Hotel Alvis Barber Shop

When I saw this photo come up for auction on Ebay, I knew I had to have it!

The Hotel Alvis Barber Shop, 1939.

Glued to the back , on Hotel Alvis letterhead, was the following description. Bracketed names are who I have identified with research.

Hotel Alvis Barber Shop.

This Picture taken Aug. 17 -39 [1939]

George Hill in Joe’s [Miers] chair.

Mr. Paul [Mavrides] (In Leon’s [Johnston] chair.) Royal Confectionary. [Paul Mavrides, a Greek immigrant, was cofounder of the Royal Confectionary.]

Little “Doc” [Alfred] Ware. In Neva’s [Scharf] chair.

Mrs. Annie Gibbs In Walter’s [Gordon] chair.

Tony Gueriero [Guerriero] In shine stand.

George Gaines (Porter).

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