A Proposed New Building For the Monroe Academy

Wouldn’t this have been a gorgeous building? This was published in the Monroe News Star back in 1913. Professor Foster and the trustees of the Monroe Academy were looking to expand the school space and the following conceptual drawing was made. It never happened to my knowledge. Ten years later, Monroe Colored High School would be built, which was very similar to this concept. It wasn’t as ornate though. According to the 1913 article, written by Professor Madison James Foster, principal at the time, it would have been spectacular.

This beautiful structure is to be 100 x 40 feet, 3 stories high, with seven recitation rooms, a reception room and office for the principal, an auditorium with a seating capacity of 400. There will be 20 rooms for boarders, the bath room not counted.
In the basement will be apartments for laundry, cooking, canning and other industrial pursuits, while the whole concern will be heated by steam.

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