Monroe Post Office Staff, 1916.


Found in the photo collection of the Ouachita Parish Public Library.  Written on the back were the following words:

In photograph, left to right, –

Eddie (R.E.) Bynum

George Andrew Carter

Rufus E. Rushing

Postmaster John Thomas Bryant

George A. Hollingsworth

William Abram O’Kelly

David Conn Carter

Eugene Shows

James Louis (Tuck) Haynes

Not shown:


Mrs. Mattie Ethridge

Adolph Renaud

J. Marble Pratt

Robert Brooks

Carriers:  Rae F. Rinehart

Leon Fife

John Donovan

A.W. Wilkins

Rural carriers:

Johnny May Rainbolt

Hunt Arant

Columbus J. Dean


Herman Marbles

James Greggs ?


Ike Perry


1916 – 1919

Day that Mr. Bryant sworn in as Postmaster of Monroe, La.  Post Office was (illegible) floor, located on corner of St. John [and] Grammont.

According to newspaper records, Mr. Bryant was sworn in office early February, 1916.

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