West Monroe City Hall

The Original West Monroe City Hall. The site is now a parking lot across from Roma’s Restaurant on Trenton Street.

The original West Monroe City Hall was designed by Antoine Drago and built in 1907 by Frank Masling. It was completed in 1908 at a cost of around $13,000. The measurements were 80 by 37 feet, and it was two stories tall. The front was made of pressed brick. The trimmings were made of concrete. Each room in the building was the same measurement. A flight of stairs in the center of the building lead to the second floor. Offices for the City Marshall, the tax collector, the fire department and the city jail were located on the first floor, and the mayor, secretary, treasurer and an assembly hall for the council were on the second. The building was capped with a steeple which held a bell.

The building was used for almost sixty years, until a fire destroyed it in 1964. The building was razed the next year. The bell survived, and was given to West Monroe High School. Each time the school football team scored a touchdown, the bell was rung. When Antique Alley was planned, a replica of the bell tower was created at the site of the old building. West Monroe High School graciously gave the bell back and it now hangs in the replica of the original tower.

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