The Wedding of the Girl in the Iron Coffin

What a title!  I knew that would catch the eye!  I found this wedding announcement in a very old Monroe newspaper and figured out that Mary was who historians had identified as being the girl in the iron coffin that had been found in the 1960’s! (Note: We now know Mary Morrison is NOT the Girl in the Iron Coffin. See “A Correction …” blog post.)

The Monroe Olive Branch

Thursday, March 18, 1841

Page 2, Column 2

          Married in this place, on Thursday evening, at 3 o’clock P.M., by the Hon. Lewis F. Lamy, Mr. R.W. LOUGHERY, Editor of the Monroe Olive Branch, to Miss SARAH ANN BALLEW.

          Married on Bayou de Sieard [sic],on Thursday evening, the 11th inst., by the Hon. Lewis F. Lamy, Mr. JOSEPH F. WADE to Miss MARY ST. CLARE MORRISON.

          With the above notice we received the usual accompaniments.  In presenting our compliments to the happy couple we wish that their happiness may be perennial,and that through each vicissitude of life, the light of affection may illuminate their path, and render their fruition ever perfect.

          She is thine – the word is spoken ;

                   Hand to hand, and heart to heart!

          Though all other ties are broken,

                   Time these bonds shall never part.

          Thou hast taken her in gladness,

                   From the altar’s holy shrine;

          Oh, remember in her sadness,

                   She is thine, and only thine!

          In so fair a temple never,

                   Aught of ill can hope to come;

          Good will strive, and striving ever,

                   Make so pure a shrine its home!

          Each the other’s love possessing,

                   Say what care should cloud that brow;

          She will be to thee a blessing,

                   And a shield to her be thou!

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