Sugar Brothers Theater

In the December 19th post, I told you about the Paramount Theater, which stood in the 300 block of DeSiard Street. It started life as the second Sugar Brothers Theater, then was sold to Saenger in 1916. It was remodeled in 1921. The above picture predates the remodel. It was taken between 1914 and 1917. I was able to make out some of the actors names on some of the billboards and the height of their fame was that time period. It looks a little different from what it would become! Notice that Krauss & Cahn Men’s Wear is in the same building?

3 thoughts on “Sugar Brothers Theater

  1. In the mid 60’s I worked as delivery boy for Brooks Drug Store on Cotton St. In WM. I would have to ride my bike over to Monroe Wholesale Drugs just off DeSaird St. to pick up medicine. It was own at that time by Leon Sugar, he was an very old man, could he have been old of the original Sugar Brothers?


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