Louisiana: Comprising Sketches of Counties, Town, Events, Institutions, and Persons, Arranged in Cyclopedic Form, Copyright 1909 by Alcee Fortier

Volume III of this set contains the biographies of the leading white men of Louisiana at the time.  There is a photo of each man (and sometimes one of his wife!) along with a detailed biography.  The Special Collections department of Ouachita parish Public Library has this volume.  The Monroe men in this book are:

Edward Wooten Anderson, Daniel Alexander Breard, David Wiseman Faulk, Hardy H. Filhiol, John B. Filhiol, Hypolite Filhiol, Ernest Fudickar, Frederick Gray Hudson, John Henry Kindermann, Marquis Lafayette Meredith, Alexander Myatt, James Nelson, Wiley Polk Renwick, Henry Hamilton Russell, James Hayden Seales, Frank Peter Stubbs, George Swartz and William Thomas Theobalds.

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