Monroe’s First Newspaper

This was printed in the News-Star on October 31, 1933.  It shows the front page of an 1823 Monroe newspaper called the Louisianian.  It is Monroe’s first newspaper and is the only one known in existence.  It is in private hands.


One thought on “Monroe’s First Newspaper

  1. I just wanted to tell you that My 3rd Great Grandfather William Alexander Dromgoole, son of Fur Trader and Cherokee Negotiator Alexander Dromgoole (I have documents proving this).

    Anyway, I have two articles saying he went by a Cognomen Or what is now called an Alias like Actors do today.
    William published a small Magazine called the Garden in Bardstown KY. He wrote in this magazine under the Alias Christopher Crabtree Esq. This was published between January of 1810 and Dec of 1810. If you see anything with Christopher Crabtree Esq. on it from this timeframe, it as well is by William Alexander Dromgoole.

    He moved to Natchez Territory sometime in 1811 with his brother in law Peter Isler whom had married his either 1/2 sister or full sister Elizbeth Dromgoole it is unknown if they had the same mother, but proven they had same father with court documents while Alexander Dromgoole Fur Trader was still alive and living in Washington Co. Va. When he (William’s father) was in a very long legal battle over the land his first wife sold. Note his father married at least 3 other women while still married to Elizabeth Smith Dormgoole, One being Nancy a Cherokee, Isabelle Elliott widow of British Gen. Even Shelby and step mother to Gov. of KY Isaac Shelby, Then lastly he married Anna Campbell who was the widow of Jacob Balzell. His father even tried to fake his death once to be able to marry again or hide the fact he had other children while trading in the Nation from Elizabeth Margaret Dromgoole. He (William’s father Alexander Dromgoole Fur trader) was proven to still be alive in the very long court battle documents I referenced where he stated and wrote he was living in Washington County Va. at the time of the court battle and subsequently did sign over everything to his first wife that was due her from the buildings in Winchester Va. that belonged to her father, prior to selling them to Alexander.

    William A. Dromgoole was appointed the Natchez Territory public printer in 1814, His brother in law Peter Isler took over this appointment when William Moved to Rapides – Alexandria Parish Louisiana around 1817. William Moved to Ouachita Parish LA abt 1820. As a note, his half brother John Dromgoole the son of Isabelle Elliott/Shelby and Alexander Dromgoole Fur Trader lived with William in Rapides LA. His 1/2 brother John married Elizabeth Alston the daughter of John Alston (either the son of Philip Alston or the brother of Philip Alston), He later married Elizabeth Gardner in Mississippi. Most people AGAIN combine the son of William’s Uncle James Dromgoole John McCoy Dromgoole (b.1805 and was still a minor when his father died and had a guardian afterwards.) with this John Dromgoole b. in the 1790’s and was the son of Alexander and Isabell.

    William Alexander Dromgoole the printer moved back to the Territory around 1825 and took over some land left by his late brother-in-law Philip Alston Gilbert (Mississippi State Representative), who was one of the founders of Princeton MS, with William Berry Prince. Philip Alston Gilbert and William Alexander Dromgoole’s wife Sarah “Sally” Gilbert were the niece and nephew of Jane Kinner Gilbert/Gilbreth and Robert Prince. William Berry Prince was their first cousin, Jane being the sister to their father. Anyway this land in Mississippi Territory became known as Washington Co. Mississippi. The land that William Alexander Dromgoole Sold to Frederick G Turnbull later had the plantation called the Linden built on it. I have the original Deed that showed William Alexander Dromgoole sold the land to Frederick G Turnbull. Even though the history books in Washington county say Frederick G Turnbull was the first person in the founding of Washington Co. MS. He purchased the land from William Dromgoole, who still lived there in Washington Co. Ms. until his death in 1842.

    Most people confuse This William with his first cousin William Dromgoole son of James Dromgoole and they confuse James Dromgoole as his father. I can prove this not possible with documents. As well William Alexander Dromgoole married Sarah Gilbert sister of Philip Alston Gilbert, Grandchildren of the famous counterfeiter Philip Alston. As well most people combine their grandfather the Tory who helped start the Spanish uprising with is 1st cousin Philip Alston who was a Wig and married Mary Molly Temple and Temperest Smith. Even Wikipedia has it wrong. As well I have Court documents proving Our Philip Alston the famous Counterfeiter was still alive in 1808 in a court battle. The first cousin Philip Alston Wig who married Temperest Smith and Mary Molly Temple was shot in his bed in 1791 in Ga. while on the run for suspicion of solicitating the murder of his rival…..I have way too much family history knowledge. I have spent over 40 yrs compiling family documents and proving our Dromgoole family lines and separating them all out. It drives me nuts when people combine their ancestors with similar names into one person, then thousands of people take it as fact and copy it to the point no one listens to the truth or reads actual documents anymore to see what is correct.

    If you would like copies of the articles about his Cognomen/Alias just email me and I will give you copies. Or if anyone who contacts you regarding this family wants information, please give them my email.
    Thank you,


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