“There’s cheating going on.”

Evening Star (Washington, D.C.) February 4, 1861, Page 1

“CHEATING ROUND THE BOARD.” – A correspondent writes from Monroe, La. – Some years ago a game of poker was being played in this place.  Jim C— was in it, and during the game contrived to steal the four aces and lay them on his knee to be played at the proper time.  The player who sat next to him saw the move, and slipping the aces from their hiding place, put four other cards in their stead.  When Jim’s turn came to deal he called on all hands to go blind.  “I’ll go over all of you.”  When all were in deep enough to suit him he reached for his aces, and brought up something else.  Throwing his cards on the table, in a tone of indignation he exclaimed:  “Gentlemen, I can’t play in this game; there’s cheating going on.”

One thought on ““There’s cheating going on.”

  1. 😂😂😂

    That is a great way of getting out of a sticky situation… and for the other player to be so “light handed”… wonderful article!

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