Wisner Colored High School

Wisner Colored High School was one of the earliest African-American high schools in Ouachita Parish. It was founded by the Barrington family right after the Civil War. The Excellence Academy school building sits on the site.

This grainy newspaper clipping was recently found and was identified as Pruitt High School, 1915. The distinguished gentleman in the center of the photo was identified as W.M. Pruitt, principal. I now firmly believe it was misidentified, and is actually a photo of Wisner Colored High. Mr. Pruitt was principal of Wisner at this time. It is one of those rare photos that is a treasure to find! I just wished we have access to a better copy of the photo!

August 5, 2022 edit: Newly found information leads to the belief that this photo could also be the North Louisiana Industrial High School, which was a private school.

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