The Diary of Martha Frances Surghnor Part III

September 10, 1889:  “Yesterday Mrs. McFee’ last son George was so badly scalded that he died last night and has just been buried.  He was the victim of a railroad accident as was Frank who died August 22nd, or 23rd, 1887 just two years ago.  Their father G.W. McFee was killed by being thrown from a buggy in 1878.”

“News comes of the elopement of Julia Slack with Henry Moore.  Another poor fool.”

February 14th, 1890:  “There has been a great epidemic of fatal influenza called the “Grippe”.  Many have died from the effects of it.”

“Dr. Bob Layton leaves today for Paris to renew his studies.”  

“Sid Saunders the “fire bug” has a monument that would almost do for a U.S. President, but it will only ‘perfect his infamy”.”

“Mrs. McFee brought suit and has received a verdict of $30,000 in her favor a high value on Georges life surely.  But will she get it is the question. (April 1891) she only got $6,000.00 minus lawyers fees.  And I’m sure she would rather by far have had $3,000.00 than George.”

April 1, 1891:  “Monroe has improved like magic in last three years.  Dr. Layton returned from Paris March 1st.”

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