Ouachita Bakery


I love this engraving from the Worlds Fair Edition! This building was gorgeous!  My best estimate as to it’s location was right across the street from where Jackson enters DeSiard, between Art Alley and 3rd.  Is it still there?  I’m not sure.  It could be still hiding behind that new facade, just waiting to be restored again!  Here is a little article from the same publication, written about the man who built it:


            Since the time of the rendering of that first judicial decision, “by the sweat of thy brow, shalt thou eat bread,” the business of the baker has been alike important and increasing, and while “home-made bread” and “bread, such as your mother used to make,” is highly commended for its many good and wholesome qualities, the bread from a city bakery is both good in quality and a convenience to the busy housewife.



One of the largest and best equipped bakeries here in Monroe is owned and managed by the above named gentleman, the business being carried on in a building just completed at a cost of $6000 and built expressly for the purpose.

In addition to the manufacture of all kinds of bread and cakes, he carries a full assortment of candies, fruits, fancy groceries, tobacco and cigars; also in the summer season handling ice cream, soda water, lemonade, etc., of the best quality.

Mr. Hebeler was raised in New Orleans, locating here in 1881, and for nine years managed the business for his father, John C. Hebeler.  Buying out the business, he has carried it on very successfully since, building up a nice trade; in its management being ably assisted by his amiable and energetic wife.

As a public spirited citizen he is always ready to work for the welfare of the community, in support of which statement is the fact that he is president of Ouachita Fire Company, No. 1., and an esteemed member of the Masonic, Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias orders.

George passed away in 1933 and was buried in St. John Cemetery, New Orleans.

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