The Three Mile Inn – 1936

Last month I saw a listing come up on Ebay for a 1936 Monroe Telephone directory. I instantly bought it! It came in a few days before the new year and I was blown away by one ad in the middle for the Three Mile Inn:

I have never seen an interior shot of the Three Mile Inn! I have written about it before. I wonder if that tile looking area in the middle is the infamous glass dance floor? WOW! This building is now known as the Waterfront Grill.

I have donated the phone book to the Ouachita Parish Public Library’s Special Collections department so future researchers can enjoy it! It is now digitized here: .

2 thoughts on “The Three Mile Inn – 1936

  1. Good day, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. I was born and raised in Monroe along with my father W J (Bill) Hodge and my mother Lynn. I just shared with her the telephone directory. We had a nice trip down memory lane looking up old family members. Thank you for all of the posts… Gaines Hodge 601-790-7145 Office 601-941-2536 Cell

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