Ouachita Parish History Mural

Back in 1958, Frances Flanders, Director of the Ouachita Parish Public Library, was in the middle of construction of the new Main Branch Library. Ms. Flanders wanted a statement piece to hang over the circulation desk of the new library. With the permission of the library board, Ms. Flanders commissioned Hubble Reed McBride, a Dallas artist, to paint the history of Ouachita parish. Even though Mr. McBride’s name is a the bottom of the painting, it was actually painted by Victor Lallier. Mr. Lallier is renowned for his over 2,000 portraits he painted in his lifetime. Among his best known are ones he painted of Presidents LBJ and Kennedy!

Here is a black and white photo taken not long after the history piece was installed: https://louisianadigitallibrary.org/islandora/object/oplib-arc%3A38

If you want to see the real thing, this painting still hangs in the Main Branch above the magazine section.

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