Monroe Fire of 1872 Part 2

This is a second view of the 1872 fire.  The Ouachita Telegraph posted the following article about Mealy’s photos in the January 27, 1872 issue:

  We are indebted to Mr. Mealy for photographic views of the “Ruins of the City of Monroe,” taken three days after the fire.  One view is taken from the Post-Office up Grand street, and the other from the foot of DeSiard back from the river.  The two embrace nearly all of the burnt district, and give a very correct idea of the extent of the disaster and the inconceivable change wrought in our little city in the short space of three and a half hours.  That portion of the city where the law offices and Hanna’s warehouse stood is not included in either of the views, and could not be from the points at which the artist stood.

  A view taken t0-day would show another considerable change since the fire.  Over a dozen places of business are either up or going up on Grand street, and workmen and laborers are busy at every former place of business on DeSiard, preparing to erect new houses.  Lumber, shingles, brick and sand lie in big piles all along the sidewalks; forcing the pedestrian to take the middle of the street, and the hammer, saw and trowel are making music from sunrise until pitch dark.  Our people are evincing great recuperative energy and resources, and deserve unstinted commendation.

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