Confederate Reunion in Monroe, 1913

The_News_Star_Sun__Sep_14__2014_Very long photo, and unfortunately, I had to make it very small to get the whole thing in!  This was taken at the state confederate reunion in Monroe, September, 1913.  You can see the whole thing up close and personal in the Ouachita Parish Public Library’s Special Collections Department.  I know a couple of the men right off the bat.  The large, imposing man in the front, in the section in front of the First Baptist Church is Dr. George H. Tichenor.  Yes, THAT Dr. Tichenor.  The man sitting on the lawn in front wearing a black suit and derby hat (in front of the city hall on the right) is Mayor Alexander Forsythe.  Others can probably be identified.  If you think you have an ancestor in Louisiana at that time who would have attended, come on by the library and take a look at the real thing!

The buildings are from left to right:  The Federal building, First Baptist Church and City Hall.  Of the three, only First Baptist still stands.  This was taken at St. John Street.

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