Eddie Cantor Performs at Neville

The above ad appeared in the News Star in 1950. From about the 20s – 40’s, Eddie Cantor was a HUGE Hollywood star! His singing and comedy routines were legendary. Those in the Greatest and Silent generations adored him. Those big eyes were as familiar to America as Jimmy Durante’s nose! Eddie founded the March of Dimes and helped break the color barrier on TV. He was the host of a popular variety show and asked Sammy Davis Jr. to come perform on it in the spring of 1952. After the performance, Eddie went up to Sammy, hugged him and wiped the sweat off his brow with his own handkerchief. Eddie was threatened with firing, but in defiance, he booked Sammy on his show for two weeks!

Later generations from the Boomers on, have him to thank for a very significant part of their childhood. You probably never knew it though. Eddie Cantor wrote the tune, “Merrily We Roll Along”, which was the intro music to every Merrie Melodies/Warner Brothers cartoon you have ever watched!

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