The Biedenharn Family Opens Monroe’s Coca Cola Plant

The last picture I will share of the Mac Ward collection, is one showing Mr. Ward interviewing the Biedenharn family for the grand opening of the Monroe Coca Cola plant in 1968. Only Representative Otto Passman is identified. He is the man on the far left. Mac Ward is the dark haired man, second from the right. Next to him is unmistakably, Emy Lou Biedenharn! The others, I can only guess at. The young man in the red may be Henry A. “Hank” Biedenharn III, sales manager for the plant. The older gentleman on the far right may be Henry A. Biedenharn, Jr., the only surviving brother of Joe Biedenharn. He may also be one of Joe’s oldest boys. The other men are probably Emy Lou’s brothers. Neat little photo!

To see the entire Mac Ward collection, go here:

There are photos of Mac with several historic figures and photos from the set of KNOE! It is a fascinating collection.

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