Prairie Du Bois

This is a great little article about Prairie Du Bois in Southeastern Ouachita Parish.

Port Gibson Herald (Port Gibson, MS), August 31, 1843

PRAIRIE DU BOIS. – One of the lovely spots we have ever seen is this Prairie; Nature seems to have lavished her bounties upon it. It is of considerable extends a level plain with not[h]ing to interrupt the vision but here and there a clump of trees, covered with the richest foliage. Under its shadowy branches may be seen large herds of cattle, and at some seasons of the year we are told, the Deer leave the woods and flock to it in great numbers. There is an abundance of excellent water upon it, said by those who know, to possess rare medicinal qualities. It is proverbial too for health, indeed it is represented by those who have resided there many years, and are best able judge, to be one of the most healthy spot in Louisiana. It will be seen by a reference to another part of our paper, that a School has just been opened here. We are acquainted with the teacher, and have no hesitation in vouching for his ability. The school house is located about 10 miles from town, on the road through the Prairie to Boeuff River. – Ouachita Courier.

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