Dr. Leonidas Barkdull Faulk

Dr. Faulk in his military uniform

Leonidas Barkdull Faulk was born November 21, 1889 in Monroe. He was the son of Robert Williams and Florence Stratton Faulk. He received his undergrad degree from the University of Virginia and his M.D. from Tulane University in 1912. He met and fell in love with a woman named Jane Pauline Stone and they were married in 1913. The couple were the parents of two children: Robert Guy and Eleanor Louise. Eleanor died as an infant.

When World War I broke out, Dr. Faulk enlisted. He was sent to France with the Medical Reserve Corps, where he found himself on the front lines in the Somme region. After Dr. Faulk was wounded in the leg, medics tried to carry him out on a stretcher, but they were hit themselves. The allied forces were made to retreat. Dr. Faulk was never seen again. In his memory, the American Legion named a post after him and a local elementary school bears his name.

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