Words of Advice From a Father to His Son

Trenton, La Sept. 25th 1866

Papa is very proud and happy to learn through letters from Mama and Auntie that his darling Charlie Clayton is an interesting, smart, intelligent, good boy, and earnestly hopes that as he grows older and larger he may also grow still smarter and better, and turn out to be a great, good and happy man.

Papa begs to impress upon the mind of his dear boy, that in order to be good and great and happy and useful and beloved, and above all to be pleasing in the sight of God, that he must learn early in life to govern and control his feelings and passions, and never allow himself to get angry and cry and be contrary and cross or ill, and must not say bad ugly woods, or behave rude and ugly, but he must be loving and obedient to Mama and Auntie and sister and cousins.  He must also learn to be respectful and kind and good to everybody, and must never give offence, or say or do anything to wound the feelings of anyone.

Papa prays that his darling boy may grow up in the fear and love of God, and be a good, happy and useful man.

J.P. Crosley

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