Accounts of Death in the Diary of Dr. Robert Forbes McGuire Part II

June, 1844                               Sis Louisa died on the 12th in Charitan County, Missouri.

March, 1845                            Dr. Thompson’s wife died in Orleans.

April, 1845                              The people are healthy here, a few cases of pneumonia, very few fatal cases here.  Dr. Thompson died with it at home.

May 3, 1845                            Pease died suddenly on Pargoud’s upper place.

February, 1846                        Remained in New Orleans to 3d March, weather generally cool & dry creating Typhus Pneumonia of which many died.  Miron Copley in Orleans.  Mrs. Trent at home.  Jona[than]Morgan died at Memphis, his body was brought to Bayou Siarde & buried.

March, 1846                            Judge E.K. Willson resigned to take effect 1st inst. & he died 15th,I think of bad treatment; viz. active stimulants for a croup colic.  Mrs. Goodrich died at Killams 21st,many complaining of colds & sore throats.

July 1846                                On Sunday, the 19th, Becca had a daughter.  It died on Sunday the 26th.  Mother died 28th at 5 & ½ o’clock p.m.  Sarah Stevens child of Christian& Sarah took spasms in the night & died at half past five o’clock Thursday morning, the 30th. She was not known to be unwell the day before.

August, 1846                           Rainy almost every day to the 22 d; on that day Louisa McGuire, my niece, died at about 2 o’clock a.m.

April, 1847                              Isaac M. DeWitt died the 1st.  James Killam died the 2d.

May, 1847                               Patrick Hughes died during our absence.  Ray’s daughter, Louisa, died on 3d of this month. I.H. Killam died.

June, 1847                               2d D. Holmes died.  Absent at Morehouse court from 6th to 20th. Trial for murder of Hall, generally cool, not much rain, 24thnegro man Nat died.

August 21, 1847                      Smith the barber shot himself last night.

October, 1847                         Robert M. Stevens, son of Christian died 15th 9 o’clock p.m.

February, 1848                        The whooping cough among my little negroes quite bad, one child of Pink & Linder died of it last week.

May, 1848                               Dr. W.O. Morrison died 3d.

June, 1848                               My niece Lucy McCleland & her child died in Mississippi 1st.

December, 1848                      Cholera appeared Orleans the 13th, one negro brought here with it & died on the 26th.

March, 1849                            The colera [sic] on Down’s plantation, 5 negroes died, 28 or 29th, about 50 had it.

April, 1849                              Hill died the 5th about 12 M.

May, 1849                               Augusten Stevens died 20th.

August, 1849                           Dr. G.W. Warfield died 30th at 10 p.m.

September, 1849                     Mr. Sharp died the 3d.  Capt. Geo. H.Caldwell died at Harrisonburg the 11th.  Louisa Jane McGuire, brother Alan’s daughter,died here 22nd, Saturday, 11 p.m.

October, 1849                         Millam died 9th.

November, 1849                     Sarah died 16th.  15th at Bastrop at court from 19th to 30th engaged in Mrs. Chambliss will case.

June, 1850                               Louisa Lamy White died at Evansville, Indiana, the 30th.

July, 1850                               Z. Taylor, President died the 9th. 26th Jack died.

August 27, 1850                      Mrs. Hooker died last night.

September 11, 1850                Mrs. Nancy Willson died.

October, 1850                         Benj. T. White killed & Polly C. White badly burned 5th inst.  by explosion of two kegs of gunpowder fired from a cigar by accident in a store in Columbia, Missouri.

November 7, 1850                  Judy died of apoplexy.

December 14, 1850                 Mrs. McEnery died yesterday.

May, 1851                               The S.B. Storm arrived from N.O. with corpse of Lenwill Newman on board, he and five others died with cholera on the trip.

July 10, 1851                          John Morrison died yesterday.

December 10, 1851                 8 a.m. Judge Geo. W. Copely died.

January 5, 1852                       Sophia child of Becca, died.  Ralph died on plantation from accidentally shooting himself.

May 16, 1852                          Mrs. DeWitt died Sunday 1/2 past 6 p.m.

May, 1852                               Mary, daughter of Adar, died 19th in the evening.

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