Rencontre in Monroe


The Affair Grows Out of a Communication in the Bulletin by A. Benoit.

Special to The Times-Democrat.

Monroe, La., Sept. 9. – Congressman C.J. Boatner attacked Judge A.A. Gunby on the streets to-day with a large stick, on account of a communication from Hon. A. Benoit, published in the issue of the Monroe Bulletin last Saturday, under the caption, “Who is the Liar?” Judge Gunby denounced the attack as unmanly and cowardly, and seized Mr. Boaner and his stick, and endeavored to strike him, but was prevented by several bystanders, who held him. Several of Mr. Boatner’s political and personal friends were with him at the time he made the attack, which occurred in front of the law office of Garrett & Munholland, where Judge Gunby had gone on business. Judge Gunby was unarmed. Mr. Boatner had a heavy hickory stick.

I was looking for any information on the law firm of Garrett & Munholland when I found the above article in the New Orleans Times-Democrat of September 10, 1896, Page 2. The law office where the above incident took place was located at the corner of Wood and St. John streets.

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