Part Two of the Thomas Reynolds Murder, 1848

Back in 2019, I found an article about a man on trial for the 1848 poisoning death of his father. He had ran to Texas for several years, but was found and brought back for trial. Apparently, he made a jail break! We now have a name for the murderous son.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune, January 8, 1858:

Criminals at Large. – Three prisoners, confined in Ouachita parish jail, escaped therefrom, as we learn from the Monroe Register, on the night of the 28th ult. Their names are William Reynolds, charged with poisoning his own father, and found guilty of manslaughter at the last term of the District Court; Wm. A. Hazleton, found guilty, at the same term, of forgery against the rights and interests of his own step-son and ward; and Thomas H. Thomas, charged with the crime of robbery. The R. gives the following particulars of their escape:

They were confined in the iron cage, in the middle of the vault, and each of them chained beside. By means of files their chains were loosed, but false keys (how these things were obtained is known only to hocus-pocus) the cage was unlocked, and with the help of old case knives the bricks were picked from the wall and an opening made through which they effected their escape. For their apprehension the Sheriff offers a reward of $100 for each, or $400 for the three.

There seems to be no reasonable conjecture as to the direction they took.

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