Natchitoches Street West Monroe Almost Had a New Name

Back in 1953 a movement began in West Monroe to change the name of Natchitoches Street to Main Street. The DAR vehemently opposed the suggestion. You see, Natchitoches Street was part of the original trail/road between Fort Miro and Natchitoches during Filhiol’s residency. Those who wanted the name changed argued that Natchitoches was too hard to spell, and they couldn’t shorten the name to Nat, since a road near the Brown Mill was called Nat! The DAR argued the name was historical. There were too few historical road names left in West Monroe and they weren’t going to let this one go without a fight! The West Monroe City Council tabled the issue indefinitely so the proposition was squashed, and Natchitoches Street still bears it’s old name!

One thought on “Natchitoches Street West Monroe Almost Had a New Name

  1. Natchitoches is hard to spell and hard to pronounce if you are not from the area. Humorous to listen to someone try to pronounce it or Ouachita.

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