A Matter of Honor.

The Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, AR) June 7, 1825 Page 4 

Slander. – We have been informed that on the 19th April, came on for trial in the District Court of Ouachita, the case of Dr. Hamlin [Dr. John M.A. Hamblen], member of the Legislature, against General Hughes [General John Hughes], for slander.  The broadest range of defence [sic] possible, was allowed the defendant.  He denied in his answer having made use of the words – pleaded in justification, that if he had used them, they were true – and farther, that they were used in recrimination of the slander of the plaintiff against him.  The examination of the witnesses who were very numerous ; and the arguments of the counsel, S.W. Downs and H.A. Bullard, for the plaintiff, and Mr. Boyce and Mr. Thomas for the defendant, lasted about 12 hours, from 8 o’clock in the morning until 8 in the evening. 

The jury did not immediately agree, and were consequently kept together until court was called next morning, at which time they brought in a verdict for the plaintiff $11,000 damages. 

Soon after the judgment of court for $11,000 was recorded, Dr. Hamlin, the plaintiff, came into court and voluntarily recorded satisfaction for the whole amount, without having received any part thereof – observing that he did not sue because he wanted Gen. Hughes’ money, but to protect an injured reputation ; that object having been obtained by the verdict of a jury, he would receive none of the money.[Lou. Adv. 

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