The Online Obituary Index Is HERE!

To search for an obituary in Monroe papers, go here: .

This has been a long time coming. What you will find in this index is the name, newspaper the obituary appeared in, the date it appeared, page and column number. A notes field is also included with information such as the cemetery they were buried in or the funeral home that handled the arrangements. Look for the box on the right that says “Search for a record”. That is your search engine. The search looks in the name field and the notes field, so if you want to see the ones from a particular town or who are buried in a particular cemetery, you can search that way as well! To search for a last name, type in the last name along with a comma (i.e.: Smith, ). This way, you will not get any Smith cemetery hits, just the last name of Smith. To see the actual obituary, you can come by the Main branch Genealogy Department and ask for that date’s microfilm!

This is the hard work of me, Pat Gilman, Mary Roberson, Peggy Leigh and Nicole Goode. These obituaries are not just Monroe area deaths. There are obituaries from all over the state included here! If your ancestor died in Northeast Louisiana between 1825 and 1991, take a look! It will be added to as we continue to index. Happy hunting!

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