Veranda Hotel

Before the Civil War, the best known hotel in Monroe was called the Veranda Hotel.  It was located in the middle of the block where the post office/U.S. District Court building is downtown.  I found this interesting article many years ago in the Ouachita Telegraph, June 23, 1888, page 3.  It gives a clue as to how old the Veranda was.

  Capt. T.J. Broadway is having the Verandah house repaired and recovered.  In removing the old shingles, which are of cypress, one was taken off bearing the following inscription:  “Wm. Laugh Miller, April 26th, 1834, Washita parish.:  It was removed on the 19th day of June, 1888, and is as sound as when put on, April 26th, 1834.  The “oldest inhabitant” does not remember Wm. Laugh Miller, but the fact is established that Ouachita parish has the best and most durable timber for shingles in the world.  Here is a roof that lasted 54 years.  Who can best the record?

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