The Murder of Jesse Vinson

Many years ago, I was asked if I could find the burial site of someone’s ancestor, Jesse Vinson.  The person knew very little about the circumstances of his death.  They knew the year and that he left behind a widow and nine kids.  Unfortunately, I was unable to help them.  No Monroe newspapers survive.  That was several years ago, but I always had the request in the back of my mind.  About a year ago, while testing a newspaper database, I stumbled across the below article.  Something about the name Vincent sounded familiar.  Could it be the long lost Vinson?  Sure enough, the dates fit.  I had found Jesse!  The Colony was on Hwy 80 near the American Legion Hall In the area of Ouachita High School.  My suspicion is that Jesse was buried in the Colony Cemetery right next to the Hall, but there are no records left.  I scrambled around to find the contact information for the researcher so I could tell them.  Unfortunately, they had recently passed away.

The New Orleans Daily Crescent (New Orleans, LA) July 28, 1854, Page 3

On Saturday, 16th, an affray took place at a grog-shop in the Colony, about eight miles distant from this place, between one George Posey and a man named Vincent, which ended in the death of the latter. It seems that a fight had previously ensued between the parties within the precincts of this popular bell, in which Vincent was victorious; whereupon Posey stepped out the door, procured a shot-gun, and challenged Vincent to come out, stating, at the same time, that if he did he would shoot him; which he did as soon as Vincent obeyed the challenge, inflicting a wound which caused his death in less than fifteen minutes.

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