The Daily Electric Letter

I wish I could see what this particular newspaper looked like!  It would have been fascinating!  Unfortunately, no copies exist.

Ouachita Telegraph, September 28, 1877, Page 3

The Daily Electric Letter is the name of a small daily paper, 12 x 18 inches, the publication of which was begun Saturday by Messrs. Coe and Singer, of this city.  The Letter is published by an electric process known as Edison’s using no type but duplicating copies of written matter with the aid of an inking roller and a press.  The Letter publishes the daily market reports, a portion of the associated press dispatches, local items, &c.  It is furnished to subscribers at 25 cents per week, or $9 a year.  The enterprise has our kind wishes, and the proprietors a cordial welcome.

The Ouachita Telegraph, January 25, 1878, Page 3

The “Electric Letter” Discontinued.

  The following announcement appeared in the Daily Letter of this place, on the 22nd:


  With this issue, which concludes our fourth month, we discontinue the publication of the Daily Electric Letter.

We think the Letter has accomplished its mission, and that the time is about to arrive when its publication would cease to be profitable to us, hence this determination.  Thanking our friends for the patronage they have extended to us, we are,

Respectfully,                     COE & SINGER,

Editors & Proprietors.

We shall miss the morning visits of our late little contemporary, but we can but approve of the proprietors’ determination not to publish a non-paying paper.  That they have judged correctly as to the wisdom of trying to establish a daily paper here, with a telegraphic tax of $70 per month to begin with and other expenses added, to increase the amount to near $400 per month- all of which must be paid promptly in cash- no one will doubt who has either business experience or common  sense.  The Letter, perhaps, was published for less, but it was small, and yet ceased to be profitable.  The time has not come for a daily paper in Monroe; when it does, we will launch the Daily Telegraph once more.

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