Letters of a War Hero

You have heard about Barkdull Faulk Elementary and Barkdull Faulk American Legion Post, but do you know about the man behind the name? Leonidas Barkdull Faulk was a WWI Medic embedded with the British military during WWI. Leonidas was on the front lines taking care of the wounded and sick soldiers. He survived a gas attack but was wounded in the leg in 1918 near Marchelepot, France at the First Battle of the Somme. While being carried out on a stretcher, his stretcher bearers were killed and he told the remaining men to leave him behind. He was never seen again.

The Faulk family graciously scanned their collection of Leonidas’ letters home and have allowed us to upload them to the Louisiana Digital Library. Also included is documentation of the desperate search for him among the prisoners of war and for his body. There is even an account from someone who may have seen him killed by an exploding shell. It is heart-wrenching stuff.


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