Tabernacle Baptist Church Burns

I have been told that these fires had been set by Klan members as intimidation tactics. Tabernacle would rebuild and is still a thriving church today!

The Monroe News-Star, February 26, 1915, Page 1


The Tabernacle Baptist church, colored, at Ninth and Breard streets was totally destroyed by fire at 2:30 o’clock Friday morning. When discovered the building was almost completely enveloped in flames and there was no chance for the fire department to save the house. Slight damage was done the roof of a negro restaurant near by. The fire was in a block of the Standard Compress where several hundred bales of cotton are exposed and it was feared for a time sparks would set fire to the cotton. The loss on the church is about $3000 and is partially covered by insurance. How the fire originated is a mystery as the building was on fire from floor to top of steeple when the fire was discovered. The fire has aroused suspicion as another colored church four blocks from the Tabernacle church was burned several weeks ago.

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