Bustling DeSiard Street in the late 1920s

This is a DeSiard Street photo that sits on top of a shelf in the Genealogy Department of the Ouachita Parish Public Library. It shows a traffic policeman directing a nicely dressed woman at the corner of DeSiard and Jackson Streets. Judging from the style of dress, and knowing the Palais Royal opened in 1925, we can safely say this photo dates to the late 20’s. Using a 1929-30 Monroe City Directory, we know the names of the businesses in these buildings. Going from left to right, we start with 219 DeSiard. We only see the edge of this building. It housed the Stag Smoke House. 223 DeSiard was the site of the Palais Royal Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear. 229 DeSiard was Morgan & Lindsey Variety Store. Upstairs was the Willard Hotel at 229 1/2 DeSiard. The F.W. Woolworth building at 231 DeSiard was next and we only see about half of it. Upstairs, at 231 1/2 DeSiard was the office of Dr. W.E. Smith, a local dentist. You can see the trolley tracks turning left and right on DeSiard. Downtown Monroe was the place to see and be seen at this time!

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