Public TV in Monroe BEFORE LPB!

Before I saw this photo, I had never heard of KLSE TV station, channel 13. It broadcast from Forsythe Avenue. I found this Wikipedia article on it: . KLSE was an educational program only station! It sounds very similar to LPB today, only geared more towards the education of children. It was the first public broadcasting station in the state and among the earliest in the deep south!

Apparently, the station was only on air in Monroe between 1957 and 1964. This photo is dated 1962: .

I found the TV listing for KLSE in the newspaper from January, 1962. Time for Tots was a 30 minute program airing at 2 pm. If I am reading the listings right, it aired on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. In 1963 the host was Mrs. Frances Mitchell, but I don’t know if that is her in this picture. Many of the four and five year olds that appeared on the program came from the Baptist Children’s Home. Frances Baxter Mitchell died in 2012 and is buried in the Mulhearn Cemetery.

To quote a 1963 article: “Time for Tots” will include in its format projects designed to teach patriotism, Americanism, comprehension and co-ordination. Science films of interest to children and games will be inc[l]uded in the routine.”

The station went off the air on July 1, 1964 due to lack of funds. It would take another twelve years before Monroe had public broadcasting again. KLTM went on the air for the first time September 8, 1976.


The Louisiana Digital Library seems to be having problems today, so I have copied the photo here:

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  1. I think this must have been the one located kind of diagonally across from Nellie’s and next to the fire station and Ernest’s veterinarian clinic on Forsythe in front of the RR tracks.

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