Star, Friday, September 23, 2001
Brown, James“Brown testifies in own defense” October 4, 2000 Unsourced
“For Brown, these are bad times” October 23, 2000 by Wiley Hilburn Jr. Unsourced
“Ex-commissioner been there, done that” December 12, 2000 Unsourced
“Judge in Brown trial considers striking two counts” News-Star, January 18, 2001, Page 5A
“Jim Brown arguments set for Wednesday” January 18, 2001 Unsourced
“Judge tosses 2 of Brown’s convictions”  News-Star, January 27, 2001, Page 1A
“Brown arguments set for Wednesday” The Ruston Daily Leader, January 29, 2001
“Brown sentencing set for today in B.R.” January 30, 2001 Unsourced
“Brown: ‘Notes will set me free’: Commish wants FBI writings for defense” January 30, 2001 Unsourced
“Jim Brown should resign his post before he goes to jail” February 2, 2001 Unsourced
“Brown call conviction ‘a bump in the road'” Unsourced
“Jim Brown receives 6 months in prision” February 5, 2001 Unsourced
“Future unclear for convicted Brown” February 15, 2001 Unsourced
Brown, Timothy O.“Timothy O. Brown” Eastern Louisiana, Ouachita Parish Biographies (1939) page 1079, F. Williamson
“Timothy Oscar Brown, 1865-1943” 16th of a series of articles by Dr. Rodney Cline, LSU, on Builders of Louisiana Education, c. 1962 Unsourced
“Long Life of Educator Ends”, “An Institution Passes”, “Passing of Noted School Man Is Blow to Entire State”, “Timothy Oscar Brown” Unsourced obituaries
“Mr. Brown, the Educator and the Man,” speech delivered on October 9, 1944 by Jack Hays at the dedication of the administration building of Northeast Junior College 
“Ancient Automobile Used for Many Years by Late T. O. Brown Brought Back Into Use by College Student” Friday, October 19, 1945 Unsourced
“Memorial Program Held for the Late T. O. Brown at the Ouachita Parish Auditorium” April 7, 1946 Unsourced
Artifacts from the Memorial Program include a handwritten invitation, a program, sheet music, agenda, copies of speeches and presentations 
“A Tribute to a Great Teacher” by Mrs. Bettie Whitehurst Stover
Voucher Checks for March 1912 and April 1913 payable to T. O. Brown
Advertisement on July 25, 2006, by Downtown Monroe Lions Club for program honoring the memory of Timothy O. Brown
“T.O. Brown–not a very big man, but one with big vision” by Guest colonist John Knesel, February 5, 2006, Page 1 F Unsourced
Bry, Henry“Young Bry ended wanderings at Fort Miro” News-Star-World, Sunday, May 1, 1983, Page 3D
Program for the dedication of Henry Bry Park and Judge Henry Issac Bry Marker, Sunday, May 2, 1983 & notes of speaker
Copy of Louisiana bills enacted by the State  Senate and House in 1820 
See special collections.Copies of letters written by Henry Bry
Description of Monroe and northeast Louisiana in 1848  by Henry Bry 
A letter and ad about implementing the silk business in Louisiana
A list of people buried in Bry Cemetery
Early city plans for the streets of Monroe
Picture of young Bry and a letter he sent to New Orleans from Monroe (took 33 days)
Picture of Bry Hall with tribute to Henry Bry and description of the ULM art department
Bryan/Bryant Family Bryan/Bryant family; letters, maps, etc.
Bryant, Julian E.Union officer in the 33rd regiment, Illinois volunteers, and afterward colonel of a colored regiment; nephew of William Cullen Bryant, famous American poet
Buckner, George“Geo. L. Buckner Dies on Sunday” Monroe Morning World,  February 9, 1948
“Sudden Fortunes From Sales of Stamps Rare” May 10, 1956 Unsourced
“Backward Glances” March 25, 1968 Unsourced
Bufford FamilyGenealogical information on the Bufford family
Burns, OllieOllie Mae Hamilton Burns  “A Handbook on the Se Pa Civ So Club and its Members 1963 – 1994” , Copyright 1996 by Ollie Burns
Retirement Tribute 1976
“In Quest of Cancer’s ‘Miracle Cure'” Ebony 1980 – Article about Alex Burns, Ollie’s son, president of Associated Biomedic Systems, Inc.
“Ollie Burns to receive Library Association award for excellence”, Free Press, March 9, 1991
“LLA Modisette Award Winner” Unsourced
Awards, News-Star, Sunday, March 10, 1991
Burns Retirement: Honoree Ollie Burns, News-Star, Sunday, October 9, 1994, Page 7D
“Burns Honored for 18 Years on LBC” OPPJ Gazette, Volume 44, October 1994
“Profiling Ollie H. Burns (MS, 1957) first African American SLIS Graduate” Library & Information Science Newsletter, Vol. 31, Fall 2002 
“She’s a born leader” News Star, December 4, 1994, Page 1D
“Rev. and Mrs. Burns Celebrate Their 60th” The Monroe Dispatch, January 8-14, 1998, Page 3
“Burns’ caring spirit will be missed” News Star, February 27, 2004, Page 1A
Butler Family Descendants of James E. Butler
Ancestors of James Harold Butler
Descendants of Stephen R. Butler
Butts, Simeon G.Widow’s pension papers of Letisa Butts, widow of Simeon G. Butts, Yankee killed by the Nightriders of Winn Parish in 1866
Byrd, Richard (Admiral) and Unalaska
“Lead Huskie of Byrd Party Is Killed When Hit by Car” Monroe News-Star, Saturday, January 3, 1931, Page 1A
“‘Unalaska’ Is Laid to Final Rest” Monroe News-Star, Sunday, January 4, 1931, Page 1A
“Hit-Run Autoist Kills Lead Huskie of Byrd Polar Expedition Dog Team” Monroe News-Star, Sunday, January 4, 1931, Page 1A
“Byrd Exhibition Plan Is Changed” Monroe Morning World, January 5, 1931, Page 2
“Byrd’s Hero Dog Will Be Buried With Impressive Ceremony Today”  Monroe Morning World, January 6, 1931, Page 1
“Solemn Ceremony Marks Final Rites for ‘Unalaska’ Byrd’s Lead Huskie” Monroe Morning World, January 7, 1931, Page 1
“‘Unalaska’ Buried Here Yesterday” Monroe Morning World, January 7, 1931, Page 10
“Husky beat ice, but lost to car” Monroe News-Star, June 10, 1984, Nostalia
“Heroic dog’s untimely death part of history” News-Star, Tuesday, February 9, 1993, Page 5A
“Admiral Byrd Led These Servicemen South” Reminisce, July/August 1996, Page 39-40
Byron/Byrom FamilyThe Byron Chronicle from the Library of Congress Catalog with Supplemental Sheets
A. 1610 Map of Lancashire  – Byron Pedigree
B. Byrom of Byrom Pedigree – Byrom of Manchester Pedigree
C. Byrom of Salford Pedigree – Byrom of Parr Pedigree – Byrom of Virginia Pedigree
C – BiographyCaesar, Penola  “Mrs. Caesar Shown Appreciation” The Monroe Dispatch, June 25-July 1, 1998
“Hymns of many emotions: Penola Caesar sings her way into people’s hearts” News-Star, Sunday, July 25, 2004, Page 1D
“Cagle receives Community Spirit Award: Shirley Hoffman Cagle…” News-Star, March 6, 2005
I don’t need things; I need experiences’ (Jim Caldwell quoted by his travel agent) News-Star, May 31, 1998
“Pelican’s History” – history of Milburn Calhoun’s family-owned business @ – downloaded 1/13/2000
“Calhoun garners state award for hard work: Sarah Calhoun 2004 Small Business Person of the Year for northeastern, La. ” News-Star, Sunday, June 13, 2004
“Mr. S. N. Camp Passes Away” Monroe News-Star, August 16, 1911
“a louisiana life: Billy Cannon” Louisiana Life, Autumn 1984 
Faheam Cannon, M. D. Faaos, a Mentor, Friend and the Founder of (Orthopedic) Clinic in 1951 – sympathy notice to his family posted by his colleagues – Unsourced
“Amazing Grace Carter, 94” Ouachita Citizen, 1992,  Inside Straight by Bert Hatten
“Miss Grace update” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, October 28,  1993,  Inside Straight by Bert Hatten 
“‘Miss Grace’ dies late Tuesday” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, November 10, 1994,  Page 8A  Obituary 
“Leontine Carroll Dead at 67” Monroe Dispatch, December 19-25, 1991
“West Monroe DJ (Naomi Carroll) wins regional ‘Idol’ contest” News-Star, August 8, 2005
“He Flew Through the Air” Dixie, March 10, 1968 (story on Harold Cassanova, circus trapeze perfomer; owner of restaurant in Monroe, La.)
Cattar, Barbara  “March of Dimes names Cattar as year’s Mother of Distinction” News-Star, November 19, 1997
Cattar, Barbara  “Mother of Disinction Banquet” News-Star, December 14, 1997 (Photo)
Cattar, David “Sunbelt’s Cattar honored with Monroe Chamber’s James Shipp Memorial Award” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, June 17, 1993,  Page 1 
Amid the Swirling Ghosts and Other Essays by William Caverlee, writer born in Chicago; Monroe native since he was one year old (page 40 from Tres Bella, June/July 2012
“a louisiana life: Tony Chachere” Louisiana Life, Spring 1995
“Counselor, mentor, pastor: ” News-Star, January 17, 1998 (Congregation honors Rev. G. E. Chance and his wife Ellen for more than 40 years service.)
“Roland Charles Named Interim Judge” Monroe Dispatch, March 11-17, 1999
Jimmy “Chick” Childress  “One of a kind: Ruston’s Childress was that rare coach who valued a player’s individuality” News-Star, August 20, 2005
“Born to the stage: At just 4, O.J. Chisley wowed the crowd…” News-Star, April 15, 2002 (won a roll in a Broadway production in “Ragtime: The Musical”)
Dr. D.H. Clark  “Medicine Man + Music Man = Renaissance Man: A Man of Art and Science” the Hippocratist, pages 7-8
Francis X. Cline, Jr.  Obituary – News-Star, August 25, 2003
Mrs. Bessie B. Cloman  “Church Woman, Past PTA President Dies” Monroe Dispatch, Unsourced
“Life as news reporter craziest story of all” by Guy Coates who covered State Capitol for The Associated Press – Unsourced
Julian Cobb photo
Cockerham Family  “2 talk 42 : Local Legends and Hometown Heroes” DeltaStyle, February, 2004, Page 18
“In Memory of Herbert Claiborne Cole” Tribute by J. S. Washburn, Trust Company Officer
Mary Lou Grimes Coleman –  “A Handbook on the Se Pa Civ So Club and its Members 1963 – 1994” , Copyright 1996 by Ollie Burns
“Wildlife refuge honors Holt Collier” Vicksburg Post, Sunday, October 19, 2003 – “first nationally known, black sportsman”
Cooley, Ruth Davis  “U.S., state honors local business world trailblazer” News-Star, April 1, 2001
                Malcolm “Mal” Cooley  “Printer Cooley dead at 81” News-Star, May 21, 2004, Page 6A
Al Copeland  “Popeyes’ patriarch confident: Copeland pushing his way to the top” News-Star, Sunday, December 4, 1988, Page 1B
James Carroll Crawford obituary – News-Star, Wednesday, May 13, 1998; Parkview Baptist Church Memorial Service Program
Major Bob Crocker “Crocker bids farewell to Monroe police force” News-Star, December 1, 2003 (retired after 33 years service)
Betty Cummings  “Bold in her religion: Local humanitarian honored by the Catholic Church” News-Star, Saturday, March 29, 2003
“Nobody has a corner on God: Spirituality, quest for knowledge drive Betty Cummings” Unsourced
“Son follows father’s path” News-Star, February 28, 2004, Page 12 – George W. Cummings III, CEO of Progressive Bank
Joseph Curry obituary, “Joseph Curry Dead” Natchez Democrat
(Mrs. Joseph Curry)”Fire Destroys Old Plantation Home” extracted from article by Josia Scott in the Tensas Gazette of December 11, 1936
Calhoun FamilySummary of Calhoun Ancestry dated March 19, 1932
“History of Calhoun” by Louis Rhea Humble, 10th grade student at Calhoun High School and published in Monroe Morning World in 1952
Pages copied from Dr. John Davidson Calhoun’s Bible
Pages copied from John Colwell Calhoun’s Bible
Copy of letter dated 1883, to Dr. Cahoun from James Hall in Quebec, concerning desire to purchase the cotton mill
Copy of letter dated 1888, to Drs. Calhoun & Willis from Dr. R. F. Harrell, requesting their advise about an interesting case he had
Copy of letter dated 1892, to Dr. Cahoun from D.M. Sholars, Attorney at Law, regarding support of white supremacy among white democrats in Louisiana 
Copy of letter “To the People of the Fifth Congressional District of Louisiana” regarding support of white supremacy among white democrats in Louisiana 
Copy of letter dated 1892, to Dr. Calhoun from D.M. Sholars, regarding support in election against republican candidate 
Copy of letter dated 1892, to Dr. Calhoun from Mrs. R. T. Dunaway, requesting that the doctor write a certificate of her baby’s birth
Calhoun, Dr. John Caldwell
Copies of prescription pads
Copy of letter dated 1916, to Dr. J. C. Calhoun from W.T. Woodward, Pastor M. E. Church, South, Oak Grove Circuit, giving his condolences on death of the doctor’s father and asking him to consider monuments he is selling
Narcotic Drug Certificate/Registration by the La. State Boad of Health, November 6, 1919
Copy of bill from Monroe Wholesale Drug Co. dated December 14, 1928
Copy of letter dated 1928, to Dr. & Mrs. Calhoun on Senate Chamber State of La. letterhead from Voss, expressing appreciation of the doctor’s care for his daughter Flo
Copy of his membership card to The Confederate Club, Virginia Hotel Roof, 1956
Calhoun, John Davis (Colonel)  1922-1992
Find a Grave print out for Col. John Davis Calhoun
U.S. Social Security Death Index record for John D. Calhoun
“A Tribute to the Colonel” News-Star, December 20, 1992 – by Glynn Harris-
Cameron/Dorman Families
The Ancestry of Mrs. Eleanor Dorman – An original record taken by  hand from Grandmother
Birth certificate of Eunice Eleanor Dorman
History of Mary Jane Cameron (Baker, Daniel) & Brief History of the Dorman Family compiled by Eunice Dorman Black of Monroe, La. In 1964
A life history written by Mary Eleanor Dorman 
Handwritten and typed information on the Daniels, Bakers, Camerons, and Dormans
Bible Records of John Dorman and wife  Mary Baker, 1889
“Miss Kay Korin Barnhill Weds Douglas Richard Daniel Recently” Unsourced
Picture of Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Richard Daniel and their parents
Canady FamilyCopy of and 1900s album restored by Neva Irene Hale Canady and dedicated by Mary Glenda Canady Burnley  to the memory of her grandparents Irvin & Alma Canady and George and May Hale
Cann, Derwood, Mayor of Monroe
“Profile: William Derwood Cann” Ouachita Citizen, September 28, 1978, Page 3B
“Cann becomes mayor” Monroe Morning World, Tuesday, October 31, 1978, Page 1B
“Cann sworn in as mayor pledging-political stability” News Star, October 30, 1978
“Cann said no when first asked to be mayor” Monroe Morning World, Sunday, November 12, 1978, Page 1B
“Cann explains decision not to run” Monroe Morning World, January 25, 1979
“Cann calmed city’s troubled waters” Monroe Morning World, Sunday, April 29, 1979, Page 1B
“Former Monroe mayor Cann dead at 90” Monroe Morning World, Wednesday, July 14, 2010, Page 1B
“Lieutenant Colonel William Derwood Cann” obituary, Ouachita Citizen, Wednesday, July 14, 2010, Page 2B
Cargle, ErnestLouisiana Folklife: One Man’s Legacy, The Art of Ernest Cargle, A publication of the Louisiana Folklife Center and the Folklife Society of Louisiana, NSU, Natchitoches, Volume 31, 2007
Carondelet, Baron deTranscripts of 8 letters written by the Baron de Carondelet related to land settlements in Washita Parish
Carroll, Henri-Anna Johnson
“Carrolls’s memory lives on” News-Star, July 25, 1998, Page 3A
“Farewell to a Special Lady” The Monroe Dispatch, July 23-29, 1998, Page 1
“Civic Leader, Henri-Anna Carroll Passed On” The Monroe Dispatch, July 23-29, 1998, Page 8
Funeral Program of Mrs. Henri-Anna Carolyn Johnson Carroll
“Mrs. Henri Anna Carroll, My Buddy” The Monroe Dispatch, July 30-August 6, 1998, Page 8
Carroll, Morris HenryProgram: Lincoln Elementary School honors Dr. Morris Henry Carroll, February 12, 1974
Morris Henry Carroll Dies…. He Was a Legend in His Own Time, a Man Among Men! Free Press, September 19, 1979
“Black leader Henry Carroll dies of stroke” Monroe Morning World, Thursday, September 20, 1979, Page 1A, col 5
“Henry Carroll dies at age 71” Monroe Morning World, Thursday, September 20, 1979, Page 6B, col 1
“Carroll dedicated his efforts toward better education” News-Star, September 20, 1979, Page 1B
Morris Carroll obituary, News-Star, September 20, 1979, Page 3B
Funeral Program, Annoucement of private burial; request to change name of park; dedication of edition of Monroe Dispatch to Dr. Henry Carroll
“Locals upset, shocked over Carroll death” Free Press, September 22, 1979
“Dr. Henry Carroll ‘Boss Man’ Passed Away” The Monroe Dispatch, September 20-26, 1979
Several tributes to Henry Carroll in The Monroe Dispatch, September 27-October 3, 1979
Tributes to Henry Carroll – The Monroe Dispatch, October 11-17, 1979
“Carroll left imprint on city by demanding quality” News-Star, Sunday, February 26, 1989
“Leaders of Louisiana: Morris Henry Carroll”  News-Star, Sunday, February 24, 1991, Page 4D
“Morris Henry Carroll” News-Star, Sunday, February 26, 1995, Page 2D, col. 2
“Carroll Graduate Awarded Postmaster of the Year” The Monroe Dispatch, July 9-15, 1998
“Do You Remember?”Leon Reed and Betty Banks, schoolmates at Carroll High School, The Monroe Dispatch
“M. H. Carroll’s First Achievement Award” (Charles Peoples, Sr.) The Monroe Dispatch, December 23-29, 1999
“Morris Henry Carroll” written by Rev. Roosevelt Wright, Jr.   Unsourced
KNOE-TV Copy on life of Morris Henry Carroll
KNOE-TV  Ads from Bicentennial Section, Ouachita Citizen, March 9, 1983, Page 3C
Copies of photos of Morris Henry Carroll, family members, and events in his life
“Carroll respected as leader” by Liz Craft    Unsourced
“Dr. Morris Henry Carroll: The Black Hero in My Home Town” speech submitted to The Renaissance Movement on January 22, 1982 by Cassandra Renee’ Shelling, 17 years old
“Certificate of Historical Accomplishment” submitted by Mayor James Mayo and City of Monroe’s Dr. MLK’s Program Committee to Mr. Henry Carroll on January 15, 2003
“Milestones to cornerstones” News-Star, a first in an occasional series detailing how buildings and other landmarks got their names; Accent section, February 1996 , Black History Month, by Chuck Prichard
Carter FamilyGenealogical research: Descendants of Joseph C. Carter
All-in-One Tree of George Washington Carter
Genealogical research on Carter Family compiled by Mrs. Gertrude Carter Sowell
Carver-Myer FamiliesThe Carver-Myer Tree by Sydney A. Marchand, 1927
Cascio Family“The Cascio Empire” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, June 19, 1975, Page 12
“Tradition makes dining experience memorable” Louisiana Twin Cities, September 18, 1985, Page 27 (2 copies)
“Businessman Joe Cascio dead at 75” News-Star-World, April 27, 1989, Page 1B
Mr. Joe David Cascio obituary, News-Star-World, April 27, 1989, Page 4B
“Chateau’s crawfish enchiladas a taste delight” News-Star, Friday, August 20, 1993
“London Calling: Monroyans meet Queen of England” News-Star, Sunday, November 5, 1995, Page 1D
“Monroyans call royal week ‘stunningly elegant'” News-Star, Sunday, November 7, 1995, Page 2B 
“Chateau is rich in history: Family-owned restaurant provides quaint Italian getaway” News-Star, This Week, July 31-August 6, 1998
“A Trip Down Memory Lane with Victor Cascio” Ouachita Citizen: Tempo, June 3, 1999, Page 7A
“Tony Cascio dead at 82” News-Star-World, Friday, January 11, 2002
“Best in show: Everything about the Chateau keeps me coming back–even the poodle” News-Star, October 2, 2003
“Goodbye to a Monroe Icon” Photos of Victor Cascio – Unsourced
“Admirers mourn death of restaurateur” News-Star, September 15, 2012, Page 1B
“Freddie Cascio’s Italian and Cajun Ristoranté” Bayou Life, August 2014, Page 107
Cawthorn, Joe T.“Who Is Senator Joe T. Cawthorn?”  reproduction of a story printed on front page of Interstate Progress of Logansport, Louisiana, March 21, 1939
“Joe T. Cawthorn for Attorney General” letter to Sallie Humble requestin her support, May 6, 1943
“Cawthorn Endorsed by Leaders of L.T.A. for Attorney General”  April 1943
Advertisement card requesting vote for Joe T. Cawthorn for Attorney General of Louisiana in Democratic Primary, January 18, 1944
Chappell FamilyGenealogical research on the Chappell family compiled by Carol Hardy Bryan, July 24, 2003
Chauvin-Bonnaventure-Eppinette Families
“Chauvin, Bonnaventure-Eppinette, and Allied-Families” by Rowena & James Mulhern – February 21, 1972
Mrs. Rowena E. Mulhern requests friends & relatives visit guest, Mrs. Paula Mortensen, from California (clipping from  Caldwell Watchman, April 22, 1976
Chennault, Claire LeeTranscipt of letter from General Chennault at Barksdale Field, Shreveport, La.,  to his brother; dated March 15, 1937
Internet research articles  on Claire Lee Chennault dated 5/10/2001
In Special Collections“Text of General Chennault’s Speech” The Monroe (LA.) News-Star  (Sometimes after July 4, 1942) No Date
Original issue in SC“Maj. Gen. Claire L. Chennault” The L.S.U. Alumni News, February 1944
In Special Collections“Chennault Off to China Again” The Times-Picayune,…y 4, 1946
In Special Collections“Gen. and Mrs. Claire Chennault” Dixie, Times-Picayune, February 13, 1955, Page 5
In Special Collections“General’s Wife Hostess at Tea” Monroe Morning World, March 25, 1955
In Special Collections“Chennault, Famed Flying Tiger Fighter, Dies at 67” Times-Picayune, Monday, July 28, 1958, Page 1
In Special CollectionsPhoto of Mac Ward, Gen. Claire Chennault, & Ambassado Willauer in Monroe; letter dated October 14, 1958, from Willauer thanking Ward for the pictures
In Special Collections“Chennault Dealt Japanese Losses”(After his death in 1958)  Unsourced  
In Special Collections“Dedication of Chennault Memorial Set” (After his death in 1958)  Unsourced  
In Special Collections“Granny’s Joyride” Deep in Dixie, , Times-Picayune, March 10, 1968
In Special Collections“Fighting Schoolteacher” Deep in Dixie, , Times-Picayune, October 6, 1968
In Special Collections“Gen. C. Chennault Statue Scheduled for Unveiling” Unsourced
In Special Collections“Governor proclaims today Chennault Memorial Day” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, November 11, 1971
In Special CollectionsLouisiana Flight Patterns (Chennault) Memorial Issue, January 1972, Vol.1, No. 1 (NLU)
“General Claire L. Chennault” in picture before retirement in 1937, News-Star-World, July 2, 1976, Page 11B
“Ruston Resident Was Member of the Famous ‘Flying Tigers'” Monroe News-Star, Tuesday, May 25, 1976, Page 8A
“Martha E. Chennault, General’s Stepmother” obituary – Town Talk, Alexandria-Pineville, La., Wednesday, October 22, 1980
Folder of clippings on Miss Dillie Chennault , General Chennault’s stepmother
In Special Collections“Chennault depicted as real-life hero” Sunday Magazine, Baton Rouge Times, April 17, 1988 
“Claire Lee Chennault: The Lousiana Years” Louisiana History by William Smith, Graduate Student NLU
“The Making of a Hero: The Monroe Morning World Follows Claire Lee Chennault to War” Journal of North Louisiana History Association, Spring-Summer 1988, author,  Wm. M. Smith, Jr.
“Chennault Collection established in Achives” Ouachita Citizen, April 25, 1990 
“U. S. Postal Service to issue stamp in Mornroe honoring Chennault” News-Star, August 15, 1990, Page 1D
“A stamp of honor: Claire Chennault to be recognized for service” News-Star, September 2, 1990, Page 1D
“Claire Lee Chennault stamp unveiled Thursday” Ouachita Citizen, September 5, 1990, Page 1A
Flying Tiger First Day of Issue, Monroe, LA, Sep 6, 1990, 71203
“Flying Tigers” News-Star, September 6, 1990, Page 1B
“Monroe pupils experience a bit of history”  News-Star, September 6, 1990, Page 2D
“Late Flying Tiger ace wins postage stamp of approval” News-Star, September 7, 1990, Page 1B
“Chennault celebration” News-Star, Friday, September 7, 1990, Page 2B
“Chennault Honor” Ouachita Citizen, September 12, 1990
“Aviator, family steer course for Selman Field Museum” News-Star, Sunday, May 17, 1992, 1A
“Bit of history flies from England” News-Star, June 2, 1992, Page 5A
“Gilbert’s hero not forgotten” News-Star, March 14, 1997
“Chennault progeny shows feelings for the Flying Tigers” News-Star, December 9, 2001
“a tribute to the man behind The Flying Tigers” News-Star, Sunday August 11, 2002, Page 2A
“Chinese professor speaks of Chennault’s efforts in China” News-Star, March 7, 2005, Page 1B
“Honoring a Hero” News-Star, Sunday, October 16, 2005
“Chennault’s legacy flying high again with Warhawks” News-Star, April 17, 2006, Page 1A
“Museum could wear Chennault name soon” News-Star, June 6, 2008, Page 1B
In Special CollectionsAHMOLI (Aviation Historical Museum of Louisiana, Inc) TORCH Vol. 1, No. 2  – Pres. Nita Brinson
“Chennault of China: ‘An Unsung Hero'” by Thomas W. Daves (Claire Lee Chennault Memorial Scholarship information)
“Gen. Claire Lee Chennault and his Flying Tigers” by William Caverlee
Copy of genealogical page from Chennault Bible
Flying Tigers Barbecue flyer – Sept. 5, 1990 
In Special CollectionsCAT Bulletin  (3 Chinese magazines – Oct. 1957, Dec. 1957, Jan. 1958 & June 1957 Cover) 
Chopin, Kate“Early ‘Feminist’ Author Chopin Found N.O. Conducive Setting” Unsourced
“‘Free spirit’ Kate Chopin: Library awarded grant in honor of 1890s author” The Shreveport Times, April 1, 1989 (?), Page 21A
“Ready to Renovate: Bayou Folk Museum furnishings voved to storage, museum closed until April” Alexandria Daily Town Talk, Monday, December 21, 1998, Page C1
“Louisiana Leaders: Notable Women in History – Kate Chopin, 1850-1904)   Copyright 1996 Rachel C. Murphee
Don Cincone aka Rev. Don Wills
“Don Cincone, born in 1936 in Alto, is known for his 85 painted art pieces for producer Ross Hunter’s motion picture The Art of Love. In 1971 he received the silver medal of Literary Arts and Sciences in Rome. His works can be seen at various exhibitions and at permanent installations in the Monroe City Court Building, Monroe City Hall, and West Monroe City Hall.”
Painting “Don Juan Filhiol greeting Louis Alexander Breardon his arrival to Fort Miro, circa 1791” News-Star-World, July 2, 1976, Page 2A
“Profile: Don Cincone” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, January 18, 1979, Page 6A 
“From Sears to Stuttgart, Don Cincone saw it all” News-Star-World, December 2, 1982
“Art: Inspiration in Eros” Louisisiana Life, May/June 1983, pp. 86-87
“Cincone paints essence of objects” News-Star-World, October 6, 1985, Page 1D
“Don Cincone: Art Exhibit Thursday” Richland Beacon News, January 14, 1986
“Snyder celebration” (exhibited works of Don Cincone) News-Star,Tuesday, October 3, 1989, Page D1
“Pastor, artist Wills on the mend” News-Star, February 27, 1993
“Black art gains in popularity: Area museum offers venue for local artists” News-Star, September 27, 1994, Page 1A
” don cincone: The Artist” Ouachita Citizen Tempo, November 3, 1994
“AKA Don Cincone” News-Star, November 3, 1985, Page 1C
“‘The Night the Giraffe Danced'” News-Star, Friday, February 7, 1997, Page 1D “Visual artist Don Cincone designed the costumes and set.”
“Art & Soul: Cincone art transcends secular, chuch worlds” News-Star, April 12, 1997, Page 1B
“Celebrated African-American Artist Works with New Medium –Theatre” Art in Action” publication of Northeast La. Arts Council, Spring 1997, pages 4-5
“Local artist visits: Don Cincone…visited J.S. Clark Magnet School” News-Star, February 23, 1998
“The artist who returned home: Don Cincone discovers muse close to roots” News-Star, Sunday, September 29, 2002, Page 1A
“Spreading core values with art: Arcadian painter, pastor draws parallels between life, art” News-Star, May 15, 2006, Page 1A
“Mastering painting from a master painter” News-Star, Tuesday, August 7, 2012, Page B1
“Don Cincone” Bayou Life Magazine, December 2018, pp. 21-25
“Don Cincone: Jan. 14, 2019” brochure for exhibit by Northeast Louisiana Arts Council at West Monroe City Hall
Claiborne, William C. C.“William C. C. First Governor: Claiborn Filled His Short Life With Many Accomplishments” Southern Telephone News, May 1968, Pages 34-37 (5th in a series of articles  about the first governors of the 9 states in Southern Bell’s service area)
“Claiborne’s Rule” Louisiana Cultural Vistas, 2003, Pages 83-92
Mississippi Territorial Archives: Letter Books of W. C. C. Claiborne, Pages 146-227
“Jefferson -Burr Contest in Hands of Claiborne” Unsourced
“Sons of the South: William C. C. Claiborne” The Times-Picayune, December 27, 1964, Section 3, Page 10 (14th in a Seriies b Clayton Rand (2 copies)
Cochran, Olive Leigh Myatt
Interview with Olive Leigh Myatt Cochron  on April 14, 1988 by Lela Turpin, Mrs Cochran’s great-niece
Cohn FamilyGenealogical research on Leon Cohn – handwritten notes and Pedigree chart dated  7 June 2002
Information from The Jewish Ledger on Leon Cohn, D. aubrey Haas, Mrs. Manny Marx
Email from David Mayer to Ann Middleton on May 22, 2002 regarding Catholic & Jewish ancestors in Monroe
Email from David Mayer to Ann Middleton on May 23, 2002 regarding De Leon couple 
Telephone Interview with Henry Wolff, Sr.
“Hirsch Renamed Rabbi in Monroe” newspaper clipping Unsourced
Colvin FamilyInformation on John Colvin and his wife, Hannah Price copied from a book on the Colvin family
“Graveyard of Area Pioneers in Isolated Location” Unsourced newspaper article
“Out of the Past” Ruston Daily Leader, Wednesday, October 5, 1966
Conrad FamilyM.E. Lewis Conrad, wife of Charles M. Conrad and grand niece of George Washington – Find a Grade Cemetery Record
Charles Magill Conrad biography and copy of portrait painted by Daniel Huntington, famous painter in his time
Charles M. Conrad obit, New Orleans 1878
Death announcement for Hon. Charles M. Conrad in The Ouachita Telegraph, Friday, February 15, 1878, Page 3 , Column 1
Ancestry information on Mary Eliza Angela Lewis and Charles Magill Conrad
Information about burials in the Girod Street Cemetery in New Orleans, LA
Cook, Chuck“A tough road: Prosecuter Cook overcame foster homes, abuse, loneliness” News-Star, August 7, 1994, Page 1D
“Cook takes reins as sheriff Monday” Ouachita Citizen, June 27, 1996, Page 1A
“Cook takes helm” News-Star, July 1, 1996
“Cook settles into office” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, July 4, 1996
“Cook officially announces run for judgeship” News-Star, August 9, 2000
“Chuck Cook files suit against The News-Star, management”  News-Star, October 20, 2000
Cooksey, John (Dr., U.S. Representative)
Eyes on the World Living, Winter 1989, Pages 2-3
“Latest poll shows Cooksey surging to lead” Citizen Chronicle, September 1996, Vol. 1, Issue 3, Page 1
“War on drugs failing” Citizen Chronicle, September 1996, Vol. 1, Issue 3, Page 2
” Entitlement Issues” Citizen Chronicle, September 1996, Vol. 1, Issue 3, Page 3
“Endorsements” Citizen Chronicle, September 1996, Vol. 1, Issue 3, Page 4
“Health/Education plans” Citizen Chronicle, September 1996, Vol. 1, Issue 3, Page 5
“An Intimate look at John Cooksey” Citizen Chronicle, September 1996, Vol. 1, Issue 3, Page 6
“On the campaign trial” Citizen Chronicle, September 1996, Vol. 1, Issue 3, Page 8
“Leaders endorse Cooksey candidacy” Citizen Chronicle, November 1996, Vol. 1, Issue 5, Page 1
“Problems and solutions” Citizen Chronicle, November 1996, Vol. 1, Issue 5, Page 2
“School prayer a basic right” Citizen Chronicle, November 1996, Vol. 1, Issue 5, Page 3
“Cooksey’s anti-crime plan” Citizen Chronicle, November 1996, Vol. 1, Issue 5, Page 4
“News-Star endorsement” Citizen Chronicle, November 1996, Vol. 1, Issue 5, Page 5
“Town Talk comments” Citizen Chronicle, November 1996, Vol. 1, Issue 5, Page 6
” Signs, signs, everywhere Cooksey signs” Citizen Chronicle, November 1996, Vol. 1, Issue 5, Page 7
“Cooksey picks key personnel” Ouachita Citizen, December 5, 1996, Page 1A
“Highways ride high on Republican list” Ouachita Citizen, February 20, 1997, Page 1
“U. S. Rep. Dr. John Cooksey spent a busy week in the Louisiana Fifth District…” Ouachita Citizen, March 20, 1997
“NFIB honors Cooksey” Unsourced
“Congressman John Cooksey, right, visits with local jeweler Sam Rubin…” Ouachita Citizen, April 3, 1997
“Cooksey now on-line” Ouachita Citizen, April 17, 1997
“Rep. Cooksey, M.D., checks Congress” News-Star, April 13, 1997
“Cooksey focuses attention on constituents” Citizen Chronicle, May 1997, Vol. 1, Issue 6, Page 1
“Washington welcome” Citizen Chronicle, May 1997, Vol. 1, Issue 6, Page 2
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“Parish secures $500K in grants: Cooksey gets funds for schools, library” 
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“Cooksey unveils $36M airport plan” News-Star, August 8, 2000
“Cooksey announces $414,000 Federal grant to Columbia” Bastrop Daily Enterprise   Unsourced
“Cooksey meets with leaders” Friday, August 11, 2000  Unsourced 
“Airport:  Cooksey says the current airport is outdated.” News-Star, Sunday, August 13, 2000, Page 16A 
“Cooksey to present overdue Purple Heart” September 3, 2000   Unsourced
“New airport drive soars” News-Star, September 26, 2000 
“Cooksey, chamber huddle over airport hub” News-Star, September 30, 2000  
“Cooksey hears noise complaints” News-Star, January 29, 2001, Page 3A 
“Cooksey poised to challenge Landrieu” News-Star, February 11, 2001
“Cooksey lands key spot on committee” News-Star, March 8, 2001 Page 1A 
“Cooksey may reach for Senate seat at term’s end” News-Star, March 20, 2001 
“Cooksey regrets choice of words; defends ‘partisanship'” Ouachita Citizen, September 27, 2001 (Editorial)
“Cooksey makes it official: Congressman enters Senate race” Ouachita Citizen, January 10, 2002, Page 1
“Cooksey: ‘I can win this race'” Ouachita Citizen, February 21, 2002, Page 1
“Ann Cooksey: A committed Mother and Wife” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, May 9, 2002 , Page 1B
“Cooksey closes congressional office” Ouachita Citizen, December 26, 2002, A Section 
Miscellaneous articles on Cooksey’s 2000 campaign
Cooley Familyhandwritten genealogical information
      Captain  L.V. Cooley“Steamer captain mastered river” News-Star-World, Sunday, June 19, 1983, Page 1B
“Capt. Cooley Tells of Destitution” Monroe News-Star, Thursday, May 30, 1912, Page 1
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“Ghosts of Long Ago Bestir When Packet Comes Up River: Veteran Captain, Steamboating on Ouachita Since 1869, Keeps Alvie Ancient Traditions” Monroe News-Star, No date
      Captain  G.B. Cooley“Awarded Elks Loving Cup” Monroe News-Star, Thursday, September 19, 1929
Drawing of G.B. Cooley and highlights of his accomplishments, Monroe Morning World, December 27, 1931
    “1937 Citizenship Trophy to Be Given to Capt. Cooley” Monroe Morning World, November 14, 1937
“‘First Citizen’ to Be Honored” Monroe Morning World, December 5, 1937
“Capt. Cooley Receives Gold Trophy Award” Monroe News-Star, December 7, 1937
“Nostalgia: Industry turns to Monroe” News-Star-World, Sunday, August 31, 1980, 2D
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Certified copy of G. B. Cooley will filed February 4, 1953
“Short Rations by Amos and Helen Hood” Ouachita Citizen, Friday, January 18, 1963, Page 1A
Letter dated June 10, 1970, from James Weirick, professor in the Dept. of Landscape Architecture, University of Wales, Australia, “To the present owner of ‘The Cooley House'”
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“Presides at Health Meeting (May 1942) Unsourced
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Copy of picture of Monroe Steam Laundry, circa 1920
“Designed before its time” The News-Star Plus, Wednesday, July 31, 1991
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Research on Walter Burley Griffin and Prairie Style Architecture
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“Preserving an architectural treasure in Monroe” News-Star-World, Sunday, April 13, 2008, Page 4B
“Gliding on the Ouachita”  – Unsourced
Copy of photo of Mrs. Selina Cooley and Mrs. Louise Williams – First Prize in Parade, July 4, 1904 
Copy of photo of G.B. Cooley and LA. Laundry Owners on boat
Coon, John – Mayor of Monroe 1949-1956
“Share the Opportunities of Monroe” Daily News Digest, Monroe, La. Thursday, July 17. 1952, Page 1
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“Former Monroe mayor dies”  News-Star, March 10, 1993
Copies of obituaries  Unsourced
Cordes Family“Dr. Anthony Cordes and Some of His Descendants” South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, V. 44 (1942, 1943)
Genealogical research notebook of Jacob M. Carter, Jr.
Corry FamilyCopies of 5 pages from James William Corry’s 1857 Bible, owned by Elizabeth Calhoun May, Rayville, La. 
Cosper FamilyBiographical information on early Cospers in Ouachita Parish and their humanitarian contributions. Dr. Cosper was the father of Anna Gray who married James A. Noe of Monroe.
Copy of 1892 legal papers regarding a sale for $5.00 of Cosper property to the Methodist Episcopal Church
Covington, Jr., William G. “Bill” – Educator, Public Speaker, Author
Frustrated or Fulfilled, 1983
“Business News: Covington listed in Who’s Who” Ouachita Citizen, August 21, 1997
“Covington book published” Ouachita Citizen, February 5, 1998
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“Local author publishes research in journal” Ouachita Citizen, August 13, 1998
“WM native releases new book” Ouachita Citizen, November 26, 1998
Cramer Family“Floyd Cramer to be here March 8” Ouachita Citizen, March 1, 1969, Page 1A
“Parents of Floyd Cramer live in West Monroe; son contiues musical career in Nashville,Tenn.” Ouachita Citizen, September 25, 1970, Page 1A
Crook-Massengale Families
Bible Records Crook-Massengale Family, presented by Mrs. Frederick H. Richardson through Long Leaf Pine Chapter 6-029-LA, Louisiana Society of the N.S.D.A.R.
Crosby Family“Crosby Early History” genealogical information
Crosley FamilyCopy of letter written by J. R. Crosby to his son, Charlie Clayton, from Trenton, La., on September 25, 1866
Copies of notes in Bible and pictures of Charlie Clayton and J. R. Crosby
Genealogical Record by Ella Jean Dyke
Notes on Joseph Perry Crosley
Copies of legal documents of Crosley
“The Crosleys” News-Star, March 6, 2003, Page 6D
Copy of Succession of J. P. Crosley, filed December 23, 1876
Cryer, E. B. (Captain)Obituary “In Memory of Capt. E.B.Cryer” Monroe News-Star, Friday, February 4, 1910, Page 2, Column 3
“In Memoriam” Captain E. B. Cryer: Copied from a handwritten paper by Kate F. McGuire (Mrs. H. M.) dictated to her by Major Shaw Jones
Copy of Forney Coat of Arms – Motto is on post of Gazebo at Halsey Cemetery, given in memory of Captain E.B. Cryer and Lavinia Meek Williams Cryer
D – Biography“Newsman (Chuck Daley) ‘imagineers’ miniature railroad” News-Star-World, Sunday, November 28, 1982, Accent Section
“Mr. and Mrs. Dandridge Are Guests of Honor at Bridge Ere Departure for New Home” News-Star, No date 
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“Former ULM professor August Danti dead at 83” News-Star, Wednesday, May 31, 2006, Page 1B
Obituary, News-Star, June 1, 2006, Page 3B
“He gave his time, until it was gone” News-Star, June 2, 2006
“Native (Betty Ivory Davis) making firsts in Alaska” News-Star, November 27, 2000 (Note: Black History)
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“Deal a ‘strong, brave man'” News-Star, May 19, 2006
“Community pays respects to Deal” News-Star, May 27, 2006, Page 1A
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(Errol Donovan)”I like dealing with people” Louisiana Twin Cities, January, 1986
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“They Built the South” (Dr. Bennet Dowler) by Clayton Rand (Unsourced)
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T. Cloyd Drew in Ouachita Parish Biographies Eastern Louisiana, Williamson (1939)
“Rev. Herman L. Driskell was NEVER a deacon. He was a licensed minister in the Southern Baptist Convention, having received his master’s from Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Ky. He was the organizing minister of First Baptist Church in West Monroe, 1920, where he also served a second pastorate. ” – Note signed by his daughter, Hermione M. Driskell, 1992
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Dabbs/Muse FamiliesGenealogy records submitted by Julia A. Scott, November 10, 2008, including Biography of Julia Washington Bourgeat Muse Dabb and Bible Records from LA Archives 
Daniel FamilyLetter from Jim Mitchell of Kingwood, TX regardinging graves of Frances J. Daniel/Mitchell and family friend Calvin Johnson in Antioch Cemetery located in West Ouachita Parish, LA; Photocopy of Cadeville Lodge and marker with names of subscribers for erecting School House and Hall; copy of Red Rover County Texas Genealogical Society Quarterly, Winter 2005/2006
Davis, JeffersonJefferson Davis Highway  – Publication of Louisiana Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy
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“New Louisiana…The Land of Opportunity – The Souths’ Treasure Chest of Natural Resources”  State Brochure
Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie H. Davis, ca. 1971
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Davis, John D. FamilyGenealogical records and correspondence about Davis family submitted byMrs. Billie D. Jones
Davis, Lewis Cookston Family    Genealogical records and documents submitted by Mrs. Marguerite D. Malone
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“Degas Painting Within Grasp” Unsourced
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“A degree of generosity” News-Star, September 8, 1991
“Noted toxicologist named to DeGree endowed chair” News-Star, December 7. 1991, Page 7A
“Honorary Membership” News-Star, March 6, 1992
“Kitty DeGree and Cyril Yancy have been named recipients of the Mother Gertrude Henessey Humanitarian Awards…” News-Star, May 10, 1992, Page 2E
“Bound for Russia” News-Star, May 26, 1992
“New member aboard” News-Star, March 4, 1993
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DeLay, Adah VinsonBiography: Adah Vinson Delay, Caddo Parish, La. Submitted by Thomas J. Casteel
Denis (St. Denis) Family“Titles of the Denis Family in Acadia, Canada, England, France and Louisiana” (from the Manuscipts Division of Tulane University  Library
“Right of Nobility of Simon Denis”
“Story of St. Denis Weaves History and Romance into Thrilling Tale of Long Ago”
Maps of Natchtoches Isles, part of the Louisiana Territory, and trail that St. Denis traveled
Dent FamilyCov. Bk. A, Pgs 100-01, Dec. 17, 1807 – Abram Morehouse sells for $1250 to Josiah Johnston of Rapides Parish two tracts of land on “Bayou Barthelomy.” Witnesses: Hatch Dent & Isaac M”Nutt
Genealogical pedigree of Hatch Dent (M) b. 06 Feb 1775, d. 1818
Copy of pages from Rapides Parish History by Sue Eakin
Copy of page 18 of Records of Maryland Troops in the Continental Service
Copy of Musters of Maryland Troops, Vol. I – Page 101
Copy of Records of Maryland Troops in the Continental Service – Page 616
Copy of Deed from A. Morehouse to John Griffing – Page 577
Copy of 1810 Rapides Parish Census – Page 279
De Soto, Hernando“History of the Discovery and Settlement of the Valley of the Mississippi” by John W. Monette, M. D., 1846
“‘Bring the Spaniards’ Heads!” Deep in Dixie, December 30, 196?
“De Soto Played Peacemaker” Deep in Dixie, No Date
“Narvaez’ Strange Vessels” Deep in Dixie, January 22, 1967
“The Start of Southern Ham” Deep in Dixie, No Date
“The Loss of Two Treasures” Deep in Dixie, No Date
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10 Articles about Hernando de Soto retrieved and printed in May 2001
DeTiege, Irma “Monroe Editor Named “Business Woman of the Year” The Monroe Dispatch, July 29-August 4, 1999
“Scenes from the Southern Black Business Association Woman and Man of the Year” The Monroe Dispatch, July 29-August 4, 1999, Page 5
“Dispatch publisher dies at 83” News-Star, November 28, 2004
“Newspaper Publisher Irma De Tiege dies!” Monroe Free Press, July 5, 2014, Page 1
“Celebrating the Life of Irma Gene Hall DeTiege” The Monroe Dispatch First Ed: December 3, 1931 – Last Editorial: July 1, 2014
DeVille FamilyGenealogical Pedigree
Dinkgrave, Bernard Hemkin (B.H.)  (His letter written to Muse Dabbs on April 16, 1865, was kept by the Dabbs family for 144 years and is now in SC).
Information about the life of Bernard Hempkin Dinkgrave (September 29, 1844-August 31, 1876) submitted by Julia A. Scott:
“Ben Dinkgrave lived a short 32 years but in those years he was Dorcas Dinkgrave’s son a soldier in the cause of the Confederate States of America, a treasured friend of James Muse Dabbs, a Doctor, a Sheriff, a husband to Marie Antoinette Waite, possibly a father, and a martyr to the Republican political cause. He was murdered on Louisville at the Ouachita River by an assassin who was never identified or punished. May God Rest Ben Dinkgrave’s soul.”
Dowdy, J.O.C.Confederate Veteran request for pension
Downing, Ron“Ron Downing moves back to the future” The Ouachita Citizen Tempo, January 29, 1998, Page 7A
“Who IS Ron Downing?” Louisiaa Road Trips, March 2006, Page 11
Downs, Solomon Weathersby(bee) Family
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Handwritten list of Downs marriage records 1803-1899
5 Color Photos of S.W. Downs grave stones taken by Lora Peppers
Drago-Deen FamiliesGenealogical records on the Drago and Deen families
Obituary: Drago Funeral
“William Drago, Architect of Note, Is Dead” Unsourced
Duke, David“Duke, David Ernest” Unsourced biography, pages 173-174
“Ex-Klan Leader Facing First Test in Senate Bid” New York Times, December 8, 1989
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“Duke says he fears ‘crazies’ may kill him” Monroe News-Star, April 22, 1990, Page 1B
“Duke more showman than politician” Monroe News-Star, May 2, 1990
“Duke joins in the parade and smaller bands play on” Monroe News-Star, May 7, 1990
“Anti-Duke group puts message in a bottle” Monroe News-Star, June 12, 1990
“Duke blasts welfare at Fourth fund-raiser” News-Star, July 5, 1990, Page 2B 
“Duke: TV campaign will show true side” Monroe News-Star, July 13, 1990, Page 1B
“Unknown political group has Duke ties” Monroe News-Star, August 16, 1990, Page 1A
“Duke threatens suit against Bell” Monroe News-Star, August 25, 1990
“A campaign with a cause takes on Duke” Monroe News-Star, April 26, 1990, Page 1A
“While Foe, Duke, May Be Aiming to Fund National Right-Wing Machine” Wall Street Journal, August 29, 1990
“La.’s Duke runs against his past” USA Today, October 3, 1990
“Duke scores big in Louisiana loss” USA Today, October 8, 1990
“Duke intends to run for governor” Monroe News-Star, January 5, 1991, Page 7A
“Duke reveals plans for race” Monroe News-Star, January 27, 1991, Page 1B
“Duke Campaign” USA Today, March 14, 1991
“Boston gives Duke cold reception” Monroe News-Star, March  29, 1991, Page 7A
“Duke bill to battle bias gets panel OK” Monroe News-Star, May 25, 1991, Page 1A
“Conduct Unbecoming a Racist” Spy Magazine, September 1991, Pages 38-43 
“Duke learns of Feds’ raid, plans to stay in Russia” USA Today, October 23, 1991
“Duke: Erratic past leads to shot at the top” The Times-Picayune, Sunday, November 3, 1991, Page A-12
“Federal agents search David Duke’s home” News-Star, November 17, 2000, Page 1A
“D-Day for David Duke” Unsourced
“IRS, FBI and postal agents take financial records, hard drives” Unsourced, December 5, 2000
“Federal agents’ raid was a conspiracy, Duke says” Unsourced, December 12, 2000
“Busting in and Running Out” Unsourced
“Duke enters guilty plea” News-Star, Thursday, December 19, 2002, Page 1A
“Duke ready to begin 15-month stay at Texas federal prison” News-Star, Wednesday, April 16, 2003, Page 5A
“Former Klansman David Duke enters race (U.S. Senate)” News-Star, Saturday, July 23, 2016, Page 1A
Dunn Family1850 Census Tennessee, Index to the Surname Dunn, transcribed and indexed by Byron and Barbara Sistler
E–Biography“Civil War sibling looks back…Mrs. Fannie Jewel Kersh Earl turns 100” Unsourced
“Family Jewel: At 105, Jewel Kersh Earl is the child of a Civil War soldier and has outlived her siblings, husband and children” News-Star, March 19, 2006, Page 1D
“Clark mayor dies of heart attack at 75: Johnny Eason, also known as “Hooking Bull” or “Big John,” oversaw the growth of Clarks from a village into a town during his three terms as mayor.” News-Star, October 28, 2003
“Veteran Democrat likes GOP:  T. G. Easterling…one of Ouachita Parish’s oldest voters” Monroe Morning World, August 24, 1978. Page 1B
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“Monroe businessman (Lee) Edwards dead at 79” News-Star, March 30, 2004, Page 3A
“Owner of Elias’ (Albert Elias) store dead at 70” News-Star, April 22, 2006, Page 1B
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“Allen J. Ellender, Lawyer – Farmer – Stateman” obituary, October 1, 1982
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“Grambling’s (Wilbert) Ellis now a Hall of Famer” News-Star, Wednesday, September 20, 2006, Page 1C
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East, Wade“Dr. Wade Butler East” obituary,  News-Star, Thursday, March 29, 1990, Page 2B
“A sorely-felt loss”  News-Star, Thursday, March 29, 1990, Page 10A
“Longtime Children’s Home leader Wade East dies” Baptist Message, April 5, 1990, Page 14
“Dr. Wade B. East Died” Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home News, April, 1990 (Several articles on his life & service)
“Dr. East Remembered” Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home News, May, 1990 (Several articles on his life & service)
Edwards FamilyEdwards’ Genealogy – Wealthean Edwards (1765) who married Wilson Coleman Pemberton on November 13, 1785. 
Edwards/Todd FamiliesPhotocopied pages from Historic Sketches of The Edwards and Todd Families and Their Descendants (1523-1895) by Georgie Hortense Edwards
Memorandum Book of John Todd: Written during September 1774 on a march against the Indians from Camp Union, Virginia, to the Ohio River (Keepsake Nimber 13) University of Kentucky Library Associates, 1964
Edwards, Edwin – File INewspaper clippings on Edwin Edwards from 1974 & 1980s
Edwards, Edwin – File IINewspaper clippings on Edwin Edwards from 1990s
Edwards, Edwin – File IIINewspaper clippings on Edwin Edwards from 1990s
Emery, Emma Wilson“Poet Laureate of Louisiana” Shreveport Magazine, August 1961, Page 32
Emma Wilson Emery: First Poet Laureate of Louisiana, Informal Lecture: “The Human Side”
Endom Family“from out of our past…Scenes of Yesterday in the Twin Cities” Monroe Morning World, October 25, 1964 (picture of Endom Livery Stable in 1893)
“from out of our past…Scenes of Yesterday in the Twin Cities” Monroe Morning World, No Date (picture of Endom Transfer Co. around 1890)
“19th century livery and transfer service did booming business” News-Star-World, Sunday, December 7, 1980, Page 1D
Fred Endom first elected mayor Ouachita Citizen, April 1, 1983, Page 15
“Endom led Monroe’s growth” News-Star-World, Sunday, January 10, 1988, Page 1D
Program for Memorial Service held on January 10, 1988 for Former Mayor Fred Endom (1874-84; 1886-88)
“Ponies to Taxicabs Marks History of Transfer Firm” Unsourced
“Founding fathers get recognition” News-Star-World, Sunday, April 24, 1988
“Endom history vital to area” Ouachita Citizen, April 27, 1988, Page 6A
“Bridge-renaming ceremony brings Endoms together” News-Star-World, May 1, 1988, Page 1B
Postcard from Fred Endom to his daughter dated October 30, 1910 (in SC)
Epinet, Louis (Eppinette)“Louis Epinet, Early Resident of the Ouachita Post Area” by Elba Anthony Dardeau, Jr., Louisiana Genealogical Register, December 1989, Page 362
“Louis Epinet, Early Resident of the Ouachita Post Area” by Elba Anthony Dardeau, Jr., Louisiana Genealogical Register, March 1990, Page 22 (Continued from Vol. XXXVI, No. 4, December 1989)
Estes, Lee“Northeast Louisiana fertile subject for photographer Lee Estes” Baton Rouge Advocate, No Date
“Fading Textures” Ouachita Citizen TEMPO, Thursday, November 2, 1995, Page 5A
“Fading Textures: Photographer records past through work” Unsourced
“fading textures: Lee Estes Tells the Story of Northeast Louisiana Through Black & White Photography” Delta Style, October 2000
“Frozen in Time” News-Star, Sunday, November 26, 2000, Page 1D
“WWII veteran, author to sign ‘Fading Warriors'” News-Star May 2, 2005
“Local photographer prepares for exhibit” News-Star, August 7, 2005
Evans, Alvin Olin (A. O.)Letter from granddaughter of Olin Evans recounting his contributions to Monroe-West Monroe
A. O. Evans Award given in his honor
Ewing Family“Veteran Editor Expires on Plane: John D. Ewing, Shreveport Publisher, Was 60” Unsourced
“John D. Ewing” obituary, Unsourced
“John D. Ewing: A Creative Louisiana Publisher”  Unsourced
“3 Named Head of Ewing Holdings” Unsourced
Death Record announcement: “John Dunbrack Ewing, A (VMI) 164, 1892, 1910. May 17, 1952.”
Two thank you cards
“Mrs. John D. Ewing Dies in Gulfport” Unsourced
Newspaper clipping: “The Monroe News-Star, Wilson Ewing, Editor Publisher”
Newspaper clipping: “Monroe Morning World, Founded October 20, 1929 by Robert Ewing, Wilson Ewing, Editor-Publisher”
Newspaper clipping: obituary for Wilson Ewing Unsourced
“Wilson Ewing Funeral Here” Unsourced
“Ewing Rites Slated Today” Unsourced
Newspaper clipping: “Wilson Ewing, Louisiana News Executive, Dies” Unsourced
Newspaper clipping: “Wilson Ewing, La. Newspaper Executive, Dies” Unsourced
Business card: J. L. Ewing, Advertising Director for News-Star-World Publishing Corporation
“Mildred Elizabeth Hunt Ewing” obituary, News-Star, October 2, 1996
“Ewing funeral held in Monroe” Ouachita Citizen, October 10, 1996, Page 6A
Ewing, Randy“New Senate head sees balance in leadership” News-Star, November 23, 1995, 1A
“NLU Graduation” News-Star, December 15, 1996  (Keynote speaker)
F – Biography“For Court Clerk (R. Dean Farr) Long Tenure Ending” Monroe Morning World, Sunday, May 29, 1960, 1B 
“The Championship Career of Kevin Faulk” Acadiana Profile, Vol. 23, No. 5, Page 14
“R. M. Faust Died at Logtown Today” May 13, 1913 Unsourced
“Striking a chord: Elloree Guitars are a handmade craft.” (Rick Felkel) News-Star, Sunday, June 22, 2003, Page 1D
“Guitar Man” (Danny Ferrington) News-Star, January 17, 1993, Page 1D
“Hometown salute to honor Chuck Finley” Ouachita Citizen, November 4, 1993
“Pilots to honor 30-year aviation businessman” (Russell Fleeman) Monroe News Star, May 21, 1991
“Bringing light to art, art to light” (Bruce Fleming) News-Star, March 14, 2002
“Get on your bike: Local man hits the road to put Focus on the Family” (Ken Fletcher) News-Star, March 3, 2001, Page 1B
“Fluker” Obituary of Florence Fluker, Ouachita Citizen, January 6, 1994, Page 2A
“Pot luck: Artisan produces pottery by the ton” (Ken Folette) The Times Sunday Magazine, February 16, 1986, Page 3F
“Widow of Late State Governor Dies at Franklin” (Rose Routh Ker Foster, widow of Gov. Murphy J. Foster) Unsourced
“If Someone Else Can Make It, So Can I” (Frank and Birdie Fragala) Monroe Morning World, Sunday, May 7, 1978, Page 4D
“Frantoms Settled in Ouachita Early” (written by Courtland Frantom Landreaux) Ouachita Citizen, Friday, August 11, 1961
“Task master: Richwood’s Freeze expected the best and usually got it” (Coach Mackie Freeze and Don Zimmerman) News-Star, July 15, 2005, Page 4C
“Final Rites for Doctor French Slated Thursday” obituary of Dr. J. T. French Unsourced
“A friend indeed: The Most Rev. William Friend celebrates 25 years as bishop” News-Star, November 20, 2004, Page 1D
“Paul Fudikar, Sr.” Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson and Goodman, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 829
“Post-Civil War Painting Owned by District Judge” (Judge & Mrs. Fred Fudickar with son Charles) Unsourced
Facen, A. G. “Facen one of Ouachita’s first civil rights activists” March 8, 1983 Unsourced
“A.G. Facen” online article retrieved February 5, 1998
“Facen, Anthony G.” Free Press, “The Quest for Freedom” supplement, February 17, 1990, Page 12
“Rights pioneer dies at 92” News-Star, June 22, 1991
“Bro. A. G. Facen” The Monroe Dispatch, February 6 – 12, 1997
Fant, Lenny“For Fant, art of shooting was Job One” News-Star, January 5, 1998
“Whatever is God’s will is what I want” News-Star, February 5, 1998
“Fant was much more than just a basketball coach” News-Star, October 13, 1998
“Fant’s legacy lives on in ‘his boys'” News-Star, October 13, 1998
“Lenny O’neil Fant” obituary, Ouachita Citizen, October 13, 1998
“Lenny O’neil Fant” obituary, Ouachita Citizen, October 15, 1998
“Friends say goodbye to Fant: Coliseum funeral put coach back on court he loved” News-Star, October 15, 1998, Page 1A
“Fant fathered NLU’s winning hoops tradition” Ouachita Citizen, October 15, 1998
“Players’ fond feelings for Coach Fant never went away” News-Star, February 7, 1998
Faulk FamilySeveral articles from  Miss May Faulk’s Scrapbook published by The Ouachita Citizen from Thursday, November 9, 1978 through Thursday, September 13, 1979 (There is a bound copy in GC.)
“Miss May Faulk dies; Rites Set for 4:30 Today” Monroe Morning World, September 2, 1956, Page 1
“Robert Williams Faulk, M. D.”Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson and Goodman, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 678
“Clarence Eugene Faulk” Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson and Goodman, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 639
“Another Old Home Razed: C.E. Faulk Sr. Residence on McClendon Being Torn Down”  Unsourced
“Ruston philanthropist dead” (Louise Faulk) News-Star, June 10, 2003, Page 3A
“W.G. Faulk Dies; Rites Wednesday” News-Star, April 26, 1977, Page 1A
W. G. Faulk wrote a weekly column for The Ouachita Citizen from 1967-1977 and published the articles as a book entitled Twain, which is in our library.
“Services held for W. Gilbert Faulk” Ouachita Citizen, April 28, 1977, Page 7A
“Gilbert Faulk, a great man passes” Ouachita Citizen, April 28, 1977
Genealogy of the Faulk Family (pages copied from a book)
Obituaries from The Ouachita Telegraph, The Register, The Monroe Bulletin, & The Monroe News-Star
Biography of John Tillman Faulk, a longtime resident of Ouachita Parish (shared by Charles Schweizer)
“In Memoriam – John t. Faulk” The Ouachita Telegraph, Saturday, November 25, 1871, Page 3, Col. 2
“An Old Pioneer’s Story: Murder Trial in Ouachita in 1816” by John T. Faulk   The Ouachita Telegraph, Saturday, November 12, 1870, Page 2, Col. 4
Faulkner, William“New Orleans Revisited: How Faulkner Wrote Sonnet”(Copyright, 1954, by J. A. Wobbe and The Item) Unsourced newspaper
“Exploring New Orleans – 624 Pirates’ Alley: Faulkner Lived Here” The Times-Picayune (?), March 17, 1974, Section 3 – Page 10
“Faulkner’s Mississippi” National Geographic, 1964 by Willie Morris
Feazel Family“Forebears of Feazel Family Were 2 Adventurous Brothers” Ouachita Citizen, Friday, February 17, 1961, Page 1A
“W. C. Feazel Rites Held Wednesday” Ouachita Citizen, Friday, March 19, 1965 
Ferrand Family“Ferrands fled war-torn France” News-Star, November 8, 1998
“Ferrand lineage extends to today” News-Star, November 15, 1998, Page 3D
“Marriage of two creates family’s descendants in Louisiana” News-Star, July 19, 1998
“Ferrands make mark during heyday of plantations” News-Star, December 13, 1998, Page 5D
“Times change as Ferrands watch” News-Star, December 20, 1998, Page 2D
“Ferrand” Williams, Encyclopedia of Founding Families of the Ouachita Valley of Louisiana, 1785 to 1850, Vol. 1, Pages 271-285 
Fewell, Richard“New official takes oath under Joiner” News-Star  No date
“Jones, Fewell made area safer for children” September 2000 editorial Unsourced
“Ouachita deputies to get raise: Hike announded after Cook brings audit” December 5, 2000 Unsourced
“Sheriff facing reinstatement suit” News-Star, December 15, 2000
“Fewell turns swearing-in into family affair” News-Star, July 1, 2004, Page 1B
Fihiol, Don Juan FamilyCondensation by Frances Flanders (dated October 11, 1949) of an article written by James Fair Hardin and published in the Louisiana Historical Quarterly, April 1937
“The Grave of Don Juan Filhiol” Monroe News-Star, Tuesday, December 9, 1919, Page 3
“Burial Spot of Ouachita’s 1st Military Commandant Is Lost” News-Star, January 8, 1950, Page 10
“Don Juan Filhiol, Founder of Monroe, Donated Courthouse,  School Sites” Daily News-Digest, Monroe, La., Thursday 17, 1952
“Founder of Fort Miro Was Picturesque Adventurer” Monroe Morning World, February 27, 1955, Page 7C
“Bridge Memorial to Juan Filhiol?” Ouachita Citizen, February 9, 1962, 1A
“Local Resident Is Oldest Known Descendent of Juan Filhiol, For Whom Marker Will Be Set Up Soon” Ouachita Citizen, January 10, 1964, Page 1A
“The Wells Family of Louisiana and Allied Families” (Background of Francoise Poiret, wife of Don Juan Filhiol)
“Filhiol Marker To Be Dedicated” Ouachita Citizen, January 17, 1964, 1A
Program for Marker Dedication, 209 Filhiol Avenue, West Monroe, La., January 19, 1964
“Filhiol planted first colony on Ouachita” From L.S.U. Library Louisiana Collection 1935 (looking back 150 years)
“Miss Faulks’s Scrapbook” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, August 16, 1979 (about Filhiol’s grave and life)
Translation of the Petition for a Fort to Don Juan Filhiol from inhabitants of the settlement, dated September 4, 1790
Orders issued to Filhiol by Governor Miro to establish local government in the settlement
State Historical Marker: Site of Filhiol House
Brief history of establishment of Fort Miro and how Monroe got its name
Genealogical information on heirs of Don Juan Filhiol
“Daughter in Sad Marriage” Monroe Morning World, Sunday, March 16, 1969, Page 5F (Filhiol’s daughter Marie Barbe)
Picture of Don Juan Filhiol’s cannon (1783)
“Don Juan Filhiol at Écore à Fabri” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, Summer 1987, Vol. XLVI, No. 2
Original in SCCopy of Programme North Louisiana Historical Pageant “Don Juan’s Dream” at Forsythe Park, November 30, 1922
Dr. Russ Williams’ diagram of Fort Miro  and map of land grants
Research Material (through courtesy of Mr. J. Fair Hardin) & Translations of Filhiol letters to Gov. Miro
Copy for a history of Monroe in the Monroe Morning World, October 31, 1935 – “Coming of Don Juan Filhiol  Great Historical Event” – “Spanish Standards Planted on Shores Just 150 Years Ago” – “October, 1785, Marked the Beginning of Established Community Development in the Ouachita Wilderness”
State Historical Marker: Site of Filhiol House
“Don Juan Filhiol: Soldier-Adventurer Settled Monroe Area” Monroe Morning World, July 2, 1972, Page 17F
“Filhiol Portrait Nears Finish” (Fred Gianforte also did Fort Miro painting for Bicentiennial) Unsourced (1976)
“Don Juan Filhiol’s Logtown Plantation endures” News-Star-World, September 26, 1982, Page 6D 
“Filhiol Holds First Area Thanksgiving” Unsourced
“Filhiol established early road system” News-Star-World, Sunday, December 19, 1982, Page 9D
“Early Hero Characterized as Romantic” Monroe News-Star, No Date, Page 10H
“Ouachita began to take form under Filhiol” News-Star-World, Sunday, March 6, 1983, Page 1A
“Twin Cities pay tribute to founder” News-Star-World, Sunday March 13, Page 1A
“Simple marker honors Filhiol” News-Star-World, Sunday, July 8, 1984, Sec. D
“Filhiol marker moved to W.M. City Hall” News-Star-World, Saturday, February 27, 1988, Page 3D
“Noted Name Crops Up in 18th Century” Monroe News-Star World, Page 7H, No Date
Program for Dedication of Historic Marker Honoring Jean Baptiste Filhiol (Don Juan) by DAR on November 13, 1993
“Filhiol’s influence on area emphasized” News-Star, October 4, 1999, Page 3D
“A different world: Mer Rouge named from a sea of red flowers” News-Star (for Our French Connection “Francofête ’99)
“Filhiol, Don Juan” in Alcée Fortier’s Louisiana, 1909, Pages 421-22
Copy of letter to Don Juan Filhiol from Will Dawson
Filhiol, Grammont Family
Photocopies of portraits of Hypolite Filhiol and Edmond Landry Grammont Filhiol
Photocopies of 5 envelopes addressed to Grammont Filhiol and 1 addressed to Madame Filhiol
A copy of a letter from Judge John E. Overton to Grammont Filhiol
Notes from the abstract on Logtown and other notes made after reviewing documents John Hardy and Sis inherited
Obituary of Grammont Filhiol from The Ouachita Telegraph, Saturday, July 22, 1871, Page 2, Column 3
Filhiol, Hardy H. FamilyHistory of Filhiol family in Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Louisiana, pages 413-414
“Hardy H. Filhiol” in Alcée Fortier’s Louisiana, 1909, Volume II
Genealogical information on Afred Ferrand Filhiol and Ida Cecilia Clawson
Notes from the abstract on Logtown and other notes made after reviewing documents John Hardy and Sis inherited
Copy of Louise A. Filhiol’s handwritten last will and testament
Genealogical information on Afred Ferrand Filhiol and wife Ida Cecilia Clawson
Filhiol, Hypolite Family“The Hypolite Filhiol house” Monroe Morning World, February 20, 1966, Page 8A
History of Filhiol family in Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Louisiana, pages 412-413
“Hypolite Filhiol” in Alcée Fortier’s Louisiana, 1909, Volume II
“Hippolite Filhiol v. Charles E. Maurice” Supreme Court of the United States (Oct. Term, 185 U.S., page 827)
“Hippolite Filhiol v. George H. Torney” Supreme Court of the United States (Oct. Term, 194 U.S., page 1014)
Filhiol, John B. FamilyJohn B. Filhiol, II, Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1232
“Jean Baptiste (or John B.) Filhiol” in Alcée Fortier’s Louisiana, 1909, Volume III
“Historic family honored” Ouachita Citizen Tempo Unsourced
“Don Juan Filhiol’s Sword” The Monroe Bulletin, March 26, 1884
“A  Distinguished Mystery” Monroe Morning World, October 30, 1936 (“believed by some to be a portrait of Don Juan himself.”
“Filhiol descendent remembers Frenchman who served Spain” News-Star, July 5, 1998
“Florence Miller Filhiol” Unsourced
“Florence Miller Filhiol” Unsourced
“Marie Adele Filhiol” Obituary, News-Star, July 6, 1997
Photocopy of Logtown Plantation
“Shackelford French Real Estate, Inc. Presents Logtown Plantation”  (Sales Brochure)
Fan Genealogical Chart of the family of John Baptiste Filhiol, Jr.
John B. Filhiol Home records dated May 9, 1936 (copy of WPA papers?)
Census records for 1860, 1870, 1900 and email to Larry Foreman from Katherine David
Notes from the abstract on Logtown and other notes made after reviewing documents John Hardy and Sis inherited
Filhiol, John Hardy Family
Some Information About the Ancestry of John Hardy Filhiol and Georgia Blanchard Filhiol submitted by Catherine Filhiol Golden on December 20, 2002
More Information About the Ancestry of John Hardy Filhiol and Georgia Blanchard Filhiol submitted by Catherine Filhiol Golden on July 31, 2003
And Some More Information About the Ancestry of John Hardy Filhiol and Georgia Blanchard Filhiol submitted by Catherine Filhiol Golden on December 25, 2003
Filhiol, Roland FamilyHistory of Filhiol family in Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Louisiana, page 414
Notes from the abstract on Logtown and other notes made after reviewing documents John Hardy and Sis inherited
“Antiques lover buys piece of Monroe history” News-Star, March 4, 2007, Page 1A
“The spirits of Filhiol House”  News-Star, August 2, 2007, Page 1A
Fink, Paul 3 Printouts from the Internet on 5/13/2016 of Representative Elect Paul Fink (News-Star, April 30, 1936)
Printout from the Internet on 5/13/2016 of Paul Fink Candidate for Senator (News-Star, December 31, 1939)
2 Printouts from the Internet on 5/13/2016 of Paul Finkfor Senator (News-Star, February 11, 1940)
Printout from the Internet on 5/13/2016 of Paul Fink “Sign Deed for Rehabilitation Site” (News-Star, April 23, 1954)
Printout from the Internet on 5/13/2016 of Paul Fink “Lion of the Year” (News-Star, June 25, 1975)
“Fink put something back into area” News-Star-World, Tuesday, December 10, 1985
“‘Dr. Fink’ tonic for community” News-Star, Sunday, August 14, 1988
“Fink to receive National Award” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, August 4, 1994  (NSDAR Medal of Honor)
“DAR presents award to Monroe’s Paul Fink” News-Star, Sunday, August 7, 1994, Accent Section
“Award Winner: Daughters of the American Revolution national award winner Paul Fink with Ft. Miro DAR Regent Maurene Hancock” News-Star, Sunday, August 21, 1994
“DAR honors Fink” Unsourced
“City’s oldest Lion pinned for years of good service” News-Star, Wednesday, November 16, 1994
“Fink receives first medal from Lodge” Ouachita Citizen, March 13, 1997 & Correction March 20, 1997
“Paul Fink dies at 98” News-Star, December 12, 2002, Page 1A
Fitzhugh-Grymes Families
Booklet by Liza Lawrence: The Vistas at “Eagle’s Nest” (The Fitzhugh-Grymes Family Home: King George County, VA) Includes information on Carters and Harrisons as well as the Fithughs and Grymes. All were among the 10 wealthiest families in mid-18th C. Virginia.
Flanders, FrancesRecommendation of Miss Frances Flanders for the Essae M. Culver Achievement Award
Interview with Miss Frances Vivian Flanders by Kay MacDonald on March 20, 1986
“New Libarian at Ouachita Paarish Public Library Is Well Qualified to Answer All Questions Pertaining to Books” Monroe Morning World, July 14, 1946, Page 13
“Louisiana Librairies — Yesterday & Today ” by Frances Flanders, dated April 12, 1961
“Observance Centers New Interest on Public Library” Monroe Morning World, Sunday, April 12, 1970, Page 1B
86 yr old Attorney Lic./in“Documents Are Given to Parish Librairies” Monroe Morning World, Thursday, October 15, 1970, Page 2A
SC“Frances Flanders Is Named State Outstanding Librarian” Monroe News-Star, Thursday, March 29, 1973
“Miss Flanders Retiring As Library Head” Monroe Morning World, September 16, 1973, Page 1A
“Tribute paid” Ouachita Citizen, September 20, 1973
“Parish librarian of 27 years makes retirement official Sunday” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, September 27, 1973, Page 1A
“Director of Ouachita Parish Library Retiring Today” Morning World, Sunday, September 30, 1973, Page 1B
“Miss Frances Flanders: A Library Success Story” Monroe Morning World, September 30, 1973, Page 2B
“Ouachita Parish Public Library marks 75th birthday” Ouachita Citizen, Friday, May 24, 1991
Letter from Miss Flanders  to the people of Ouachita Parish – August 23, 1995
Letter to Miss Flanders from Gladys Norris,, Oak Ridge, LA, June 9, 1961? (She was 92 yrs. Old.)
Fleming Family “Captain Alexander Fleming and Joyce, His Wife of ‘Westfalia,’ Rappahannock County, Virginia” reprinted from  Vol. XXXIII, No. 3, July 1939, of Americana, the Quarterly Historical Magazine
Florsheim FamilyHandwritten information on the betrothal of Blanche Alice Meyer and Edgar Norman Florsheim dated October 9, 1909
Flowers, Frank C. (Rev.) Family
Memorandum to Louisiana Baptist Convention Board regarding invitation from the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home invitation to the “Daddy Flowers Chapel Dedication” on Sunday, April 9, 1995 
Information on “Daddy” Flowers contributions to the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home and his life
Flowers Family Tree
Photocopies of pages from “Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home: A History and an Anthology 1899-1986” 
“Dr. F. C. Flowers Died in Detroit, 11:30 P.M., Jan. 1” Lake Charles, La. American Press, January 2, 1928, Pages 1-2
“Mrs. Flowers Dies” Obituary of Louis Dance Flowers, Trenton Herald-Democrat, Thursday, March 22, 1917
Chronology of life of Dr. F. C. Flowers compiled by Phil Stafford
Reply to email from Phil Stafford to Steve Baker at Union University in Tennessee, regarding records for Frank Cheatham Flowers
Flowers, Michael M. Family
Confederate Soldier Service Record for Michael Marion Flowers, son of Waitman & Spicy Flowers 
Information on the organization of the 47th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
Additional information on the organization, assignments, and battles of the Tennessee 47th Infantry Regiment
“47th Tennessee Infantry: Confederate State Army”
Fontana, CarlCarl Fontana Bio and Picture
“‘Hello Sweet Dolly! The Great Fontana” Gala Reception! Dinner! Entertainment and Dance! Saturday, November 9, 1996!” News-Star, November 7, 1996
“Deacons ’96 Reunion Group”/Billy “Buck” Hargiss, Chairman letter regarding 3-day celebration honoring Dolly Ticheli Sweet and Carl Charles Fontana
“Monroe-born jazz legend dies at 75” News-Star, October 10, 2003
Ford, Linda Lavender“Ford promotes dance in Twin Cities” Unsourced
“First Lady of Dance” News-Star, Sunday, April 2, 1989, Page 1D
“Twin City Ballet dream come true for founder Linda Lavender Ford” Ouachita Citizen, March 22, 1991, Page 1B
“Career based on grace” News-Star, November 24, 2002, Page 1A
“Devoted to dance” News-Star, February 6, 2005
Forsythe, Andrew A.“Monroe’s Most Beloved Mayor: Dr. Andrew Alexander Forsythe” article by Lora Peppers
“Dr. Andrew Alexander Forsythe” written 7/22/86 for acceptance of Mayor Forsythe’s gavel 
“Forsythe Park” Unsourced
“A Legacy of Leaders and Service” Monroe Morning World, Sunday, May 12, 1963, Page 1B
“Natural Gas Struck at the City Park Early” Monroe New-Star, July 24, 1909
“Early mayor aimed to run tax-free city” News-Star, November 27, 1993, Page 15A
Caricature with rooster, symbol of Democratic party, copy of original postcard
Biographical and genealogical Sketch of James Forsythe, father of Mayor Andrew Forsythe
Picture of Mrs. A. A. Forsythe from The Times-Democrat N.O., May 21, 1899, Page 16, retrieved from Internet May 4, 2017
“Governing Body,” “Elected Mayor,” “Century Old” – 3 Unsourced “chit-chat” items
Copy of Tulane University Circular for 1885-86
Copy of Tulane University Matriculates for 1886
Newspaper clippings on Forsythe’s defeating an opponent for Valedictorian and his speech to Charity Hospital Students’ Medical Society and as Valedictorian
“Doctors of Medicine: Fifty-Third Annual Commencement of the Medical Department of the Tulane University” The Picayune, Thursday, March 31, 1887, Page 1
Death Certificate of Andrew A. Forsythe, September 29, 1914
“Mayor A. A. Forsythe Dies; Was a Prominent Figure, Monroe News-Star, September 29, 1914
“Mayor’s Funeral at 10:30 Thursday” Monroe News-Star, Wednesday, September 30, 1914
“Mayor Forsythe, Long Political Leader, Succumbs” The Times-Picayune, September 30, 1914
“Flowers for the Late Mayor’s Grave” Monroe News-Star, September 25, 1915
“Out-of-date laws become comical if not modernized” News-Star, September 16, Page 1A
Miscellaneous information about Mayor Forsythe
Old Monroe City Cemetery: Place of burial
In SCDr. D. W. Faulk’s book of minutes, kept while he served as Secretary and Treasurer under Mayor Forsythe. 
“Book gives account of early city council” News-Star-World, Sunday, November 29, 1981, Page 2D
“Rare Documents Given to Library” Unsourced
“Southern City Owns and Operates a Traction Line” Cleveland Press, September 8, 1906, Page 4
“Drawing Room City of the South,” Fannie May Trousdale, The New Southwest, January 1905
Foster, Madison James Family
Speech given on induction of Madison Wright Foster, M. D., son of Prof. M. J. Foster, into Grambling Hall of Fame
“Harriett G. Foster” first Black nurse in the public health field in North Louisiana, and wife of Dr. Madison Wright Foster
Copy of handwitten notes on life of Harriet Henrietta Gordon Foster, R. N., Public Health (1903-1984)
“Prof. Millard J. Foster” aka Madison J. Foster
“Services Set for Retired Educator” Unsourced
Professor Madison James Foster Vita: Educator, Minister, Civic Leader (1877-1954)
Photo of Prof. J. M. Foster, principal of Monroe Colored High School
News copy about Madison J. Foster, Morris Henry Carroll, and James and Anna Noe, Sr.  Unsourced
Portion of a letter from Mrs. Joe Ella Burton, niece of Dr. & Mrs. Madison Wright Foster
Foster, Mike (Gov. of LA)
“Legacy of Mike Foster” Ouachita Citizen, October or November 1995
“Foster speaks — from beard to business” Sunday, December 10, 1995, Page 8A
“Oaklawn Manor’s historic roots entwine Fosters” News-Star, Sunday, January 7, 1996, Page 4B
“Footsteps not to follow” Ouachita Citizen, January 4, 1996, Page 4A
“Ambitious agenda” Ouachita Citizen, March 21, 1996, Page 2A
“Governor’s Money” Ouachita Citizen, March 21, 1996, Page 2A
“Luncheon With Governor Foster” The Monroe Dispatch, February 20-26, 1997, Page 5
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“Governor completes first call-in broadcast” Unsourced
“Foster governs as his own man” News-Star, January 7, 1998, Page 3A
“Would EWE dare do it?”  Ouachita Citizen, August 12, 1998
“Foster’s behaved new world” Ouachita Citizen, August 12, 1998
“Spotlight on the Capitol…a visit with the first lady of louisiana” Delta Stlye, November 1998
“Foster pushes tax reform” Shreveport Times, May 20, 2000, Page 1A
“Questions: Foster says tax reform is necessary” Shreveport Times, May 20, 2000, Page 2A
“Foster buys newspaper ads to push single business tax” Shreveport Times, May 20, 2000
“Gov. Foster lambastes lobby group” Shreveport Times, May 20, 2000
“Gov. Foster shows Louisiana how to keep a promise” Shreveport Times, May 24, 2000
“foster care: a new look for the Governor’s Mansion” Louisiana Life, Summer 2000, Page 24
“Foster supports tax for funding education” Ouachita Citizen, September 2000
“Gov. Foster OKs merchant power permits” Unsourced, October 2, 2000
“Attorney says integrity of ethics code at stake” Unsourced, November 29, 2000
“Law firm of Gov.’s son fights ethics law in today’s session” Unsourced
“Foster’s son should bow out of contract” Shreveport Times, December 12, 2000
“Foster administration might have 30 days to cut spending” News-Star, January 18, 2001
“Foster creates economic development agency” Unsourced, January 29, 2001
“Foster earns as much as $1.6 million” Unsourced, January 30, 2001
“Foster’s budget is just the beginning of long fiscal trail” News-Star, February 11, 2001
“D.C. think tank gives ‘D’ to Foster for fiscal policy” News-Star, February 11, 2001 
“Foster opens session with pleas”  Unsourced, March 20, 2001, Page 1A
“Effort to revise term limits might allow Foster 3rd run” News-Star, April 3, 2001
“‘Slush’ funds staying alive” Sunday Advocate, August 19, 2001, Page 11B
“Some ideas for Louisiana” Sunday Advocate, December 28, 2001, Page 11B
“Grading Foster: Governor gets B or C; ratings vary by region, News-Star, December 30, 2001
Foster, Murphy J.“They Built Louisiana: Murphy J. Foster” Times Picayune, 1942
“PIE’S A La MODE: Memories of Foster, Caffery Honored” Times Picayune, January 6(?), 1974
“Yes, Great-Grandma Went to College” Dixie, February 17, 1974, Page 12 (Gov. Foster’s daughers attended this college.) 
“New governor to tip hat to past” News-Star, Sunday, December 24, 1995  (Mike Foster’s tribute to grandfather)
Fowler, Jerry“Fowler gets health, house in order” December 5, 2000  Unsourced 
“Fowler’s gone, now’s the time to learn lessons from case” News-Star, December 5, 2000
“Fowler pleads guilty” The Advocate, December 6, 2000, Page 1A
“Fowler sentencing set for federal, state courts” Unsourced, December 14, 2000
“Ala. businessman indicted in Fowler case on kickbacks” Unsourced,  February 2, 2001
Fuller, John Family“Diary of John Fuller, Co. K, 31st Louisiana Infantry”
“The Siege of Vicksburg: Diary of John Fuller” The Monroe News-Star, 1915
Fuhrmann-Mizell Families     Fuhrmann-Mizell Ancestors: Civil War, War of 1812, Revolutionary War
Funderburk Family2 copies of The Funderburk Family (1706-1949) by Dr. Joe M. Funderburk
G–Biography (Ga-Gl)“Gaddy’s grace: Northminister Church honors the Rev. C. Welton Gaddy for his 15th anniversary” News-Star, June 7, 2008, Page 1 D
“Booker T’s Gallow up for national award” News-Star, July 19, 2005, Page 1A
“Ford Foundation honors Gallow”  News-Star, October 6, 2005, Page 1A
“Discipline: Gambino was strict” News-Star, August 15, 2005, Page 1C
“Ray Gambino: Wildcats turn hard work, dedication, determination into pride; AD demands top-notch people for Wossman program” Louisiana Twin Cities, September 18, 1985, Page 16
“‘Deserving honor’ Ray Gambino will join La. Prep Hall of Fame” News-Star, No Date, Page 1C
“Peggy Garnett honored: She’s been taking care of children for years” News-Star-World, October 29, 1982, Page 1D
“Motivaion: Ex-Ruston football coach L.J. ‘Hoss’ Garrett had one goal–win” News-Star, July 14, 2005, Page 1C
“Portrait of a Soldier” Deep in Dixie (Marcellin Garand, founder of Ville Platte) Unsourced
“Gentry, working at 91, shoots for 100” News-Star, March 14, 1996
“Mrs. Jean Littleton Gentry” obituary, News-Star, October 3, 1996
“Jean Littleton Gentry” obituary, Ouachita Citizen, October 10, 1996
“‘Haze’ Gentry dies” Ouachita Citizen, January 26, 1997
“New York Furniture founder dies at 102” News-Star, December 23, 2006  (Herschel Ace Gentry Sr.)
“Henrietta (George) still Perky at 79” Free Press, Retrieved from the Internet on January 14, 2003
“Body of Heroic Priest (Father Louis Gergaud) Who Died of Plague Buried Here” Anniversary and Progress Editions, World and News-Star, October 30, 1936, Page 14
“Gibbs seeks re-election based on past record” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, July 26, 1979, Page 6 
“Ex-legislator (Henry Lawrence Gibbs) dead at 74” News-Star, April  11, 1993, Page 1B
“Mr. Henry Lawrence Gibbs” obituary, News-Star, April  11, 1993, Page 3B
“Common man saw something to like in Lawrence Gibbs” News-Star, December 30, 1997
“Ex-civic dynamo Giffen, 72, dies” News-Star, July  27, 1997, Page 1B
“MacDonald M. Giffen” obituary, Unsourced
“MacDonald M. Giffen” obituary, Ouachita Citizen, July 31, 1997 
“MCC Selects Gilmore As Chairperson” The Monroe Dispatch, July 17-23, 1997
“E. S.’Shep’ Girault 1902-1954” biography 
“Monroe’s Shep Girault Was a Louisiana Pioneer” Unsourced article by David Garrett, Jr.
“A biography of A. H. Gladden, Fairfield native” The Herald-Independent, April 20, 1989, Page 4 (Uncle and namesake of Dr. A. H. Gladden)
Letter of request from Raleigh R. Gleason, Jr., M. D.  of Wharton, Texas, for help to prepare for genealogical research on his ancestor David “Gleeson” during a trip to Monroe
G–Biography (Go-Gu)“Miss Godwin Appointed” Monroe Morning World, January 22, 1933
“First Director Miss (Lucyle) Godwin Led Recreation Battle”  Unsourced
Picture of “Mrs. Lillie  Goins along with her right hand, Mr. Goins” The Monroe Dispatch, November 13-19, 1997
“Granny Goins dies at 85” News-Star, November 6, 2003, Page1A
“Donaldson C. Golson” La., Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1106
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“GOZA, RUFUS J., JR.” obituary submitted by Gaytha Thompson, Alexandria Town Talk, January 1, 1998
“Founder of Faith Homeless Ministry, Emma Grace helps feed needy people in the community” News-Star, Sunday, January 16, 2005, Page 1D
“Pulitzer winner (Shirley Ann) Grau scheduled for La. Legends” Sunday Magazine, October 17, 1962, Baton Rouge, LA, Pages 14-15
“Pair in running for long haul” News-Star, October 12, 1997, Page 1B (Courtland Gray and David Hankins)
“Monroe native (Mary Gray) selected state Mother of the Year” News-Star, April 23, 2002, Page 3A
“Do you Remember?” Benoy Green, his wife, and Sister M. Benyenute The Monroe Dispatch, No Date
“George Graham Green” La., Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) 
“Edd TV: Edd Greer will host a new television show that showcases local talent” News-Star, January 13, 2004
“True Grits: A Living Louisiana Outdoor Legend” (Grits Gresham) Gannett Louisiana Newspapers Hunting and Fishing, January 8, 2004, Page 4
“The Life and (Miller) Times of Our Own Grits Gresham” Louisiana Life, January/February 1985, Pages 53-63
“J. E. Griffin” La., Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1038
“Mary Griffin Movie Debut” The Monroe Dispatch, August 27-September 2, 1998, Page 3
Griffin, Mildred Greggs Coleman [obituary/bio] – “A Handbook on the Se Pa Civ So Club and its Members 1963 – 1994”  1996 © by Ollie Burns
“Mr. & Mrs. D. W. Griffith 60th Weddiing Anniversary” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, September 1, 1994 
“Lieutenant Colonel Dudley W. Griffith” obituary, News-Star, March 31, 1996
“Monroe Meets Nashville: Monroe native Andy Griggs to release firts country single Dec. 7” Alexandria Daily Town Talk, Sunday, November 22, 1998, Page F2
“Sally A. Grisell, Artist” Brochure with Bio
“Ada Burg Gruber” obituary, News-Star, June 12, 1996
“Funeral Services for Mrs. Ada Burg” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, June 20, 1996 
“Telethon to be memorial” (Dedicated to the memory of Ada Gruber) News-Star, March 6, 1997
“Sharing the legacy” (Rabbi Peter Grumbacher, Jackie and Sol Rosenberg) News-Star, February 12, 2005
“Judge A. A. Gunby Answers Last Call” obituary, Monroe News-Star, April 8, 1917
“Rites Pend for Charlie Gunn” obituary, The Monroe Dispatch, June 8-14, 2000, Page 8
“Educator wants to ‘build the whole child'” (LaVargne Gunn-Ford) News-Star, September 8, 2003, Page 1A
Gaines, Ernest“Novelist returns to state: Teaching at Southwestern” Sunday Magazine, Baton Rouge, La., October 11, 1981
“Author is Louisiana Humanist of the Year” Unsourced
“Honoring a Homegrown Talent: Writer Ernest J. Gaines, the winner of the first Annual Louisiana Writer Award” Louisiana Life, Winter 2000/01, Page 70 
“Gaines–tied and indebted to his native Pointe Coupee” News-Star, Sunday, April 22, 2001, Page 7A
“Louisiana writer up for Nobel Prize: Writer Ernest Gaines nominated for Nobel” The Advocate, Baton Rouge, La., February 11, 2004, Page 5B 
“Ernest Gaines nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature” Acadiana Profile, Vol. 23, No. 4, No Date, Pages 22-24
Garrett FamilyCopy of a letter to Frank Garrett from his mother N. Garrett
Copy of Photo:  (Franklin) Garrett & (Ward D.) Munholland Law Office on corner of Wood and St. John Streets taken between July 1892 – November 1896
Garrett, David Isaiah (Judge)
“Judge David Isaiah Garrett” 1963 Unsourced biography
“The ones who love Monroe most know its history best” News-Star, February 29, 2000
“Garrett’s Robe Given to Family” Unsourced
Copy of Judge Garrett’s signature
Garrett, IsaiahGenealogical information on Isaiah Garrett and his wife, Narcissa Grayson
Copy of 1880 Census Record
Copy of Isaiah Garrett File from Narcissa’s scrapbook
“Law offices preserved for future” News-Star-World, April 16, 1982, Page 1D
Copy of Garrett Law Office Architect’s Plans
Gaster Family“The Gaster Family of Switzerland, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, California” prepared by Bonny E. McDaniel, May 2001
Gaston-Richardson Families
Copies of the story and portraits of the Gaston and Richardson family members
Gianforte, Fred“Local Artist Paints Monroe Founder” The Times (Shreveport, La.), Sunday, January 4, 1976, Page 32 (He also was commissioned to paint Fort Miro. Copies of the Miro painting are displayed in the library, in schools, and in local government offices.) 
Gilbert FamilyMemoirs Regarding the Family of John Gilbert (1752-1829) by Hiram Whitney Gilbert, 1886
Gilman FamilyLetter from Darlene Spargo to Pat regarding genealogical information on the Gilman family
Direct Descendant of Samuel Gilman
Family Group Record: Samuel Gilman, Nancy Clark, and children
Descendants of William Hayward
Descendants of Thomas Hale
Descendants of Thomas Marston
Descendants of Robert Estow
Descendants of Richard Clark
Descendants of William Le Child
Glisson Family23 legal documents/letters including  Private Land Claims of David Glisson 
Godwin, Laymon“Godwin era ends July 1” Ouachita Citizen, June 20, 1996, Page 1A
“Deputies, colleagues admire outgoing sheriff” News-Star, June 21, 1996, Page 1A
“Thanks for everything” News-Star, June 29, 1996  (picture at retirement reception)
Goins, Ellen H.In SC
Gore, Glenn“Patience is essence of talent: Scratchboard etchings can’t be done in a hurry” News-Star-World, August 1, 1984, Page 1D
“Glenn Gore’s Wildlife Scenes: Artist Noted for Patience, Self-Discipline ,Masters ‘Old World’ Art Style” Reprint of Monroe Morning World Sunday Features
“1997 calendar honors river” Ouachita Citizen, December 5, 1996, Page 1A
“Dramatic ‘Portaits of the Ouachita’ exhibited at WM center through Sunday” Ouachita Citizen, April 7, 1997 
“Moore about Real Estate” The News-Star’s Real Estate Weekly, Sunday, April 13, 1997, Pvs 6F
“River exhibition on tap at WM convention center” Ouachita Citizen, April 3, 1997
“Ouachita River Foundation honors Wal-Mart, KTVE” Ouachita Citizen, April 9, 1998, Pages 9A-10A
“Wildlife artist seeks to preserve, share beauty of Ouachita” News-Star, December 19, 1998
“Portraits of the Ouachita” Year 2002 Collector’s Edition (Limited Edition by Glenn Gore)
Gottschalk, Louis Moreau
“They Built Louisiana: L. M. Gottschalk” by Clayton Rand, 1942
“Piano Prodigy” Deep in Dixie, July 27, 1967
“Money Talks” Deep in Dixie, July 27, 1969
“Fortunate Accident” Deep in Dixie, No Date
“On the Square: Gottschalk” by Frank Gagnard, Unsourced
“Memory of Forgotten Pianist Being Revived” by Pie Dufour, Unsourced
“Pie’s A La Mode: Gottschalk–the Man and His Music Cited” Unsourced
Gould-Chotard Families“The Memoirs of Eliza Williams (Chotard) Gould, Wife of William P. Gould of Tuscaloosa, AL; Daughter of John Marie Chotard La Place, and his wife, Sarah (Williams) Willis – Chotard (1777-1825)”
Grant FamilyThomas Arthur Grant (1872-1943)
The Issue of Thomas Arthur Grant and Emily May “Emmie” Bailey
Grant, Bailey“Honors scheduled for sheriff Grant” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, June 5-11, 1980, Page 1A
“Bailey Grant” Louisiana Twin Cities, January 30, 1985
“Former Sheriff Bailey Grant honored by Rotary with Harris Fellowship” Ouachita Citizen, Friday, May 15, 1992, Page 2A
“Ex-Sheriff Grant, wife Texas bound” News-Star, January 30, 1993, Page 7A
Summons to 1958 gathering of Sheriff’s Department employees and guests
Summons to 1972 gathering of Sheriff’s Department employees and guests
“Town losing one of best in Bailey Grant” News-Star, January 31, 1993, Page 12A
“Bailey Grant did it right” Ouachita Citizen, August 14, 1997
“Lawman’s blue roots run deep” News-Star, April 25, 2004, Page 1A
“Bailey Grant, 89, dies in Houston” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, October 6, 2005, Page 1A
“Bailey Grant’s heart remained in Ouachita” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, October 6, 2005, Page 4A
“Former Ouachita Sheriff Grant dead at 89” News-Star, Thursday, October 6, 2005, Page 1A
“Emmett Bailey Hall” obituary, News-Star, October 14, 2005
Thank you letter dated November 27, 1953, from Sheriff Bailey Grant to Mr. Will Hayden Griffith, FBI,
“Weapons Collection Grim Reminder of Ways of Crime” Monroe Morning World, No Date
Picture of Governor Jimmie H. Davis chatting with Sheriff Grant at meeting of Louisiana Sheriff’s Association, Louisiana Peace Officer, August 1962
Picture of Sheriff Grant, general campagin chairman of the United Givers Fund of Ouachita Parish, with other UGF officers receiving a check for $15,900 from Olinkraft in 1968
3 Christmas Cards from Sheriff’s Office and an Open House Announcement
Gray FamilyDescendants of Matthew Gray of Catahoula Parish, LA – 70 pages
Gregory FamilyHistory of the Gregory Family – 8 generations
“Thank you” on 100th birthday, letter, and genealogical information(Anabell Wetharal)
Gremillion FamilyFamily of Ludger Octave Gremillion (1852-1914) and Heloise Lemoine (1855-1932)
Gresham FamilyThe Gresham Family  (Edward Gresham, England (1312-1400) to Thomas Gresham, Viriginia, 1923 
Griggs FamilyGenealogical records copied from the Bible of Lewis Griggs who died on September 4, 1876
Copy of the Will of Lewis Griggs of Jackson Parish, LA
Griffin, Howard“Howard Griffin: 47th anniversary year 1931-1978” Unsourced
“Howard Griffin: Monroe’s ‘oddball’ businessman still has some tricks left” News-Star-World, June 14, 1981, Page 1E
“Howard Griffin 1931-1981: 50 Years of Service to the Area! ” News-Star-World Advertising Supplement, Sunday, June 21, 1981
“Griffin makes smooth transition” News-Star-World, Sunday, May 29, 1983, Page 1E
“Howard Griffin’s gone: Customers pay one last visit” News-Star-World, Sunday, August 31, 1986
“Our History: Land O’ Toys lives on in memory” News-Star, Sunday, December 20, 2015, Page 1B
Griffin, Walter Burley“Country Club Plans Ready” News-Star, Saturday, April 26, 1913
In SC“Country Club” News-Star, July 29, 1913
“Country Club Contract Let” News-Star, Friday, March 13, 1914
“Australian Architect Writes About Two Buildings In City” News-Star, March 26, 1973 
“Profiles of the Past…Walter Burley Griffin’s Contribution to Monroe” Profile of Ouachita, May/June 1983, Vol. 6, No.1, Pages 6-8
Letter with copies of Griffin’s drawings, from Professor Ellen Weiss,Tulane School of Architecture, June 31, 1992 to Mr. Inabnett 
Guerriero Family“Charles P. Guerriero, Jr.”  La., Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 795
“Henry E. Guerriero, M.D., F.A.C.S.”  La., Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 750-751
“George W. Guerriero”  La., Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 777
“Mr. George Washington Guerriero” obituary, Unsourced Sunday, November 30, 1997
Guice FamilyGenealogical records copied from the Bible of John G. Guice (1815-1891) on July 24, 1963 at the home of his daughter Miss Laura Shaifer
“The Guice Family in America” compiled and copied by Mrs. Hazel S. Short, December 1970
List of Children of Christopher and Margaret Plowhead Guice
#1 Jonathan Guice b. Dec. 30, 1746 – Revolutionalry service on this line esablished by Mrs. Melvin B. Short, #488909
#4 Michael  #6 Priscilla  #7 Christopher, Jr.  #8 Elizabeth  #3 Hannah  #10 Rachel  #9 Susanna  #12 Jacob  #13 Abraham
Guices from Franklin Parish, LA; Other LA Guices
Information on the Guise Family provided by Miss Rebecca Guice, Winnsboro, LA, on 12/15/1976
See item 17-14Odds and Ends of Information on or about Guises
Transcribed copy of a letter written by Thomas Reed, Jr. (1791-1825), maternal grandfather of Stephen L. Guice (1860-1901)
Court Records regarding deeds 
Gustine FamilyInformation from “Records Louisiana Confederate Soldiers and Commands” Vol. III, Book I, Page 140 on Lemuel and Samuel Gustine
Information Relative to the Gustine Brothers from Concordia Parish, including a copy of the abstract of a Will dated July 25, 1836
Guthrie, Grayson, Jr.“Grayson Guthrie estate is at risk; if only it could talk” Sterlington town Talk, 1990, Page 12 (aka Grecian Bend Plantation)
“Former president of Central Bank James Guthrie dies” News-Star, November 29, 1997
“Mr. Grayson Guthrie” obituary, News-Star?, Sunday, November 30, 1997
“J. Grayson Guthrie, a Southern gentleman” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, December 4, 1997 (Photo on back)
H–Biography (Ha)“Clothing store founder, Cotham Haddad, dies at 82” News-Star, Wednesday, January 15, 1992
“Mr. Cotham Haddad” obituary, News-Star, Wednesday, January 15, 1992, Page 7A
“Carl Hall Civic Center Director” News-Star-World, Sunday, January 3, 1988, Page 6
“He’s their ‘Doc’: Doyle R. Hamilton has been serving the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home for more than 40 years as a physician” News-Star, September 20, 1998
“Many to miss healing touch of the ‘fingernail checker’ (Dr. Doyle Hamilton)” News-Star, December 17, 2006, Page 1A
“In Memory of O’Sha (James Hamilton)and His Garden” News-Star, March 8, 2005
Portrait entitled “Hamlet” by Kevin Boland
“Clyde Hammett’s on his next career–as a published author–and his family’s proud” News-Star, October 11, 1998
“(Monroe) Hammond Was First W.M. Police Chief” News-Star-World, July 2, 1976
“Sam A. Hanna, Sr.” obituary – Unsourced
“Not Afraid” poems by Brian Patrick Hargiss
“Bob Harmon Is Club Speaker” Monroe Morning World, Saturday, September 15, 1951
“New book (Hickory Harmon: The Bob Harmon Story) tells story of baseball pitcher ‘Hickory’ Bob Harmon” News-Star, Thursday, July 26, 2007, Page 16A
“(Luther T.) Harper receives reserve orders” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, March 27, 1975
“John Henry Harrington”  La., Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 864
“Richard Harrison: The Boomerang Man” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, March 31, 1977, B1
“Swords capture collector’s heart” (Col. Dean Hartley) News-Star-World, January 7, 1987, 1D
“Leo Hartman Funeral Set For Today” News-Star?, December 15, 1966, Page 12A
“W.B. Hatten” Louisiana Twin Cities, January 30, 1985
“A newspaper man with natural instincts: Bert Hatten honored as soldier, reporter, mayor” News-Star, Sunday, March 28, 2004, Page 1A
“Walter L. Hayden”  La., Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1364
Haas Family“Henry Haas”  La., Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1165
Typed copy of Monroe News Star article dated October 12, 1911 about  the Haas -Marx wedding
Typed copies of Monroe News Star articles dated October 9-11, 1911 about events preceeding the Haas -Marx nuptials
“Roslyn Perlstein Haas” obituary, News-Star, March 25, 1998
Hall, Luther EgbertPhoto of Judge Hall, “Judge L. E. Hall, Candidate for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court” Monroe News-Star, Monday, September 5, 1910
In SC“Luther Egbert Hall (1912-1916)” Reeves’ Governors of Louisiana, p. 93
“Luther Egbert Hall: Native of Morehouse Parish and Governor of Louisiana, 1912-1916”  by Mrs. Tommie Sue Larche Watters Reitzell, October 1990
Photo of Judge Hall, Monroe News-Star, January 25, 1912
“The Nomination of Judge Hall” Monroe News-Star, Monday, June 29, 1912
Photo of Judge Hall, “Next Governor of Louisiana” Monroe News-Star, January 29, 1912 
Ovation to Governor – January 30, 1912
“The Inaugural Ceremonies” Monroe News-Star, Monday, May 20, 1912, Page 1A (
“Governor L. E. Hall, Monroe Citizen Who Was Today Inaugurated Governor of Louisiana” News-Star, Monday, May 20, 1912, Page 1A
“Tax Commission Work Discussed” (Baton Rouge, July 17) Unsourced Reprint? May 2, 2001
“Hall occupied mansion, now YWCA headquarters” Ouachita Citizen, March 9, 1983
Gov. L. E. Hall’s House Y.W.C.A., Monroe, La. 10/14/85 – Sketch by Bettie Pfister (#1 Signature)
Halsell, Jim – Louisiana’s First Astronaut 
                           File 1Newspaper clippings 1990-1995 – 1st & 2nd Missions
Halsell, Jim – File 2James D. Halsell, Jr. Photos and Columbia 102 Commemoration Coin
STS-101 mission patch commemorating the 3rd Space Shuttle flight supporting the assembly of the International Space Station 
Newspaper clippings 1996-1999 – 3rd -5th Missions
Halsell, Jim – File 3Newspaper clippings 2000-2006 
Halsell, Jim – File 4Newspaper clippings 1994-2016 – Family-Community Pride & Personal Tragedy
Hamilton Family“Patrick S. Hamilton”  La., Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 877
Hamilton, Ike“Ike Hamilton…the auctioneer: Determination produces a rare breed” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, September 8, 1977, Page B1
“Col. Ike Hamilton: WM native inducted into Cutting Horse Hall of Fame” Ouachita Citizen, February 7, 1990, Page B1
“‘He was probably more of a symbol of W.M. than anyone'” News-Star, May 3, 1997
“Mr. Ike H. Hamilton” obituary, News-Star, May 3, 1997
“Col. Ike leaves lasting legacy” Ouachita Citizen, May 8, 1997
“Gavel strikes for Ike Hamilton” Ouachita Citizen, May 8, 1997
“Area will surely miss community leader” News-Star, May 18, 1997
“Legend lives on in my memory” News-Star, Guest Column by Bill Mitchem 1997
“Mrs. Shirley B. Hamilton” obituary, News-Star, December 10, 1997
“Shirley Hamilton: Remembered” ARCO, April, 1998
“A giant of a man” Ouachita Citizen Tempo, November 1, 2001, Page 1B
“The Face of Ouachita Parish! ‘The IKE'” Ouachita Citizen, February 11, 2002
Hampton-Goston, Verdiacee
“Pair question Hampton-Goston about checks” News-Star-World, March 17, 1981, Page 1B
“Group files suit against Richwood annexation” News-Star-World, March 28, 1981, Page 1B
“Children’s march for Hampton-Goston set” News-Star-World, April 15, 1981, Page 1B
“March scheduled in support of Goston” News-Star-World, April 16, 1981, Page 2B
“Richwood officials admit making error in Mayor’s Court” News-Star-World, April 17, 1981, Page 1B
“Threats prompt Hampton-Goston to deputize 7 for her protection” News-Star-World, April 18, 1981, Page 2B
“Mayor orders two men arrested” News-Star-World, April 18, 1981, Page 2B
“Hampton-Goston threatens to sue school board”  News-Star-World, July 15, 1981, Page 1B 
“Mayor to fight school closing in Richwood” News-Star-World, July 26, 1981, Page 1B 
“Parkerson cites audit law” News-Star-World, July 28, 1981
“Hampton-Goston continues feud with aldermen”  News-Star-World, August 8, 1981, Page 1B 
“Richwood lawsuit still alive” News-Star-World, August 20, 1981, Page 1B
“Richwood gets receipts, titles on police cars” News-Star-World, August 21, 1981
“Group protests hotbox deaths” News-Star-World, August 27, 1981
“DA not to reopen Goston investigation” News-Star-World, September 11, 1981
“Richwood mayor arrested” News-Star-World, September 23, 1981, Page 1B
Photo of supporters of Richwood Mayor Goston
“‘Empress’ claims ‘Washitaw’ people’s ownership of much of northern La.” The Advocate, Baton Rouge, February 3, 1992
“Washita Empress Receives Honorary Doctorate” The Monroe Dispatch, November 12-18, 1998, Page 3
Hare FamilyFamily Group Record for Richard Hare b. 1823, SC & Louisa Binnicker b. 1832 Orangeburg, SC
Family Group Record for Richard L. Hare b. 1871, Ouachita, LA & Sophronia Smith b. 1874, MS
Family Group Record for William A. Hare b. 1864, AL & Lillie Gibbs b. 1874, Ouachita, LA
Family Group Record for Courtney C. Hare b. 1893, Ouachita, LA & Almetta L. Quinn b. 1906, AL
Family Group Record for Robert B. Hare b. 1898, Ouachita, LA & Wilma Emerson b. 1909, West VA
Family Group Record for Jesse Hare b. 1895, Ouachita, LA & Dentie Taylor b. 1904, LA
Family Group Record for Maurice Richard Hare b. 1897, Ouachita, LA & Thelda Jinks b. 1906, Ouachita, LA
Family Group Record for John Stinson Hare b. 1869, AL & Sallie Tolson b. 1878, TX
Family Group Record for Enoch A. Hare b. 1859, SC & Florence Montgomery b. 1877, LA
Hargiss, William (Bucky)“Seven Monroe groups make pitch for funds to finance projects” News-Star, January 24, 1991, Page 7A
Rebuttal to Bodie McCrory’s criticism of Heritage Preservation Commission, News-Star, August 28, 1991, Page 11A
“Gambling a leech in river” News-Star, July 16, 1993, Page 7A
“Bucky Hargiss noted as tireless fighter” News-Star, April 2, 1997
“Services for Hargiss to be Thursday” News-Star, April 2, 1997
“William Anthony ‘Bucky’ Hargiss” obituary, Ouachita Citizen, April 2, 1997
“William Anthony ‘Bucky’ Hargiss” obituary, News-Star, April 2, 1997
“William Anthony ‘Bucky’ Hargiss” obituary, News-Star, April 3, 1997
“Tribute to Bucky Hargiss..” Ouachita Citizen, April 3, 1997 (poem by Carol Booth)
“Bucky Hargiss real-life hero, spiritual person” News-Star, April 10, 1997
Harman, Zadoc“Zadoc Harman: Free Man of Color in Colonial Ouachita Parish” by Lora Peppers
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Harris, John“John and Charity Harris” – Ouachita Parish” 
Genealogical information about the Harris family members
Copy of legal documents
Copies of photos of family members 
Hatton FamilyCopy of Genealogical records from family Bible
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Hayes, Jack“Ceremony Here Will Honor Memory of Noted Educator” Monroe Morning World, November 10, 1968, Page 1B
In SCA Tribute to Mr. Jack Hayes – program for Open House and Presentation of Portrait
Portrait of Jack Hayes
Pay Check with Signature dated October 5, 1912
“Memorial to Jack, Ann Hayes set for South Grand Street” News-Star-World, August 23, 1985 
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Haynes, G. B. and Margaret Family
“Haynes family once owned half of WO” Ouachita Citizen, August 24, 1988, Page 6B
Haynes, Jerry (artist and brother of Ellen Goins)
In SC“Local watercolor artist rising fast” Ouachita Citizen, February 12, 1976, Page 5A
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Watercolor  31/200 by Helen Haynes
H–Biography (He-Hu) Information about Simeon Kahn Heninger, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Heninger; sister Mrs. S. D. Shlosman, Sr.
“For barber, ‘Peanut Man,’ life was a ministry: Downtown icon (Robert) Henry dead at 75”  News-Star, December 30, 2004, Page 1A
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Higginbotham FamilySamuel Higginbotham born ca. 1745 in Albermarle Co., VA Contributed by Mrs. George F. Crawford, Alexandria, LA
Hill, Ernest“‘Satisfied with Nothin’ Ernest Hill is climbing mountains” News-Star, June 15, 1995, Page 1B
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Hil(l)sman FamilyCopy of pages from The Hil(l)sman Family, 2nd ed. Revised: Chapter VI, Dr. Matthew Hillsman “Mr. Tennessee Baptist of the 19th C.”
Copy of pages from The Hil(l)sman Family, 2nd ed. Revised: Chapter VII, Genealogy of the Family John A. Hilsman and Descendants
Copy of pages from The Goodspeed Histories of Maury, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, Bedford & Marshall Counties of Tennessee, 1886
Copy of pages from So Great a Cloud of Witnesses, Union University 1823-2000
Hillyer FamilyFamily Records copied from Hillyer Bible beginning with Giles Mumford Hillyer born 31 August, 1818, in Hartford, Conn. (Provided by Mrs. Layton Speed Rogers)
(See Speed Lamkin)Genealogical information on Mumford and Woodbridge families
Hodge, John E. Family Records copied from Hodge Bible beginning with John E. Hodge (1790-1860)
Hodge, Wesley (Bill)“‘Bill’ helps to ensure cogs of justice turn” News-Star-World, January 18, 1987, Page 1B
“Hodge New State President of Clerks” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, June 2, 1994, Page 1A
Hollinshead FamilyCopy of Some Genealogical Notes of the Hollinshead Family by A. M. Stackhouse, 1911 (Dedicated “To My Esteemed Friend Dr. Enoch Hollingshead of Pemberton, N.J.”
Hoover Family 1Genealogical research on Hoover Family including letters and notes: TN, KY, PA, MD
Hoover Family 2Genealogical research on Hoover Family conducted by Mrs. Mason Winkler for Jacob M. Carter, Jr. of Monroe, LA 
Hough FamilySome Descendants of Needham & Rebecca (Blake) Hough of SC, NC, GA, & AL contributed by Granville W. Hough in 1992
Howard, W.L. (Jack) (Mayor)
“Congratulations, BOSS!” Monroe Morning World, September 2, 1967, Page 3C (Employees salute on completion and formal opening of Monroe Civic Center)
Photos of Mayor Howard and city administrators regarding move from old City Hall to new Governmental Complex, Monroe Morning World, September 2, 1967, Page 4C 
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Outline of Howard controversy with Parkerson and Wall articlesfeatured in the Monroe Morning World
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Former Mayor W. L. “Jack” Howard Interview 2/12/03
“MCC theater may get Howard’s name” News-Star, February 25, 2003
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“Before Wal-Mart, area had Howard Bros.” News-Star, November 12, 2004, Page 6A
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Funeral Program for Mr. W.L. “Jack” Howard
“Hundreds bid Howard farewell” News-Star, November 15, 2004, Page 1A
“Theater renamed for Howard” News-Star, November 17, 2004, Page 1A
Huckabee FamilyGenealogy of James Henry Huckabee & Leota Livonia Foster & Their Descendants: The Huckabees of “Huckabee Hill” Sunflower County, MS researched and compiled by Mattie Roberst Somerville (Includes information on Tatum family)
Huckaby, Jerry (Congressman)  
Biography dated January 1977
Biography dated January 1989
“Rep. Jerry Huckaby Is Appointed As Member of Interior Committee” Unsourced
Hudson Family“Murray Hudson” Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 618
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“Cadets Aid in Rescue Work”  Monroe News-Star, April 8, 1913
“The Black Horse Troop.”  Monroe News-Star, April 11, 1913 (Murray Hudson in inaugural ceremony)
Huff Family(See also Jackson Family)
From the files of Hazel Smith Short (Melvin B.)  a Huff descendant:
Copy of Will of Abby Gail Huff, SC
Copy of Will of Samuel Huff, SC
Copy of Will of Daniel Huff, NC
Copy of legal documents declaring Henry Carr Planter administrator of estate of Henry Greenberry Chaney
Copy of Last Will and Testament of John Huff, SC
Copy of genealogical information on Philip Huff and Maria A. Jackson Huff
Copy of Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Huff, MS
Hulet-Jourdan FamiliesGenealogical information on Lawrence Hulet (John Lawrence) 1598-1658 and Ann Marie Jourdan 
Humble, Sallie  Scrapbook – In SC
Humphries, T. W., Sr. Photo taken April 24-26, 1966 in Shreveport at 42nd Annual Police Jury Convention
Photo taken March24-26, 1968 in New Orleans at his last Police Jury Convention
“Humphries stresses working together” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, July 26, 1979, Page 6
“Politics can be gratifying” Ouachita Citizen, August 16, 1979
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In SC“The Lord Gave Me This Gift Instead” by Martha Wilson  Unsourced
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“The Return of Ivory Joe Hunter” copied from Album Cover
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Hutcherson, Anna Garnett
Funeral Notice dated Friday, May 14, 1909 and Obituary 
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Iberville, Pierre Le Moyne
encyclopedia article from
“Mosquitoes prime tenants of first fort” lafayette (LA) Daily Advertiser, Januaary 26, 1999
“The Iberville Prospectus”(Iberville’s proposal to establish a colony on the Mississippi River in North America)
Inzina Family“Philip Inzina Round Out Century; Still Healthy” Monroe Morning World, April 20, 1941
Photo of unidentified woman
Family photo with names written on back
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Jackson Family(See also Huff Family) 
From the files of John Hales Parker, cousin of Hazel Smith Short (Melvin B.),  a Huff descendant:
Copy of genealogical information on Jackson and Huff families
Copy of record of Revolutionary service of Thomas Jackson, SC
Copy of lineage of Hazel  Smith Short in the Wilkinson Lineage
James, JesseWPA Papers  – original in Richland Parish folder in SC?
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Story about Jesse James from Melissa’s Genealogy Page, retrieved on March 22, 2002 & cited in book, Headen, Braziel, and Related Families
James, Robert (Judge)“Ruston judge nominated to federal bench” News-Star, January 29, 1998
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“Nominee says U.S. judge must be fair” News-Star, June 19, 1998, Page 1A
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“Senate confims James for judgeship” News-Star, August 1, 1998, Page 1A
“New judge a down-to-earth guy, friends say” News-Star, August 16, 1998, Page 1A
“Judge James a homegrown guy” News-Star, August 23, 1998
Jefferson, Larry (Judge)“Booth decides not to file briefs at Tue. Hearing” News-Star, September 3, 2000
“Jefferson candidacy case may move to Supreme Court” News-Star, September ?, 2000, Page 3A
“Court rules Jefferson can run” News-Star, September 7, 2000, Page 1A
“Court rules Jefferson ineligible” News-Star, September 12, 2000, Page 1A
“Jefferson off ballot; second suit probable” News-Star, September 13, 2000
“Jefferson files suit to stop election” News-Star, September 27, 2000, Page 1A
“More suits added in race” News-Star, September 29, 2000, Page 1A
“Judicial” News-Star, October 2, 2000
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Jobe FamilyObituary and Memory Book of William Franklin Jobe (1873-1966) MS
Obituary and Memory Book of Merle Octovia Tower Jobe (1896-1976) LA
Johnson FamilyCopy of the Programme of Funeral Service of Dr. A. G. Johnson, May 23, 1928
Copy of a family picture; of a woman on a swing
Copy of an invitation to Mrs. Henri Anna Carroll to attend the inauguration of Lyndon Baines Johnson on January 20, 1965
“A Brief Autobiography of Mrs. Henrietta Windham Johnson” (written/corrected in 1959)
“Johnson’s efforts made lasting impression” (Henrietta Windham Johnson) News-Star-World, March 16, 1987, Page 1D
Photo of Foraker Windham Johnson in military uniform
Copy of the Celebration of the Life of Foraker Windham Johnson, D.D.S., May 22, 2001
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Jones, Gerald and Billie Family I
“G. D. Joneses To Be Feted” (50th Anniversary) Monroe Morning World, June 18, 1977, Page 3B
“Billie Davis Jones: The Flowering of a Family”  News-Star, July 20, 1997, Page 1D 
“Start at home when hunting family history” Unsourced
Handwritten notes and memoirs by Billie Jones
Jones, Billie Family IIHandwritten notes, memoirs, and genealogical research by Billie Jones
Jones, John R.B. Family“Trying to Keep Up with the Joneses: Some facts and traditions about the R.B. Jones Family of Morehouse Parish, LA” by William Dan Files
Jones, Sam Houston (Governor of LA)
“Sam Houston Jones” retrieved from on 1/4/2005
“Governor Sam Houston Jones: Louisiana’s David… 1940-1944” retrieved from on 1/4/2005
Sam Houston Jones: Governor, State of Louisiana–1940-44 A Biographical Sketch
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“Jones brought reforms” News-Star, December 30, 1997, Page 3A 
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(article on Governor Sanders death on back of article above with note that it was copied and put in his file)
Jordan Family“Descendants of Wiley Henry Jordan” compiled by William Williams Colbert, Jr., Shreveport, LA, July 1964
Jordan, Clay“‘Survivor’ Jordan gets warm reception” News-Star, December 27, 2002, Page 3A 
“Jordan tells how he survived Thailand” News-Star, January 31, 2003, Page 1A 
“Jordan’s fans carry his torch” News-Star, February 4, 2003, Page 1A 
“4-Hers challenged to survive: Clay Jordan tells students how 4-H affected his life” News-Star, April 14, 2003 
Joyner, Lea (Reverend)Jes’ Ramblin’: “Church” Note: “This article must have been written about 1958 – Monroe Morning World….”
“DAR bestows highest honor” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, September 14, 1978
“New book (Standing in the Gap by Harry Hale) salutes the Rev. Joyner” News-Star, January 15, 1988, 1D
“Rev. Lea Joyner: A pastor for all people: Community remembers her legacy 30 years after slaying” News-Star, March 12, 2015, Page 1A
“Community honors memory of beloved Rev. Lea Joyner” News-Star, June 24, 2017, Page 3A
K–Biography“Miss Margaret Kalil” obituary, News-Star?, Sunday, March 17, 1991
“Civic Leader for Half Century: J.L. Kaliski Has Had Interesting Career” Monroe Morning World, October 20, 1929
(Kay)”Katz makes plans for positive campaign in council race” Ouachita Citizen, January 4, 1996, Page 1A
(Curley)”Ketchell retires from fair” Ouachita Citizen, September 10, 1998
“Foster taps (Tex) Kilpatrick for higher ed board” Ouachita Citizen, December 4, 1997
“Senior Member of Police Jury Dies; Rites Set” (Clarence A. Kincaid) May 18, 1961
“C.A. Kincaid Dies; Rites Slated Today” obituary, May 19, 1961, Unsourced
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Kelley, Frank (Artist)“Art imitates Life: Frank Kelly Jr. sees the beauty in everyday scenes of northern Louisiana” News-Star?, November 13, 2000, Page 1B
“Magazine paints bright future for local artist” News-Star, April 19, 2001
“Local artist brings Louisiana flavor to Nashville” News-Star, July 8, 2003
“Common ground: Artist Frank Kelley paints rural landscapes with vivid colors” News-Star, Sunday, September 28, 2003, Accent
“Passion to paint: Frank Kelley Jr. answered his calling to paint and is now a successful artist” News-Star, April 17, 2005, Page 1D
“Creative Paintings of Artist Frank Kelley, Jr.” Louisiana Road Trip, June 2006, Page 13
Kellogg Family“Walter W. Kellogg” Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) pp. 1272-1274
“Walter Wood Kellogg” Ancestors & Descendants of Charles and Eva Kellogg, p. 72-77
“Richard D. Kellogg” Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) pp. 1274-1275
“Richard Donovan Kellogg” Ancestors & Descendants of Charles and Eva Kellogg, p. 80-81
“Lawrence D. Kellogg” Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1275
“Lawrence David Kellogg” Ancestors & Descendants of Charles and Eva Kellogg, p. 78-80
“Kellogg Story: Family’s Lumber Industry Success” Unsourced
Kemp FamilyCensus of cemetery in Washington Parish, LA, copied by Mrs. Robert Wilkes Tucker of Baton Rouge (11/8/1961) and submitted by Mrs. Tony Veazy of Monroe, LA.
Kenner, Duncan“The Story of  Duncan Kenner, South’s Minister Plenipotentiary to Europe” by Albert Proctor, November 11, 1938, Unsourced
“They Built Louisiana: Duncan F. Kenner” © by Clayton Rand, 1942, Times-Picayune, December 13, 1942
Kennon, Robert F. (Governor)
“Robert Kennon Launches Race For Governor” Ouachita Citizen, Friday, August 16, 1963
“After corridors of power Retirement rarely peaceful for ex-governors” Shreveport Journal – Shreveport-Bossier City, LA., February 28, 1984, Page 3A
“Kennon: A detour among dazzling politicians” Shreveport Journal – Shreveport-Bossier City, LA., March 1, 1984, Page 3A
“Former governor Robert Kennon dies” Alexandria Daily Town Talk, Tuesday, January 12, 1988, Page 1
“Kennon dead at 85; 50s reform governor” News-Star-World, Tuesday, January 12, 1988, Page 1B
“Kennon eulogized as all-round good man” News-Star-World, Wednesday, January 13, 1988, Page 3B
“Minden judge Robert Kennon revives reform” News-Star-World, January 2, 1998, Page 3A
Kidd FamilyCopy of State of Louisiana, Parish of Ouachita Marriage License of John Kidd and  Rutha Daniel dated January 16, 1901
Copy of genealogical records from the Bible of William Kidd, born September 1, 1774 in VA, and wife Polly, born July 20, 1777, in VA
King, Terry (Dr.)“Why Our Baby?” Profile of Ouachita, July/August 1979, Vol.2, No. 2, pp. 20-24
“Matters of the Heart: Dr. Terry King–The Remarkable Careers of a Remarkable Man” Louisiana Road Trips, May 2007, Page 20
Kline, David (Rabbi) and wife Barbara
“a life in dance: An Interview with Barbara Kline” DeltaStyle, January 2003, pp. 16-17
“Temple bids departing rabbi shalom” News-Star, October 30, 2004, Page 1A
“Justice & Joy” News-Star, October 30, 2004, Page 1D
“More precious than rubies” News-Star, October 31, 2004, Page 1D
Kokinos Family“After 68 years the Kokinos family continues: Freezing Fun” News-Star-World, Friday, July 3, 1981, Page 11A
“Deno G. Kokinos” obituary, News-Star, December 3?, 1996
“Deno G. Kokinos” obituary, Ouachita Citizen, December 12, 1996
“Kokinos, operated ice cream company, dies” News-Star, Wednesday, September 6, 2006, Page 3B

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