The Corner of DeSiard and St. John Streets

DeSiard and St John

The last photo I will post from the scrapbook in the collection of Ouachita Parish Public Library’s Special Collections is a shot down St. John Street.  You can see the Building and Loan building on the right (now St. John’s Pharmacy), which is still there, and the Knights of Pythias building across the street from it.  Everything else is gone!  You can see the tower of the old City Hall sticking up at the end of St. John.  Collens Pharmacy is on the left in the foreground.  Across the street is the Bank Building which is now the site of the Vantage Building.  The building next to it is Endom’s livery, owned and run by former mayor Fred Endom.  Also, faintly in the distance on the far right, you can catch a glimpse of Endom bridge!  See the trolley tracks down the middle of DeSiard?  They were installed in 1906.

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