Early Car in Monroe

Early Monroe Car

Nothing about the above photo is identified.  We don’t know the street or the two men in the car.  All we know is that it was taken in Monroe between 1904 and 1907.  The men’s faces aren’t clear, but could one of them be George W. Zeigen?  George was a Spanish American War Veteran from Michigan who came to Monroe around the turn of the century and opened a bicycle shop.  He was a man who could make anything run.  This was why, when G.B. Cooley bought the first automobile in Monroe, George was asked to figure out how to drive it!  George figured out how to start the car.  He was able to back the car down off the freight car, but could not make it go forward.  And so, to George’s embarrassment, the first automobile in Monroe was driven down the street…in reverse.

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