Louisiana Freedmen’s Bureau Office Records, Monroe, LA Indentures, Mar.-Nov., 1867

Right after the Civil War, orphaned African-Americans were “apprenticed” to local white families to learn a trade.  The Louisiana Freedmen’s Bureau took care of writing up the contracts and were supposed to make sure they were treated fairly.  This is only covers a nine month period, and it makes you wonder what happened to the children?  To see a copy of the actual record, Familysearch.org has the Freedmen’s Bureau Records digitized and available to view for free.

Date of Ind.NameOccupationIndentured toDurationNotes
20 Mar 1867James ThompsonPlantingMrs. N.J. Willson5 yearsOrphan of Joseph Thompson
20 Mar 1867Martha ThompsonHousekeepingMrs. N.J. Willson7 yearsOrphan of Joseph Thompson
20 Mar 1867Marina HendersonServantJ.T. Simmons6 yearsOrphan of Robert Henderson
20 Mar 1867Jonas HendersonServantJ.T. Simmons10 yearsOrphan of Robert Henderson
20 Mar 1867Gabriel HendersonServantJ.T. Simmons12 yearsOrphan of Robert Henderson
20 Mar 1867Pilgrim HendersonServantJ.T. Simmons6 yearsOrphan of Robert Henderson
20 Mar 1867Nathan DavisBrick MakingThomas N. Conner3 years#
22 Jul 1867John WilsonServantJ.T. Ludeling4 yearsOrphan of Robert Wilson
12 Jul 1867Laura WardServantR.C. Hendericks6 years9 years old. Morehouse Parish
12 Jul 1867Margaret WardServantR.C. Hendericks4 years11 years old.  Morehouse Parish.
12 Jul 1867Moses WardFarmerR.C. Hendericks14 years4 years old.  Morehouse Parish.
26 Aug 1867Glasgon CaldwellFarmerS.D. Brigham6 yearsOrphan of Glasgon & Myra.  Morehouse Par.
22 Aug 1867Jennie JohnsonJohn Ray5 years
27 Aug 1867Delphin MooreDixon/Dickson Moore8 years7 years old.
27 Aug 1867Adam MooreDixon/Dickson Moore13 years5 years old.
27 Aug 1867Lenah MooreDixon/Dickson Moore5 years10 years old.
22 Aug 1867Amanda StephensFrancis A. Sharp8 years7 years old.
22 Aug 1867Horrace StephensFarmerFrancis A. Sharp9 years9 years old.
13 Sep 1867Wesley JohnsonFarmerJohn S. Knox9 years
9 Sep 1867Livy RudulphFarmerRufus E. Phillips5 years
9 Sep 1867Amos WilliamsFarmerRufus E. Phillips7 years
10 Oct 1867Kent RodneyEli Noble3 years15 years old.*
18 Nov 1867Samuel HoltFarmerDavid M. Holt3 years15 years old.
18 Nov 1867Sarah HoltHouse ServantDavid M. Holt3 years12? Years old.
26 Nov 1867Clinton HuntFarmerH.M. Polk12 years6 years old.
Those who they were indentured to, were required to provide sufficient clothing, board, washing, lodging and schooling.  The indentures cover 
Ouachita and Morehouse Parishes.  All were former slaves.
#Would be given $50 the first year, $75 the second and $100 the third.
*Contract null and void if his parents or any other party claim him.

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